In fact, I would advise you not to eat Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai food from any restaurant because all these cuisines use cooking rice wines in a similar manner. Just know that the dish will not taste authentically Chinese, and you should cut out any sugar called for in the recipe, as mirin is much sweeter than Shaoxing wine. For those in a hurry, stew the chicken continuously for 25 minutes while turning it over. . Because stir fries are cooked quickly, the alcohol content does not cook out. I’ve used others and not noticed a difference. As the original recipe says 80Mls Sweet Sherry. Cathy x, Hi Cathy, I would use Shaoxing as it’s traditional! Thankyou This alternate name can also be spelled, “hua tiao chiew” (remnants of an old 19th Century romanization system for Chinese called Wade-Giles.). Where can you buy it? This “drunken” brining method can also applied to seafood, like shrimp and crab. Learn how your comment data is processed. The production process involves fermenting rice, water, and a small amount of wheat (note that it does contain wheat, so it is not gluten-free. We’re hesitant to suggest substituting a more commonly found Japanese rice wine seasoning called. Shaoxing wine is perhaps the most common ingredient on The Woks of Life that you’ve never heard of. Dozer is beautiful and so lucky to be able to taste your food. I have read in some place that the shaoxing cooking wine is nowhere close to the real shaoxing wine and should be avoided for cooking. Cathy x. Nagi, I love your blog, website, food, recipes, location,dozer, photography, sence of humor, explanations of ingredients….. You’d be hard pressed to find a single dish on a Chinese restaurant menu that does not use Chinese cooking wine! The best substitutes for Shaoxing Wine / Chinese Cooking Wine are as follows: These work well because they are alcoholic, like Chinese cooking wine, so they bring a similar depth and complexity to sauces. Try these popular Chinese takeout recipes at home: I believe you can make great food with everyday ingredients even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. Your recipes are sinfully deslish! This is a popular chilled appetizer in China. It’s usually used in small quantities – most stir fries only call for 1 or 2 tablespoons of Shaoxing Wine – and you can’t distinguish the taste of it in the finished dish. It will keep in the pantry for up to 6 months, in our experience. Just put it in a cool, dark place and keep it sealed. “Is there a substitute for the Shaoxing wine?” is one of the most common questions we get on the blog. We call for Shaoxing wine in many recipes, from stir-fries to dumplings and wontons, and it’s another cornerstone ingredient found in our list of 10 Essential Chinese Pantry Ingredients. Any of the above substitutes can replace Shaoxing wine in a 1:1 ratio, as long as the amounts called for in the recipe are less than 2 tablespoons. And you certainly cannot taste it! Chinese Cooking Wine is a rice wine that is made specifically for cooking. Looking for more authentic recipes? You could also try a non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic white wine, though these products may contain trace amounts of alcohol. I realise that the cooking varient contains salt, but how true is that ? I hope that’s helped to answer some questions you might’ve had about Shaoxing Wine! (reduce sugar in recipe if using mirin, as it is quite sweet), (Japanese rice wine, usually meant for drinking), (a Korean distilled beverage usually made from rice, wheat, or barley). So rather than deciding who gets a byline, we're just posting under the general moniker, "Everyone." Comparatively speaking, Shaoxing wine is to Chinese cuisine as sherry wine is to Spanish cuisine. With early records mentioning it over 2000 years ago, Shaoxing Wine is one of the oldest forms of rice wine in China. Don't miss another issue… weekly recipe ideas, juicy pics, free delivery. Again, there are types of high quality Shaoxing wine made for drinking (usually served warm), but in the U.S., salt is added to the wine to avoid alcohol taxes and to permit it to be sold in stores where regular wine/liquor cannot be sold. . As you can see, the bottle of Shaoxing wine in the photo below costs about $5 (considered expensive). Use higher quality wine for dishes like Chinese Drunken Chicken where the taste of the wine is very important to the dish. Shaoxing Wine is particularly essential for hong shao or red-cooked dishes like Chinese Braised Fish (Hong Shao Yu) and Shanghai Style Braised pork belly (Hong Shao Rou). In small amounts, you can also substitute Japanese/Korean wines such as soju or sake. Im vegetarian and all i need shaoxing wine is for noodles or stir fry. I like all the tips you give. My quick research says no. Tap here to receive our FREE top 25 recipe book! Shaoxing wine can be commonly found at any Chinese grocery store, and there are quite a few brands. You are SO refreshing! Chinese Cooking Wine is also now sold in supermarkets here in Australia. . It has a salty, harsh alcoholic flavour and it’s not intended for drinking! It’s a dry wine that deglazes and adds flavor to meat, and it’s made of a glutinous rice that’s inoculated with a starter and then aged. Most of them come in a red bottle (one brand seems to have created the design and others followed suit). Please guide me whether it brings same flavour or is fake ? I have 3 beautiful Rottweilers and they also love your recipes. Just like in Western cooking, it is used to add depth and complexity to sauces, broths and anything it is added to. Various online calculators also provide different results, depending on their sources. Recipe by Kajinnodanna. If you are gluten-intolerant, check out the substitutions section towards the end of this post). Your advice would be really appreciated. You just need to cook clever and get creative! – Nagi x. Shame, we shared alot of similar loves, the love of cooking and eating good food. Chinese Cooking Wine usually has an alcohol content of between 15 – 20%. For cooking, however, we use lower grade Shaoxing wine with added salt to 1) avoid an alcohol tax and 2) allow it to be sold in regular grocery stores. The wine’s origin is in its namesake—the Chinese city of Shaoxing in the eastern province of Zhejiang. I am about to run about of Shaoxing Wine and thought to buy it online. This amber-colored rice wine differs from clear rice cooking wine, or mǐjiǔ (米酒), in that it has a more complex and deeper taste. Those wines online are fine to cook with! It’s a key ingredient in many dishes and will create that authentic restaurant flavor you may have found difficult to replicate at home.

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