They both open with a big bang but they don't have huge longevity and I'm always respraying after couple hours to get the initial fresh burst. On the want list it goes! This smells like aftershave on me. The opening is a fresh burst of appley goodness, and the dry down doesn't change that much, it remains fresh and pretty on my skin. It definitely doesn't strike me as a 'young' perfume either. Its not offensive nor did it give me a headache or make me sneeze. Not a fan of simple sweet perfumes, but this one is very nice. Just my style but I will test more to get who this scent is and if it works for me. Total scrubber! Chloe's Innocence was one of my very first favorite scents... Production stopped... SeeByChloe is one of my favourite everyday scents for autumn/winter... Production discontinued. See by Chloe is more original than plenty of recent releases though I'm not sure that's the forerunner of a new trend. On me, it is a musky boozy sour cherry hot of a mess disaster. There are many floral musks on the market but this is probably my favourite--along with Eau Fraiche. It's been sold out online and Sephora no longer carries it. The Edt is softer and muskier. Lasts really long on me, about 6 hours and I can still smell fresh, pretty apple-y goodness. one of these two. The initial burst of honey dries down to a soft apple sweetness which i love. Let's wait till January and see what's gonna be. Very, very sweet (apple blossom) for me for about 1 1/2 hours, then it becomes lovely (jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood with just a touch of apple). I smell fresh floral,celery, and that smell of when u took a shower but also walked in the heat and now you also smell like outside lol idk why. I’ve purchased it twice but unfortunately I can no longer find it. Horrific apple in the topnote, it smells just like beer! Please note all postal services take a little longer then usual due to COVID situation, See By Chloe sample vial. I expected this to be fresh and springy, but there is something that gives it an odd, sickly sweet smell. We have most newly released perfume, aftershave and also hard to … First off, me and Chloe don't get along in general, I find their fragrances rather....insipid for lack of a better word. I fell in love with this smell at the very first moment I have smellt it. Fresh, like you are just out of the shower. I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT THIS REMINDS ME OF!!! LOVE it! ;). Might be great for people with perfume allergies or for those who like very light scents but I will definitely not purchase another bottle. To me it is inoffensive, fresh, feminine but quite boring... when I put it on its just "meh". The scent lasted for a while, which is great. Sadly on my skin it turns sickeningly sweet and cloying, almost like a sugary apple juice concentrate. The final smells are a sweet light musk. This perfume will b most suitable for the youth. Very pretty though, and quite distinctive for such a transparent spring scent. Vogue... See by Chloe.. Something in this scent caught me so tight I was itchy to come home soon and order a sample. Don't blind buy See - test it on your skin first and see if it works with you. I wore See by Chloe yesterday for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised, a fresh clean bright an pretty fruity floral. Young, fresh, addictive, sweet, adorable. THIS is so great. It has become my signature scent and I have over 100 bottles. Personally I find this fragrance beautiful. If you are not happy you can always return the item. The sillage is moderate at first, then very close to my skin after a couple of hours. It is lighter than other parfumes from Chloé, so of course u should not expect it to stay the whole day long. At this time of year when the flowers start to bloom, the leaves start to grow on the trees, the days are longer and warmer, that's when I reach for See. She is a lovely rock princess in the best way possible. I love it but it reminds me of many strongly scented perfumes from the 80's. When I wear it I get a very strong white floral scent that never fades or changes. I will buy it again. Wearing See relaxes me i can't stop sniffing my wrists, only complaint is it doesn't last very long which is a shame :(. From Eau de Parfum to Eau de Toilette, discover an elegant collection of luxury perfumes for women featuring round, velvety, and fragrant facets. It smells fruity and musky. So I have to say I like it. Also it has a good longentivity on me. But this is a soft, delicate, young but really long-lasting perfume with the right amount of sexiness :) Mostly I can smell apples and jasmine on my wrist, it is amazing. A while back, I had been a surprising fan of the re-released Chloe edp, even though I'm not generally a fan of roses or powder. I've received so many compliments on it & I'm so glad I purchased a big bottle. It is obviously more complex, and let's face it, expensive [smelling] than that! This is one of those under-ripe apples that is a chore to eat, that you eat because you packed it in your lunch and it's supposed to be good for you. Not a far cry from Happy by Clinique but more sophisticated. The thing with all Chloé fragrances is u can tell it’s Chloé and this ones not any different in that sense just less powdery and more fruity but stil very elegant. From days spent boutique hopping to impromptu late-night parties on the pier, you can count on the bohemian aesthetic and timeless designs of See by Chloe to bring a sense of adventure to your look. Since the first spray till its gone. But something about it offends my nose, immediately my throat is itchy and I can't bear to be near it. I used to be a naughty child and actually kept breaking new sprouts off the trees just because I loved how they smelled under the thin layer of bark when they were still green inside. This comes out as a clean powdery scent on me with a touch of apple and florals. It's fresh and rather clean, but not "straight up soap" like the regular Chloe or sanitized roses like Roses de Chloe. I agree that there is an almost apple pie like note to it, and I find it comforting & delicious. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. absolulty love it. After i finish this bottle, I do not think I will buy it again, unless I find it for a bargain price (which is not likely to happen for some time). This is so pretty and I love the fruit in the beginning. I tried this scent twice, very generic dry apple musky drydown...hate it..not sexy at all...has no personality.. kinda dead. It is going to take me forever to use up the bottle. Yummy :) It's not going to go down in history as being groundbreaking, but it's a young and fun scent that I highly doubt would offend anyone. Oddly enough, I originally got a boozy blast of stale beer. sorry fans of chloe but this stuff smells like shampoo on me. In any case it is a happy smell to me. See By Chloe fragrance is out by the end of 2012. Be the first to provide feedback on this review. It isn't a complex, sexy scent. I tested it by chance one day in a department store and couldn't stop sniffing my wrist afterwards. My favourite one by Chloe. That's why it is not on my whishlist. I have to admit that the new bottle is good. I can't believe it's from the same house as "Love by Chloe", my beloved. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. 5 with It has this retro feel to a scent that has sucked me back to the 70s. Very longlasting, suitable for young ladies and perfect for office. I was given Narcisse a few years ago and in all honesty I hated it but this scent is perfect, at least for me. It is time for me to find a new signature. Another review here - I tried the regular EDP and liked it but ended up ordering the paint a scent one. See By Chloe sample vial. This is now my second, maybe third review on this one. I love the muskiness to it. On me it doesn't smell like much, therefore it will never be on my repurchase list. have not tried a perfume yet that successfully made the fruit opening stay through drydown. Biggest perfume lesson ever: test it on your skin before you buy it please! Not a fan of the other scents in the Chloe line. Not a fan. So I have this little vial sample in my bag and decided to try it tonight...First I get this sentimental apple blossom (my grandmother's favorite flower).

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