oh, i didnt know. I wasnt saying thor is a reality warper. He flew into the sun to commit suicide and was instantly rebirthed. However, a few things I know: Galactus is so far above Celestials that it is a no contest. You made a thread asking if sentry is universal level, and now you made this thread, only instead you called someone into the thread. I have seen scans where he fights Galactus and galactus is suprised at the streanght of his defenses, and he have stood up to Odin as well. The Sentry (Merged With Void) vs Galactus # Galactus It was Spider-man who made that claim but he's known to exaggerate and it was revealed he had help from the X-men and others too Tyrannus 10 mo 28 d

And neither is Sentry. Next would be Sentry. Round one thanos w/o infinity g Sentry (Stable) Starving galactus isn't all that powerful, as a starving galactus he lost to his heralds single handedly, tyrant defeated him, so did silver surfer in base Jakcj 9 mo 27 d Galactus (Starving) vs Sentry …

Round 2 thanos with IG, void sentry. I heard something about a dude named exitar and his foot. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskScienceFiction community. show 1 reply . Going wit Glactus if the duo isnt prepped. People seems to think Sentry would be a good match for Thanos. Just for the lulz. Official MvC3 board "Voice of the Fans" and C. Viper. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

One of the Reed with IG got beat by few earth heroes who managed to takes his IG away, bane was posted scan. Not only is Thanos as strong if not stronger, and probably more powerful in energy manipulation, but he's smarter, a skilled fighter, and a tactician. Now IG is universal, Council of Reed have 3 IGs Doom has 2IGs , and IG has absolutely no feats now because we arent talking about the IG that Thanos had, or Nebula, or Adam Warlock or Magus had, this is cheap copy of IG that was made in China.

You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Peter Parker must have been tripping balls, because Sentry would get ultra-smacked.

But Sentry would certainly be above him since Thanos was somewhat evenly matched by Galactus' heralds which were only a sliver of the power cosmic, while Sentry went toe to toe with Big G. But it is hard to accurately judge Thanos' strength because his psychology has a very important impact on what he does. Honestly, at first I thought you were saying Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet which ironically is a much closer battle.

I forget. . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. @realitywarper makes the case that Sentry is universal...or is it Multiversal? Sentry vs. Galactus; User Info: ZombiePikmin.

Round two and three to Thanos and Sentry. X-Man says they were team mates, they fought the brood together and X-Man Nate confirms Sentry did stalemate Galactus MYTH CONFIRMED . ^^^ Hence why Sentry is the uber-bad*** of the Marvel realm. Galactus on the other hand is a universal character. In the Galactus fed and Sentry normal powers then Galactus and his bloodlusted heralds win. Dark Avengers #13 . Casue Sentry wreaked him. So unless we know Galactus power level we can't use that as a feat. If you survive, he throws you into the sun. Others. Rush him, he rips you in half. i was saying that i heard sentry warped reality on a universal scale. @pooty: @dellamorte: i also agree thanos needs the IG or at least gems to be amped, but i think sentry/thanos take the majority, last round def goes to sentry/thanos in my eyes, a IG thanos, and a "seemingly" full powered and in control sentry of both his light side, and void side powers. Are you jerking off a ghost to make him squeal the song?"
@mysticmedivh: ok. well this sucks cause i dont know if making my galactus vs sentry thread would be fair or not. He defeated him without heavy PiS...I'd scan but my laptop is currently dead and I'm on my iPhone xD....but it's happened...do not underestimate the hidden power of sentry :3, so please explain how it's stupid that he could beat him again, I've also been coming across a lot of comments about sentry defeating MM, who battled the beyonder...just a thought :). He was dematerialized by MM and came back seconds later. This topic is locked from further discussion.


OF Thor cracked Celestial Armor. ZombiePikmin 9 years ago #1. Thanos is the strongest of the team 1. and while he can beat any herald he is nothing to galactus.

But who wins?

This comes from the whole thing about Sentry did all this stuff, but made everyone forget. Multiversal as Iron Man said in a very official report to the President of the USA and Moonstone confirm it.

-Master Pain/Betty.

Thor traded blows against Celestials, he killed a Celestial. While you might not think he's universal a good case has been made and nobody has debunked him. An extremely starved Galactus can be beat by me. Therefore that does not help at all.

This comes from the whole thing about Sentry did all this stuff, but made everyone forget. I don't think we can say for sure how Galactus would compare to a Celestial. Galactus can beat a full-powered Thanos. And im sure that he has killed atleast one.

EmptyHand 10 mo 13 d .

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. @sodamyat: As I said I think its pretty clear. Cause that's pretty hard to believe he beats a full power sentry...who has beat him, and his heralds can beat an IG equip thanos lol, also we've not seen all heralds...but we've never seen a full potential sentry either...not even close according to biography and comics...lol. Sentry and Thanos vs glactus and his heralds, all full power, *obviously sentry's full power has never been expressed.

Your choice. There already are Sentry vs. Galactus threads. Void Sentry wins, does Thanos have the cosmic cube? And have the strength to stop a Celestial from taking a step, and carry its body into deep space. Infinity gauntlet is too powerful. I know that 3 celestials mergeing into one was able to defeat, but not kill, galactus. Unless yours is going to somehow be uniquely different from the rest.

Sentry has defeated galactus and I'm sure thanos could handle his heralds, but are you saying galactus across the board on all rounds?

EDIT, this is deathseed sentry im talking about here. Like a, like a stone.

I'll kill him. The only two entities he can't beat are The Living Tribunal and The One Above All. Note 1: The Sentry being stated to have fought Galactus to a standstill once (later stated to have happened with the help of Nate Grey) should remain a non-feat as long as details regarding the state of Galactus and the fight itself remain unknown. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Idk if celestials are supposed to weigh infinity like Spectre or something like that so idk if lifting a celestial is impressive at all or what ramifications that has. I need more info. He might be stronger then the lower abstracts, but the biggest of them are stronger then him. Now Sentry really did stalemate Genis-Vell, when he was powerful enough that he destroyed and remade a universe.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I made a thread asking what arc he became universal in actually.

The official Protoman of the MvC3 and MMU boards. It really depends, so you have a point... isee thanos and sentry taking it, void/sentry with both void/normal sentry powers and abilities combined, with thanos and the IG...and thaos' brain lol, a freshly fed galactus would be a threat for sure, but the heralds would be childs play for the duo...and they could prolly take big G, esp of there was a sun near by lol, or not. Thor beat Sentry because Sentry WANTED to die. Galactus and heralds FTW. Sentry One: Stalemated galactus. I have seen nothing from Sentry that even puts him on Silver Surfer or Morg level.
Round 3 freshley fed galactus, thanos IG. Round one thanos w/o infinity g Other: Is herald of galactus.

AmmyWeskerX23 9 years ago #2. Nevertheless we agree that Thanos needs IG. He might be stronger than we see but his manipulations and machinations hold him back, either consciously or subconsciously. People seem to think that it would be very very even. I know Spiderman said that he did, but was it proven?

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