Don’t buy microfiber. But whatever use you decide to put your summer blanket towards be sure you get the right size! Almost all those weighted blankets sold on Amazon (and ones that are heavy on social marketing) are cheap chinese blankets, likely sourced from Alibaba at $20 a pop. Ask about the materials they use, where they source it from, etc. the blanket i'm looking to buy is 6.8 kg (14.99 lbs), which is 0.3 kg (0.66 lbs) heavier than recommended. You can probably find something similar. I bought from this company: (you can contact them to see if they sell them on Amazon, I am not sure). My other lightweight blanket is basically just a bedsheet stitched to a sheet of medium weight linen fabric. Does anyone know the best brands to get? Really I wake up every day in a good mood. I bought it since i thought it would the weight disperse throughout the blanket. Below is a list of our top recommendation picks for the best summer blankets available on the market. is reader-supported. Reddit's largest men's fashion community. Lightweight –   Although temperatures can drop in the summer you don’t want a fabric that’s too thick or hefty. You can't put a dollar sign on a good nights sleep! 6. Does anyone know the best brands to get? Try to stick to one brand/strategy per second-level comment. Is it still fine to buy for him, or will it be too heavy for him? 100% cotton quilt with a thin 100% cotton batting. Press J to jump to the feed. What's the best bedding option for summer: A duvet, quilt or comforter? My blanket is this one: I’m really excited because at first I was really sceptic, so now I can talk a lot about changes. From reading peoples experiences with weighted blankets, a deeper sleep seems to be one effect. It offers a perfect mix of design and materials so that it delivers both rustic charm and great performance for a blanket intended for summer use. Conclusion. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the malefashionadvice community. Synthetic comforter so it's great for those with allergies., My mom swears by ikea in terms of durability, Highly recommend finding a quality bedding company in your area, and catching their sample sale. Should I rather go for a 7 kg (15.5 lbs) blanket (15%) or lighter? I have depression and anxiety, I also deal with a bit too much stress. So, what better way to stay comfy during the rainy days, stormy nights, and weather fluctuations and invest into a summer blanket! But the Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket from Amazon is perfect for the summer. Makes sense they are sold out. Really happy with the "I can't believe it's not down". This blanket has an all-cotton construction that offers exceptional warmth and softness, adding another warmth layer without feeling bulky or … Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket. Therefore, if your worried about overheating than perhaps you should look into a blanket that is made out of bamboo fabric. They come in various weights. No medical issues, I just like the idea and would be nicer to sleep a little better. The experts weigh in, so that you can sleep sweat-free the rest of the summer. Lands' End linen sheets about $100-150 during their frequent 50% off sales. Got them for $50 on sale! Blankets come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. This thread will sit in the sidebar for a long time, and serve as a guide for lots of people, so help them out! Also complaints about the beads falling to the edges while sleeping so it basically just a blanket and loses the entire purpose. My wife suffers from anxiety, depression, and sleep insomnia so I though we would give one of these weighted blankets a try. Check these out. If you need any advice, I’m ready to answer because I perfectly understand how it is difficult to find a good weighted blanket. So don't you want the best you can get? It features super-soft 100% polyester to keep you comfy cozy. Man no bullshit though I got a set of sheets from bambootranquility and it's unreal. (I'd like to note that I have no plans of allowing said toddler to use the blanket.). Also, sometimes I listen to it while falling asleep. I’m a big fan of Target’s threshold brand sheets. Or a brand that sells both summer and winter blankets together. Comment below let us know what your favorite summer blanket is from our list? I got one on amazon for about $100. It’s cheap yes but really environmentally unfriendly when washed. DANGTOP Cooling Blankets, Cooling Summer Blanket for Hot Sleepers, Ultra-Cool Cold Lightweight Light Thin Bamboo Blanket for Summer Night Sweats (79x91 inches,Light Grey), Heated Blanket, Electric Blanket Throw 10"x 10", Cold and Warm Available, Suitable for Winter and Summer, Family use YS-0164(1 Pack, KAWAHOME Knit Blanket Lightweight Breathable Fuzzy Heather Jersey Blanket for Couch Sofa Bed King Size 108 X 90 Inches Blue and White, LAGHCAT Cooling Blankets for Sleeping, Cooling Summer Blanket for Hot Sleepers, Ultra Cool, Cold, Lightweight, Light, Thin Bamboo Blanket for Summer Night Sweats (59"x79", Dark Grey), Homelike Moment Lightweight Comforter Set California King Reversible All Season Down Alternative Comforter Set Summer Blanket 3 Piece - 1 Comforter with 2 Shams Cal-King Size Dark Gray/Light Grey, Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket King White - Soft Breathable Thermal Blanket - Ideal for Layering Any Bed, Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Absorbs Heat to Keep Adults, Children, Babies Cool on Warm Nights. I have struggled with trying to find a blanket that isn’t super warm but is still comfortable. Casper makes a comforter that is both wool and down. Searching for Best Cotton Blanket For Summer 2020 to buy? That might be MSRP, or it might not -- it depends. I weigh around 58 kg (128 lbs), and bought a 9 kg (20 lbs) blanket. So I'm looking for some good brands that aren't going to fall apart during its 1st use. Edit: I weigh 48 kg (106 lbs) NOT 58 kg (128 lbs). I know the recommended weight is around 10% of your body weight, but I've seen so many people talking about their blanket being too light. Those blankets that are knitted I found to be perfect. While we have picked some of the best models on the market, there are three stand out blankets that could provide a great summer blanket for you. Why Hot Weather Affects Your Sleep. $400 sheets for $100 is a god send. The ones I saw either had glass beads or plastic pellets (I opted for glass beads ). Their blankets are not cheap but it is excellent quality. Downside is that they cost me $400 plus in materials plus all the time to make them (60-100 hours depending), I have a cotton blanket (Pinzon/Amazon brand, looks to be no longer available.

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