Chez Reavie 60/1 5) They can use all the Gears they've use in the past to present. Dylan Frittelli 60/1 During this week of rehabilitation, as stated by, odin/thor is very venerable to attacks, and that even being woken early could kill him. This topic is locked from further discussion. @cregan_stark: It wasnt on panel and it probably was. @marvelous_1221: And what is thors weakness in this fight he will know what happens long before it takes place. : Spectre curbstomps, 4. when Thor chooses not to, it is doubtful there is a Marvel hero out there who could match him outside the truly cosmic characters, such as the Silver Surfer (Who I put more powerful than Sentry by a hair). Paul Casey 25/1 In this battle, it really depends on Thor to find a tactical weakness against a superior foe. Even the Skyfathers have to go into the odin sleep. Collin Morikawa 20/1 He grinds everyone to dust, friendly or not in round 2. Thanos versus Trigon ? Batman vs Ghost Rider 3. Follow 32467. 1. Bottom line is, No thor should even be compared to the Sentry. Asgardians (Thor, odin etc) powers are eventually capped. Unless of course you think the Sentry comment was BS, that is. 1.Most likely Sentry implying he’s bloodlusted and stable. No other feat imaginable could match that. Corey Conners 50/1 hands down to Thor, sorry but he is one of the most powerful heroes in the marvel universe, he has single handily held all the other avengers at bay before when mad(insane)... and he is immortal. His powers are limitless. Odin has the greatest feat of power ever presented by an Asgardian (as stated by the writers). If not he still has a great chance at winning, hes already bodied Thor and Hyperion. Martin Trainer 1000/1. @sophia89: LOL wut, Superman speed blitzes all of them, yoctoseconds son. His powers are truly limitless". Sentry Sentry begged thor to kill him. It's hard to make a determination without a pool of feats from which to draw. Batman vs Quick Silver 11. Kevin Kisner 50/1 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Batman vs Doc Samson ROUND 2: STRONG ENEMIES 1. rcranium. Also RKT could beat Galactus. and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, Here are the 34 players who will tee it up at the Sentry TOC in Maui next week, 2020 Sentry TOC betting odds: Favorites and underdogs in Maui, After endless wait for 2020 Masters, golf fans left to wait some more, Inside a different but familiar scene as Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player open 2020 Masters, WATCH: Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player kick off Masters with ceremonial opening tee shots, First round of 2020 Masters suspended due to weather, 2020 Masters Live Updates: Round 1 resumes after 3-hour weather delay. Silver Surfer and Sentry take easily Spectre, Superman and Captain Atom and Trigon. 12398 ... i like Sentry butthis is like: Thor vs Odin vs Dormammu. This is really a tough battle... IMO RKT takes this but not without an hard fight, his Time Freeze power could help him alot and one of his freaking Godblast would Destroy at least a couple of Galaxies at his power's level. You are indeed where you belong. Superman ALONE can give Surfer trouble; in Superman issue 175 he showed he can become intangible by vibrating-while in this state, Doomsday's fists, fire breath (which he used previously to harm Martian Manhunter) and Eyeball energy beams passed right THROUGH him) so he could vibrate, re- solidify inside Radd and rip him into cosmic dust with FTL speed. Why did you make a purposeful spite thread if you knew Spectre and Trigon stomp? Batman vs War Machine 8. Batman vs Falcon 10. Joaquin Niemann 50/1 Either Spectre or Trigon solomegacurbstomp hard. Go to his respect thread. Besides him going a little crazy, he doesn't have a true weakness (as stated by both iron man and SHIELD). Batman vs Thor 4. Even higher than RTK And macro thor. Sentry has legit beat half the list already. ... 3 SENTRY. He may not even have to raise a hand against him. @beware_my_power: Yeah in my opinion it's a stomp in their favor. Or if Silver Surfer wants, he can solos all. Let’s analyze their attributes and feats. What is the funniest anime show you've seen. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. 10 years ago. No, Sophia is just joking because of SS' overhype here on Comicvine. @kgb725: haha these powers you speak of are on an average characters level. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. No galactus or Asgardian has ever been an omnipotent. Adam Long 125/1 The simple fact is this: Thor right now is perhaps the most powerful he's ever been, and I believe he would far outweigh Sentry. : Trigon curbstomps, Spectre, Trigon and Captain Atom solocurbstomp with ease. Below is a complete list of odds to win for the entire Sentry Tournament of Champions field, via The defending champion in the event also happens to be the week’s third best-bet: Xander Schauffele, who came from six shots back to claim lat year’s title with a sizzling final-round 62, is listed as 8/1 entering the week. Max Homa 150/1 This extraordinary potential is unbelievable. If Sentry is bloodlusted and transforms into Void he wins. Superboy Prime maybe? Classic Thor was ridiculos he 2 shotted classic Silver Surfer, and later on in the same arc fought Thanos when Thor had the PG, Id say in an un amped battle it still goes to Thanos for a majoruty. Graeme McDowell 125/1 You can sign in to vote the answer. Thor at many times (from killing the Midgard Serpent while under Hela's curse to the entire series currently) displayed a willingness to pull his punch. Still have questions? Who would win in a all bars battle royale. this is not biased either cause i very much personally dislike Thor's character. The Phoenix Force is an all powerful intergalactic force that has possessed the young mutant Jean Grey. Odin has 3 children; Thor, Loki and Hela – The Goddess of Death. It's an extremely lopsided match. European Tour golfer of the year and newlywed Jon Rahm is the betting favorite to win this week with 4/1 odds. and i don't think void sentry can even cope with odinforce thor. Kevin Na 60/1 Poston 60/1 Composite would include Rune King Thor who’s stronger than everyone listed. I'm beginning to think this as well..I mean King Thor fused with the necro sword was able to destroy Galactus..So I believe RKT should be able to do it as well - unless of course the necro sword is a more powerful weapon than RKT himself (Might be)!! Press J to jump to the feed. If you're looking at Thor with the Odinforce, it's not even a contest....Thor wins out over Sentry. To receive GOLF’s all-new newsletters, subscribe for free here. @mysticmedivh: i don't. Despite the Odinforce, thor is still a god. Rahm won once on the PGA Tour in 2019 (the Zurich Classic of New Orleans) and notched 12 other top 10 finishes. Gary Woodland 14/1 Comics: What is a good name for a superhero who doesn't have powers and wears a mask? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I don’t think they have a chance at beating super man 1 million prime, I think composite Thor and Herc can definitely take down strange visitor supes mid difficulty. As many others have said, it's got to be Sentry assuming he's in full control of himself. Case in point, Thor openly said in the issue of his book that he faced Iron Man he's held back, but no longer (Especially against Iron Man). Matthew Wolff 50/1 So (unless someone wants to claim Surfer's transmutation and energy is somehow more "special" than the others) Supes can vibrate to an intangible state (lesser heroes like Vision and Phantom Girl's intangible states have resisted physical and energy attacks) to avoid any attempts at hitting him with red sun or kryptonite radiation, and he can resist transmutation as well. Sebastian Munoz 80/1 im not sure why but i that part there was just so SAF that im gonna let it slide... but couldnt i be an a ignorant thor fanboy and say that regular thor beat Void (who wanted to die but as a fanboy i ignore it) with a helacarrier so shouldnt Rune King Thor stomp void, @kidman560: We can both feed out regular fanboyism in comicvine.. thats the beauty of it :). How many Adults still get a kick out of Yu-gi-oh I am the biggest big kid at heart love cartoons and Thunder cats, Power Rangers, Trek  ? Even after siege, the sentry said that he allowed himself to stay dead in order to keep the Void away (who eventually got bored and left). RKT. He also can't die. R2. Thor has to face CWH, its a long way from stomp with him on the field in composites, even non full power he dunked on the Godheads, one shot Amped Zeus (amped Zeus no sold Galactus and beat him easily) and could summon Galactus, eternity and other power houses to his side. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! This feat had not EVER been accomplished before by ANYONE---Blaze has magical control over all reality of her realm. Powered by several ancient Gods, one of the powers was to transmute people into different forms. @skyrobo1: @kgb725: you guys have got to be kidding me. Having said that, I'd go with RKT. If you want to talk about this, then the surfer is the most powerful ever. Thor Thor will win. Let's put him against the Phoenix, that would be a better match up. Spectre solo's unless he gets TP's like he did against MMH, and Trigon with no TP feats should be TP'able, but other than that; it's a stomp in favour of Team Dc. Team 2 stomps due to Spectrr and Trigon. In a final battle that saw JLA members including Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Wally West Flash and Wonder Woman falling prey to this power, Superman smiled, asked "Is that the best you got?"

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