; pick up after yourself and leave an area better than you found it. Wife said that about the yellow fish last week. – It’s been another busy year for trout fishing at Roaring River State Park. I was told Montauk is short of trout due to the extended construction time and they are now bringing trout from Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery   I just hope MDC has an adequate supply of trout for next year and possibly the year after that. We took my son's scout group to the Buffalo River last weekend and I spoke to one of the rangers before we started our community service project on one of the trails. However, the lure of Roaring River’s trout isn’t just a fishing thing. However, hatchery manager Paul Spurgeon said the delays in construction will not have any impact on Opening Day and things will be business as usual, … CASSVILLE, Mo. Operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation, the hatchery is located in Roaring River State Park, seven miles south of Cassville, on Highway 112. Paste as plain text instead, × Visitors tell us it is one of the major reasons why they visit the park. “The smells of the hatchery and the sound of the rushing, clean, spring water teeming with rainbow trout can be tantalizing. Our monthly publication about conservation in Missouri--free to all residents. Though this construction has removed water from most of the hatchery’s pools and raceways, it has not left Roaring River anglers high and dry. The project involves replacing existing flood control structures at the hatchery’s spring pool with electric, corrosion-proof, stainless-steel gates. “There is something magical and soothing to walk through a hatchery, feeding fish and watching them eagerly jump for pellets,” Spurgeon said. Plenty of fish. Think I've seen the Ranger twice in two years and it's been many years since I saw a CO there. The couple of raceways that are open and holding fish had some golden trout in them. With more people using our outdoor resources it seems like that code of conduct is vanishing. It apoears to me that progress has slowed in the last month toward completion … Every body that I saw keeping fish had a limit yesterday. Roaring River Hatchery was constructed in 1924. Heck, if we are gonna die next week from "The Virus" why should we worry about the "small stuff"? You can post now and register later. Before COVID I feel there was a sort of unwritten code of conduct among outdoor enthusiasts: be polite and respectful; respect personal space on hiking trails, rivers, etc. Those people have always been around, this just means more of them have disposable time at the same time, so it looks like there are more of them. He said this points out that in addition to trout fishing, trout viewing is also one of the appeals of this popular state park. The last time my son and I fished there when it was hot (sometime during the first week of August) I was so frustrated with the number of people who were wading/swimming/lawn chair sitting in the no wade zones. × The bulk of the trout for this year’s fishing has come from MDC’s Montauk Hatchery (Dent County) and a few have come from Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery (Taney County). I guess I have spent over a million dollars in my life on hunting, fishing, gambling and drinking, the rest I just wasted!!! The hatchery is at the head of Roaring River, adjacent to scenic Roaring River Spring. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. “There is a unified effort at MDC’s five trout hatcheries to collectively produce 1.5 million 12-inch fish annually for stocking into the trout parks, Lake Taneycomo, and our spring-fed streams,” said MDC Hatchery Systems Manager James Civiello. Hate is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. Covid 19 is jacking up everything outdoors it seems. By Bleeding Shiner; Members; 0 4 posts; Members; Report; Share ; Posted September 10. Currently, MDC manages the hatchery and trout fishing at Roaring River; the state park facilities are managed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Roaring River Hatchery construction. So, despite no trout production from the stream’s normal trout supplier, trout fishing at Roaring River hasn’t missed a beat. It has certainly changed the dynamic of going to places like Roaring River and other state parks. Probably with long hours and low pay, because companies of all sizes have learned how to do without as many employees. When the economy falls to normal levels they will all have to find some kind of jobs again. Xplor helps kids find adventure in their own backyard. Construction project doesn't get in the way of trout fishing at Roaring River. You can tell many people didn't have parents or mentors who taught them how to respect nature and others in nature. I'm with you. “It is not unusual for our hatcheries to share fish,” said MDC Roaring River Hatchery Manager Paul Spurgeon. Three days I didn't catch any wasn't because they weren't there, some days I just get it all wrong. Upload or insert images from URL. Had reasonable numbers all through the winter as well, on the days I was there. I've fished it less this year, maybe 20 times and have been amazed at the people that wade right in front of the "No Wading" signs and put chairs out in the water in the middle of Zone 2 no wade area, yesterday was a good day for dough balls in Z2, guy sat there in his lawn chair for at least two hours with two spinning rods and some kind of dough balls. I would think the Neosho hatchery could provide fish if needed, they seem to never operate at full capacity. Instead they treat a day at a beautiful river or campground like a trip to an amusement park where they crowd each other, throw their trash all over the place and their only concern is how quickly they can get from one "attraction" to the next, with no regard for the people in between them and their next destination. Spurgeon said this emphasizes something he’s seen throughout his 10 years as hatchery manager at the park – that Roaring River is more than a fishing destination. “Quite the opposite – fish, eggs, and fingerlings are routinely transferred between the hatcheries. The flood control structure at the spring’s entrance will also be replaced and a leak-proof pipeline is being installed (replacing an existing line) to feed water into the hatchery. Only decline I have noticed is it doesn't seem to be as many large fish but that's to be somewhat expected considering the COVID free-for-all that happened this spring. As the hatcheries are spread around the state, someone will inevitably have flooding and the increased fish mortality that goes with it. Display as a link instead, × It apoears to me that progress has slowed in the last month toward completion of the hatchery upgrades so it can be used this year. Roaring River’s hatchery, which normally raises up to 500,000 trout annually from egg to fingerling size and stocks 260,000 trout in park’s waters each year, went into shut-down mode in September 2018 when trout production was brought to a temporary halt so a $1.9 million renovation project could get underway.   Pasted as rich text. But still tons of fish, I turned 8 loose in about 3 hours mid after noon, and spent more time talking than fishing. × Clear editor. Last year I stayed away for the most part because the stocking rates per fisherman seemed so low that the river would be fished out by mid day. One couple even came and tossed a couple kayaks in bend right above the handicap area in Zone 2. I, personally cannot wait to have our visitors return and I’d like to thank everyone for their patience.”. Lots of poaching going on though, them fillets in the cooler don't keep folks from going back out. It's really sad. Approximately 110,000 people fish at the park each year. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. A wet spring and summer has pushed the completion date of Roaring River’s renovation work to late fall or early winter, but progress is being made.

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