A dedication ceremony is a great way to recognize a business opening or recreation area. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Commemoration will begin in five minutes. If you are more comfortable with simply written information on your ceremony agenda, this template could just be right for you. Ceremonies are meant to highlight special gatherings for recognition, celebration, and a lot more meaningful assemblies. Will the guests please be seated. - AND WILL WE SERVE WELL ENOUGH TO ADVANCE MILITARY HISTORY OR LEAVE A HISTORICAL MARKER THAT IS EMBODIED ON THE HULL OF A PROUD NAVAL SHIP; - WE ALL SHOULD WONDER IF WE WILL EVER SERVE IN SUCH AN HONORABLE WAY, THAT IT LEAVES A MARK THAT SEARS ITSELF INTO THE CULTURE OF GENERATIONS OF SAILORS, AND THEIR FAMILIES, TO COME. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Chaplain [INSERT NAME] will now deliver a Closing Benediction. The Wreath Bearer marches of the parade deck. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE RISE. This is what should be included in an event program. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated. stream There are many solemn occasions in a minister's experience which require care­ful planning, so that the members may re­ceive the blessings which God has in store for them. - THE USS MIDWAY SERVED AS A HOME FOR MULTIPLE CREWS THROUGH BOTH PEACE AND COMBAT OPERATIONS, HAVING SERVED IN BOTH VIETNAM AND THE 1991 PERSIAN GULF WAR. Conclusion/Dismissal Service Songs by [INSERT NAME], Colloquium on Contemporary History 1989-1998, DANFS - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Needs and Opportunities in the Modern History of the U.S. Navy, Permitting Policy and Resource Management, "Ex Scientia Tridens": The U.S. Depending on the kind of ceremony that you are holding, your program outline is contingent upon what specifics could be derived from a particular assembly or ceremony. - HERE AND NOW, WE ALL CAN SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF WHY THIS HERITAGE IS DELIBERATELY PASSED INTO THE HANDS OF THE NEXT GENERATION, WHO NOW TRAIN FOR WAR, AND MUST BE INSPIRED TO FIND NEW WAYS OF MEETING CHALLENGES, OF ENGAGING A COMPLEX MISSION, WHICH MAY NECESSITATE THEIR PARTICIPATING IN EITHER COMBAT OR HUMANITARIAN OPERATIONS, EITHER DIRECTLY, INDIRECTLY, OR IN A CRITICALLY ENABLING CAPACITY. experience: The Home Dedication Ceremony. (Chaplain walks to the Podium and delivers a brief Invocation, and then returns to his seat). 2. Thank You, please be seated. [INSERT LOCATION], Attention. Program for Church Dedication; Listen. It is important that things are well organized in a ceremony just so it wouldn’t be a waste of time to bring out its essence. [INSERT LOCATION], Attention. %���� THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER WILL NOW PLACE THE WREATH. At this time the [name of the aircraft (model, type, and series)] does a flyover. Observe Flyover, TAPS, and moment of Silence). Our civilian guests should place their right arm over their heart during the national anthem. Official Party arrives. MC “Retire the Colors” 4 0 obj Allowing enough preparation time will ensure you have a … It is my pleasure to welcome you to the [INSERT LOCATION] celebration commemorating the Battle of Midway. (CO, XO, CMC, SEL, Honored Veterans, and Guest Speaker), On the dais this morning we are fortunate to have 127:3 says: “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Some gifts have some strings attached … some do not. - THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY IS OFTEN REFERRED TO AS THE TURNING POINT IN THE PACIFIC DURING WORLD WAR TWO, WHERE THE CAMPAIGN IN THE PACIFIC HAD A MOMENTUM SHIFT, AND OUR NAVY’S DEFENSIVE POSTURE BECAME AN INSURMOUNTABLE OFFENSIVE POSTURE. In … - FOR NOW, WE HAVE MIDWAY AS OUR MARKER TO SERVE A STRONG EXAMPLE OF WHO WE ARE, AND WHY WE EXIST, SO THAT WELL INTO THE FUTURE, SAILORS WILL CONTINUE TO STOP DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 4-7 OF EVERY YEAR AND CONSIDER HOW NAVAL LEGACIES ARE MADE, AND WHY THEY ARE TIMELESSLY CHERISHED, GENERATION AFTER GENERATION. Printable Baby Dedication Certificate. The Wreath Bearer moves toward the center and transfers the wreath to the Executive officer. [Multi-service Color Guard marches into Place], Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated. Chaplain [INSERT NAME] will now deliver the Invocation. - TO ACHIEVE VICTORY AT MIDWAY, OUR CRYPTOLOGIC ANCESTORS DEMONSTRATED THAT THEY WERE WILLING TO BE BOTH PERSISTENT AND CREATIVE WHEN CONFRONTED WITH A CHALLENGE. (Every one sits down; formations go to parade rest w/o signal from Company Cmdrs). - TODAY, WE HONOR THE VETERANS OF MIDWAY, AND WE ALSO HONOR THE SIGNIFICANCE THAT MIDWAY PLAYS AS A PART OF OUR NAVY’S HISTORY; - TODAY, WE CONSIDER THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY’S LEGACY, WHICH WAS ESTABLISHED THE WEEK OF JUNE 4-7 IN 1942, WHEN WARFIGHTERS IN THE PACIFIC ENGAGED IN BATTLE AFTER HAVING PREPARED THE BATTLESPACE USING THE MOST TIMELY INTELLIGENCE; CALCULATED THE ODDS GIVEN THE ENEMY’S ORDER OF BATTLE; AND THEN CONFIDENTLY MOVED INTO THE FOLD, AFTER HAVING CHOSEN THE TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT. CHILD DEDICATION SERVICE HAVE PARENTS/CHILDREN COME FORWARD God sees children as important … so do these parents. You would just now deal with your own ceremony schedule and specifics and your agenda is good to go. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to [INSERT LOCATION]’s Commemoration of the [INSERT ANNIVERSARY NUMBER] Anniversary of the World War Two Battle of Midway. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. - IT WAS ONLY RECENTLY, IN 1992, AFTER NEARLY 50 YEARS OF STEAMING AND HAVING BEEN A HOME FOR NEARLY THREE GENERATIONS OF SAILORS, THAT SHE WAS DECOMMISSIONED. There is nothing wrong with dedicating business. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Commemoration will begin in five minutes. The purpose why people gather at a certain ceremony is for them get involved with the activities that are prepared for them. - WE AT [INSERT LOCATION] ALSO KNOW THAT NOT ONLY WAS HISTORY MADE AT THIS SMALL ISLAND, BUT MODERN NAVAL WARFARE ITSELF WAS CHANGED, AND THAT THE STRATEGY BEHIND VICTORY AT MIDWAY WAS SOMETHING “MORE.”. [INSERT LOCATION], Parade Rest. Program contingency. - AS WE COMMEMORATE MIDWAY, WE CONSIDER ITS LEGACY AND ITS CONTINUING ABILITY TO INSPIRE US, AND WE WONDER IF, MAYBE ONE DAY, WE, OURSELVES, WILL SERVE AT A MOMENT OR PLACE LIKE MIDWAY. [INSERT LOCATION] - AT EASE, Ladies and Gentlemen, the [XO, NAME] [INSERT LOCATION]. [INSERT LOCATION], at-Ease. At this time please turn off all cell phones, Blackberries and electronic devices. %PDF-1.5 OUR WREATH LAYING CEREMONY HERE AT [LOCATION] SERVES AS OUR CORNERSTONE FOR MANY SIMILAR WREATH LAYING CEREMONIES THROUGHOUT THE U.S. NAVY. Multi-Service Color Guard presents Colors; [INSERT NAME] sings the National Anthem. MC gives this cue after last note of TAPS 1. MC The Invocation will be delivered by Chaplain [INSERT NAME], Chaplain proceeds to lectern, provides invocation & returns to his seat. 2 0 obj The Color Guard marches down the center and exits from the parade ground. Formation Commanders, take charge and carry out the plan of the day. This ceremony gives all family members a “landmark” reminder that their lives, home, and all possessions are to be set apart for God’s special use. MC commands “Parade the Colors” The Color Guard marches down the center, reverses and stops at the center. [Download a PDF version of the commemoration script.]. The Executive Officer then takes the wreath and places it in the bay. “TAPS” on cue Ceremonies are held for different occasions. [�ךF�rU�r/�,P%~��W�D���_�j_m/�65 8Z\�&��E�Xn^V�"��?WMoU/K�zظ���M�}�,�N�ѵQX�'O�)7���$��xfI�E���/75ͼ�E\�ͳ�8��Ax4���Uܖ{�wZ5ע�I�ZFeA�$�����U��oR�k� ��rV�b/������+��v�E��>95&ȼ�na�*�^2���nz,�p� E�3/�[]=A�U��. Being at the forefront of this kind of event can be stressful, but with proper planning the event will go off without a hitch. As a reminder, military members should salute on the first note of the national anthem and order arms on the last note of music. Please take your seats. MC “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE REMAIN STANDING FOR THE PLAYING OF ANCHORS AWEIGH AND MARINES’ HYMM FOLLOWED BY THE BENEDICTION. Here is what you need to know when planning a baby dedication service for your church. If you aren’t so familiar with activities done during a ribbon-cutting ceremony, this Ribbon-Cutting Agenda Template already has it all done for you. Once Chaplain has completed the invocation, the MC commands “Retire the Colors.”. The following service, commonly called a mortgage–burning service, may be used for the dedication of a church sanctuary, or an education or activities building, when the building has become free of debt. <>>> Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes our ceremony. endobj 1 0 obj Browse through this page for different layouts and formats that could inspire your ideal ceremony agenda. Ladies and Gentlemen please rise for Morning Colors, our National Anthem and the delivery of our Invocation. Ps. Guests are asked to ensure that cell phones and other electronic devices are silenced for the duration of the ceremony. <> endobj [INSERT NAMES], Commanding Officer, etc…. (The Chaplain walks to the Podium, delivers Invocation, and then returns to his seat). Would the guests please rise for the arrival of the official party. We have it all for you from event agenda template, even more sample event agenda, down to marketing meeting agenda templates. endobj - MIDWAY’S LEGACY CARRIES FURTHER YET, AS WITH US TODAY, AMONGST THE PEOPLE GATHERED HERE WE HAVE: - WE HAVE IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS OF PEOPLE WHO SERVED AT MIDWAY; - WE HAVE WITH US CREW MEMBERS WHO SERVED ON THE USS MIDWAY; - AND WITH US TODAY, AS WE COMMEMORATE THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY, WE HAVE THE NEXT GENERATION OF SAILORS, SOLDIERS, AIRMAN, MARINES, COAST GUARDSMAN, CIVILIANS, AND FAMILY MEMBERS WHO CAN NOW CLEARY SEE BEFORE THEM JUST HOW A NAVAL LEGACY EVOLVES FROM BEING A PIVOTAL MOMENT IN HISTORY, TO BEING THE INSPIRING NAMESAKE OF A WARSHIP THAT DEPLOYS TO DEFEND FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY AROUND THE WORLD AND TO BECOMING A STAPLE IN THE NAVY’S CALENDAR, WHERE HISTORY IS MARKED, AND NAVAL HERITAGE IS REAFFIRMED FOR GENERATIONS. It could be for formal or informal activities that all depends on celebrants and hosts. We have a lot more templates to offer for all your ceremony agenda needs. Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce [INSERT NAME], Commanding Officer, [INSERT LOCATION] and guest speaker for [INSERT LOCATION]’s Commemoration of the Battle of Midway.

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