If you decide to give any of those a try with this recipe, feel free to share! latha- see great minds do do things alike ;)ani - thnks for letting me knoww..u made my day girl :)kribha - thnks..it was so easy girl! I would have several a day fresh from the farm. With layers of Nilla Wafers, homemade pudding, and meringue you just can’t go wrong. Make sure to keep stirring to prevent burning. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you can put bananas in it – we love it. This old fashioned banana pudding is something you’ll want to make over and over again. I agree. 1. This is the only way I knew banana pudding came for the longest time! You might think of it as an hours-long process to get the perfect dessert for the church potluck or a quick treat to whip up with pre-made ingredients like Cool Whip and Jell-O pudding. It must be something in the air. Banana pudding is one of those desserts that has a classic old-school connotation. ..Mainly to use them up because we… They are as flavorful as bananas we get back in India. Essentially all banana pudding is, is layers of cookies, bananas, and pudding! In a small mixing bowl; mix sugar,flour,salt, and remaining 1 C of milk. This recipe can be easily modified to any diet ( gluten free cookies, vegan cookies, dairy free milk….). Break up most of the cookies to fit an 8 X 8 baking pan ( like a square). Chop up bananas as desired. Blend well; then slowly whisk into your hot mixture. Lovely Pudding Rajitha and that's super easy to make huh? I used to love them in India..but after coming here, i feel the bananas do not have the flavor we used to get there. Change ). :-( I hope you're not talking about her 'cos I happen to love her show & recipes! Healthy too! An Amazing Homemade Banana Pudding. This one is a twist of an oldie, but a goodie! Your email address will not be published. This time she offered up an ingenuous idea.... Use chocolate chip cookies as the crust!!! Second, whisk the instant pudding mix and milk together in a medium sized bowl. Hi Rajitha, My previous comment is missing. Set aside. And have been browsing a little, the tofu and Amish Parker House rolls... and that pineapple kesari bhath -- really yummy! Hi Rajitha,Thanks for stopping by my blog.Banana pudding is very tempting.Liked your Veggie Bread Rolls and Kesari bhath too.Very useful notes.BTW I have added your blog to my blogroll. fresh ones..they would be better than what i had too :)sig - love u girl! Its just this is how I remember having banana pudding growing up! Nice entry for the event, R.Simple and sweet:-). It’s one of those Southern staples. Needless to say… when I had store bought the first time I was very disappointed! I’ve made it at least 10 times, had countless friends taste test each batch, and my family is still disappointed when the last bit is gone from the dish. Looks yummy! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I used a glass one. The biggest head in town... name starts with a "G"? I'm trying again. 8. That's sooo easy, and sounds yummy... And don't be ashamed of easy recipes, I live on those :D we need more of these out there, seec- of-course it is fine...will be adding u to mine too :) and thanks...laavanya - it is easy..the nilla wafers in my opinion is the best ;)nirmala - wow! Thanks. ... You mean Giada? looks YUMMYhttp://forkbootsandapalette.wordpress.com, Wine drunk tofu with sweet sour vegetables. How to Make Banana Pudding from Scratch. Maybe this is the way you remember it as well growing up? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 2-3 very ripe bananas ( or as ripe or as not ripe as you’d like) 1. Here it's Spanish Chiquita Bananas, which are not bad but not the same as above! Looks yummy Rajitha. Me too rajitha! Thanks for your JFI entry :) -- Mandira. Hope it is fine with you. And this recipe is a hit not only in the south, but everywhere. About 3-5 minutes. IT looks delicious, thats true about banannas here it doens't taste that good at all. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Try to spread it out as evenly as possible. I used love Nanjanagoodu Rasa bale hannu we get in Mysore which is short, plump with thinnest peel and so tasty and fragrant too. No offense if you make it with an instant pudding mix. ( Log Out /  TBC- sorry girl! This is the only way I knew banana pudding came for the longest time! I chose to slice them horizontally and then cut them into halves. ( Log Out /  Try baby bananas as they are not smelly like regular bananas and flavourful at the same time. he he i was not ashamed..but i still wanted people to say it's ok! Old fashion banana pudding? ( Log Out /  This time she offered up an ingenuous idea…. Dec 31, 2012 - Howdy readers :). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( I like to work around edges first then fill in the center). Normally my mom makes the banana pudding crust out of honey graham crackers. Here are the steps: Make the quick pudding mixture, which consists of cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla pudding, milk, a little vanilla extract, and whipped topping, like Cool Whip! I've been making banoffee pie every weekend for the last month! Place in oven and brown for 4-6 minutes. Spread them out evenly over the chocolate chip cookies. 6. :)) Very tasty and lovely looking dessert! Perhaps you are looking to try it for the first time! The hubs and I are HUGE fans of banana pudding. Even I don't like the regular bananas we get here. I will give it a try. I 've tried soooooo many of her recipes and each one has been absolutley great. Next mash up the rest of the cookies until you have a crumb like consistency. Required fields are marked *. Rajitha so we don't agree on this fruit, I love babana's and this is the only fruit I eat.however I agree banana's in India taste much better.Hey how many cups does this yeild? "Semi-homemade with Rajitha"- that could be ur new show. Let me know in the comments below!You may also like this recipe for a Easy Peach Cobbler! Looks very simple and easy, I always thought that puddings require lot of time, but I was wrong after I landed here :E, Rajitha, Try baby bananas if you can get them. 1 small box of instant JELLO Banana Pudding ( or any other banana pudding) Milk ( any type) 12-15 regular sized chocolate chip cookies. Using a medium size saucepan; add 2 Cups of milk and beaten egg yolks( save your egg white for the meringue) ; allow to come to a boil over medium heat then turn to medium low. Line a 8x10 dish or medium casserole dish with vanilla wafers, then a layer of bananas; set aside. In fact, we love any and all things banana – just refer to all the awesome banana recipes on my site – banana cream cheesecake, banana pudding cheesecake, banana oatmeal cookies, overnight banana French toast casserole – the list goes on. How to Make Banana Pudding. 9. 7. Like, huge. My husband thinks of this recipe as the former and his childhood favorite dessert made by his grandmother. i will try that..linda- welcome madame...hope u visit againredchillies - that is what i am talking girl...sreelu- what re!! When My grandmother as well as my mom said that they were making banana pudding, then we knew we were in for a treat! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. First off, read the directions on the instant pudding mix to determine the amount of milk to use.

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