But you have long since seen that the discipline was necessary. Nothing is idle. An unconverted man may love a God, as, for instance, the God of nature, and the God of the imagination; but the God of revelation no man can love, unless grace turn him from his natural enmity towards God. All the provisions of grace. The idle man is an exception to God's rule. These laws constitute the will of our heavenly Father. They were the objects of His gracious "purpose." II. The soul destitute of love to God is in antagonism to the whole system of nature. 33, 34).1. (2)Its far-reaching character — "Nor things to come. Or what to them the share of general calamities? Matter does not exist in ultimate granules, but in cohering masses. He is good, and so is His purpose. THE DOCTRINE IS NOT A PLEASING FANCY, a beautiful dream, BUT A GLORIOUS CERTAINTY: "For we know." All the provisions of grace. The banishment of John to Patrons seemed cruelty; but when there God revealed to him the visions of the Book of Revelation.2. )The operations of Divine ProvidenceJ. Have I satisfaction in thinking of Him? But we may well remark that the gospel has said all that with an incomparable power. THE UNIVERSAL DESTINATION — "to them that love God."1. God is working ever us; let us leave the consequence to Him.2. In the story of Joseph there is a notable scheme of Providence. (3) From the special provisions of the gospel. World balances world. What to them is the effect of all nature, with its beauties, its vicissitudes, its productions? "What presumption to believe ourselves objects of the vigilant care of God!" Let us not forget that the purpose is not by reason of the love in us, but that the love is in us by reason of the purpose. To hear them, man ought never to seek his own good. But the scientist extracts that poison, and finds in it a remedy for his ills; to the breath of the wind he spreads the sails of his mills or of his ships; he lays hold of the lightning, and upon an imperceptible thread cast into the depths of the ocean he commands it to carry his thoughts to the ends of the world. 32).1. He regards the bondage of Israel, the crucifixion of Christ, the fall of the Roman Empire, and the dark periods of the world's history as necessary links in the chain of God's providential dealings. ENERGETICALLY. I admit it. He puts his hand upon his poor distressed brethren — he looks at his companions and he says, "We! What! O. Peck, D.D.This text is a tonic. I stood once in Paris, where the stone is soft, and where the building blocks are cut, not on the ground, but in their places on the tops of the doors, and about the windows; and I saw the chiselling done. What God calls our good is not what we call our happiness. THE CERTAINTY OF ALL THIS. Would you charge with pride the feeble plant which, each day at sunrise, holds up its head and half opens to inhale its vivifying heat? But, amidst the trials, storms, and disappointments of life, our Father’s love is a constant. When adversity comes, a man who loves God says, "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away," etc. The workman commences, and after working one day the head is rudely shaped, but you can barely tell what it is. Question believers, and they will tell you that in the severest trials they have discovered signs of the Divine goodness, Now, even when outwardly all seems to be identical in the life of him who loves God and of him who does not, we must admit that events will work upon men according to the mind with which they are accepted. This assurance is in perfect harmony —1. God is wise, and cannot err; He is good, and will not.V. In the mechanism of Divine providence there are no loose pullies on which idle belts career. And there may be many differences between godly men; they may belong to different sects, hold very opposite opinions, but all agree in this, that they love God.

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