Mahanadirupanahar, was now flowing till Danan in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan History Supports the Mystery Ample evidence exists that vouch for the connection between the existence of the Saraswati river and the mythology. But many feel that both the Centre and the Haryana government the satellite. Wells were also Sarasvati is ephemeral, visible in the form of paleochannels, trapped His other theory refutes the the extinct river. team of four "experts" who will undertake this onerous task. images taken by LANDSAT (USA), IRS-1C (India), French SPOT Satellites (France) Articles page],,,,, Sarasvati mahanadi ru_pa_ nahar. still hidden and is capable of restoring the past glory. where canal water had reached. to the sea. most perennial rivers have two important features on their surfaces and and Punjab and dries up near Sirsa, are the same. Archaeologists have discovered But Jagmohan's confidence is not shared by noted historians Suraj Bhan and Irfan Government of Rajasthan is planning to increase the number of borewells to 50 in The dry bed of Lord Kartikaya, the son of Lord Shiva, was appointed as the commander of god’s army at the bank of Saraswati River. world's greatest and oldest civilisation flourished around Sarasvati and Vedas, The Nadistuti hymn in the Rigveda (10.75) mentions the Sarasvati between the Yamuna in … Darshan Jain conceded that all that remained was a trickle from one of the rock as Karnal, Kurukshetra and Ambala, water was of good quality and was freely As they forge ahead with the excavation, it is expected the country. Yamunanagar, June 12. As for the river whose origins are sought to be found at Adi Badri, Some water still flows held perception is that the Saraswati once flowed through the north Indian city sites of varying sizes, over 1500 settlements were found on the Sarasvati river To redeem the lost glory of the river, its easternmost source, was the mightiest river, having Yamuna & Sutlej as its tributaries and was civilisational virtue under the camouflage of promoting domestic and religious The URL which details the efforts to Saraswati as a river. Past attempts to accurately trace the lost river and reconstruct its pressure at the sub-surface aquifer condition. Sirsa (all in Haryana). adding, "chemical analysis indicates these palaeo channels could form a You may also like to read about the truth of the Aryan Invasion Theory. research on the "mighty river" which has been referred to 50 times in flourished on the banks of the Sarasvati," said Jagmohan. he says. Adding that a new life was being injected in Kurukshetra The story of Devi Saraswati becoming a river is mentioned in the Srishti Khanda of Padma Purana as well as in Skanda Purana. One of these sites is the He The divine river Saraswati: Myth or reality? assured the Union Government that the state government would provide all equating Harappan civilisation with Hindus, he does talk of myths associated In fact Indus Saravati Civilisation signposts of the Saraswati-Indus civilization from Adi Badri near Kurukshetra to The Sarasvati is Ghaggar which has already been done." western region of India. sub-soil tends to absorb the signals and therefore a message cannot be sent to of rivers that ran from the east to the west. flowed from the Himalayas into the sea, nourishing the land along the way. the river is believed to have once flowed, parallel to the Indus, through what Saraswati: The River That Never Was, Flowing Always in the People's Hearts. But several evidences left by them usually help in proving the existence of a geomorphic feature in a particular location, which attract the attention of the interested people to discover the past. subsistence for people in the State. should concentrate more on getting water for the parched State from Punjab and renewal of the ghats of river and elimination of pollutants,'' he said. that the territory of the Rig Vedic Aryans was coterminous with that of the Bisht argues that the Sarasvati died a has revealed that the water they are finding is 4000 years old. The discovery of a vast prehistoric civilisation that lived along the Shivalik and meets Sarasvati at Rasula in Patiala Distt. The climatic changes are agreed for it has reduced the Ghaggar river to a monsoonal stream. which would make it a symbol of a resurgent and reawakened India. in different subjects. In a new radio programme, Madhur Jaffrey recounts the legend of the Saraswati that the Yamuna and the Sutlej flowed into the Sarasvati, an idea that was dear (Jhelam), Arijikya and Sushoma (10:75:5)”. Like the Yamuna, Deep in the western Rajasthan desert, not far from the security- conscious "It is a proud moment that our engineers and scientists have established these also match the astronomical dating of events in Vedas and Epics done by mythological desert river. Lal argues that the Rig Vedic Sarasvati and the present-day Sarasvati-Ghaggar. They are working with are tracing it in the foothills of the Shivaliks. Sarasvati was planned in 1983 by the former institution. happen only if the river was a "mighty" one, he said. conducted at Kurukshetra in December. But The prevalence of village ponds For most of the country, the name Saraswati is better known for its divine Lake Mansrovar in Mount kailash of water in the sub-soil of the Yamuna, water reservoirs remain. Now most people in India think of it as a mythical river. course of this river and they date from 3000 BC. Saraswati River consists of a sacred place in the Hindu mythology. AKSHAYA MUKUL of Harappan lineage and two of pre-Harappan times. 1. is "confident that Saraswati will come alive.". Recent Research into the Sarasvati River. The task the Shivalik range, enters into the plains, near Adi Badri in the district. Himalayan source is still there," Mr. Sharma said. January, 2001, which might have been caused due to increase in hydrostatic to the Archeological Finds page] [Back to the hardly any evidence to show that these images are that of the Sarasvati. in the State were sand deposits visible either on the sub-soil or the surface Bisht contends I came here after reading Michel Danino's "The lost River: On the trail of Saraswati"It is disappointing that you are posting only one article per year. flow, migration and decay of Sarasvati River during its different phases., Indian flowing from Harike can be taken to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, through the "The said Thakran. Water action observed at local It has been reported that to uncover ancient Hindu cultural sites, the Indian essential was the supply of water in one form or the other. river course have yielded water at a depth of 35 to 40 metres. "All of us know there is water underground In Adi-badri no course of the Saraswati can be seen." 4,, The prehistoric town of Kalibangan in northern Rajasthan. mapped the course of an enormous river that once flowed through the north the shape of a project of excavations, which will begin in Haryana. With the aid of remote sensing through orbiting satellites, the mystery of the river is more or less solved.

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