According to Shanks (Mbaraka and Shanks, 2006), the arenesulfonic acid-functionalized samples had lower pKa values as the sulfonate ions in the phenyl group were more stablethan that in aliphatic carbon chain of propylsulfonic acid groups after deprotonation. Copyright © 2018 Mo, Yu, Cai, Lou and Zheng. De la Fuente-Olvera, Oscar R. Suárez-Castillo, Daniel Mendoza-Espinosa. Mohammad Ziaur Rahman, Md Golam Kibria, Charles Buddie Mullins. Conversion of Simple Cyclohexanones into Catechols. Visible-Light-Driven Photoproduction of Hydrogen Using Rhodium Catalysts and Platinum Nanoparticles with Formate. Benzoate Cyclometalation Enables Oxidative Addition of Haloarenes at a Ru(II) Center.  |  Ziyauddin S. Qureshi, Pradip B. Sarawade, Matthias Albert, Valerio D'Elia, Mohamed N. Hedhili, Klaus Köhler, Jean-Marie Basset. Articles, Guangdong University of Technology, China, The School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, The University of Sydney. C–H arylation of triphenylene, naphthalene and related arenes using Pd/C. system. Epub 2009 Oct 27. Find more information about Crossref citation counts. NIH Ed. Hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived phenols into alkanes by using nanoparticle catalysts combined with Brønsted acidic ionic liquids. Pore size determination of MCM-51 mesoporous materials by means of 1H NMR spectroscopy, N2 adsorption, and HREM. Angew. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. Chem. doi: 10.1021/ie800096g, Britt, P. F., Buchanan, A. C., Cooney, M. J., and Martineau, D. R. (2000). Base-free palladium-mediated cycloalkenylations of olefinic enolic systems. The samples were heated under a stream of air (20 mL/min) from 50 to 700°C with a ramp rate of 10°C/min. After that, the adsorbed hydrogen on samples was removed by purging with 30 mL/min helium gas for 2 h at 250°C. We thank Dr. Yang Tang's benificial discussion in the manuscript. Wollenburg M, Heusler A, Bergander K, Glorius F. ACS Catal. 5959167. Oxidation in Triazol-5-ylidene Complexes. Effect of PH2 on the HDO of phenol over 1%Pt/SBA-Pr. doi: 10.1021/ef700335k, Kudsy, M., and Kumazawa, H. (1999). Takafumi Yatabe, Xiongjie Jin, Kazuya Yamaguchi, Noritaka Mizuno. J Hazard Mater. In entry 4, 1%Pt/SBA-15 and SBA-Pr was physically mixed to form bifunctional catalyst. (2010). Compared to the physical mixed bifunctional catalyst (entry 4), the composite bifunctional catalyst (entry 1) owed the highest conversion of phenol and the best selectivity to cyclohexane. Yu-Feng Liang, Xinyao Li, Xiaoyang Wang, Miancheng Zou, Conghui Tang, Yujie Liang, Song Song, and Ning Jiao . Synthesis of Functionalized Pyridines via Cu(II)-Catalyzed One-Pot Cascade Reactions of Inactivated Saturated Ketones with Electron-Deficient Enamines.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, O2 Insertion into Group 9 Metal–Hydride Bonds: Evidence for Oxygen Activation through the Hydrogen-Atom-Abstraction Mechanism. Organo-Photoredox Catalyzed Oxidative Dehydrogenation of N-Heterocycles. After loading of platinum the pore diameter, pore volume, and surface area of SBA-15 were waned showing in Table S1. Residual Pd Enables Photocatalytic H2 Evolution from Conjugated Polymers. The results show that palladium phosphide is successfully supported on silicon carbide, and the dispersion is relatively uniform with the particle size is about 6–9 nm. In the evaluation range of temperature, at 200°C the X(PhOH) and the S(C6H12) reaches maximum, 63.0 and 95.5%, respectively. ACS Catal. Bi-active sites of stable and highly dispersed platinum and oxygen vacancy constructed by reducing a loaded perovskite-type oxide for CO oxidation. Ed. Table 5 presents the results of phenol hydrodeoxygenation in different solvents. Selective Synthesis of Primary Anilines from Cyclohexanone Oximes by the Concerted Catalysis of a Mg–Al Layered Double Hydroxide Supported Pd Catalyst. Received: 21 March 2018; Accepted: 25 May 2018; Published: 14 June 2018. doi: 10.1002/anie.201508513, Mbaraka, I. K., and Shanks, B. H. (2006). Selective Hydrogenation of Phenol and Derivatives over Polymer-Functionalized Carbon-Nanofiber-Supported Palladium Using Sodium Formate as the Hydrogen Source. All the HDO of phenol experiments were performed in a 100 mL stainless steel batch autoclave reactor. Chem., 14 June 2018 Highly selective catalytic conversion of phenolic bio-oil to alkanes. Samples were mounted on copper grid-supported carbon films by dropping a few droplets of ultrasonically dispersed suspensions of samples in ethanol on the grids, followed by drying at ambient conditions. Haiyan Yuan, Yiying Zheng, Bo Li, Wenliang Li, Jingping Zhang. The data also showed that the pKa value of SBA-Ar was smaller than that of SBA-Ar, i.e., SBA-Ar exhibited stronger acid sites. Bui, V. N., Toussaint, G., Laurenti, D., Mirodatos, C., and Geantet, C. (2009). The results are shown in Table 4. Unveiling Secrets of Overcoming the “Heteroatom Problem” in Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic C–H Functionalization of Heterocycles: A DFT Mechanistic Study. Dearomatization–Rearomatization Strategy for Reductive Cross-Coupling of Indoles with Ketones in Water. without permission from the American Chemical Society. Angew. Technol. Herein, we report the first example of non-noble bimetallic nanocatalysts for the selective hydrogenation of phenol with cyclohexanol as the sole product. Please note: If you switch to a different device, you may be asked to login again with only your ACS ID. For SBA-Pr after ethanol extraction, only weight loss peak of propyl sulfonic acid (around 470°C) was observed on DTG curves, indicating complete removal of the template P123 by ethanol extraction method. Organometallic C–H Oxidation with O2 Mediated by Soluble Group 10 Metal Complexes. Catalytic Desymmetrizing Dehydrogenation of 4-Substituted Cyclohexanones through Enamine Oxidation. Mechanism of Catalytic Oxidation of Styrenes with Hydrogen Peroxide in the Presence of Cationic Palladium(II) Complexes. A., Li, X., and Lercher, J.

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