NYC real estate agent Philip Scheinfeld relies heavily on social media to keep sales growing. Making time for real estate social media marketing can be tough, but there are several tools and ways for real estate companies to minimize the work and maximize results. What would you want to know? How are you going to up your social media game in 2021? You can use the real estate quotes and turn them into image quotes! Twitter is also an important platform for estate agents. We joke around here that one thing that will always stay the same is that, will always be changing. The latest social media statistics show growth of Instagram, social messaging bots, and video content. Remember that it’s not just about waiting for them to share your content. Scheinfeld is one of the city’s most successful young real estate agents, having sold over $150,000,000 worth of property across New York City. And the good news is, you don’t need expensive camera, lighting, or a production studio — your smartphone can be just as effective for creating video content for your social media outlets. #happyholidays, Save time and money while increasing #leads, #conversions, and overall marketing success through……. 070: The 10X Rule vs. 80/20 Principle – What’s the Right Way to Run Your Business? It’s simple to tweak your content strategy in order to achieve great results for your real estate brand. Overall, it’s good for business! Make them feel special, important and that you have their best interest at heart. We promise you will find ample value from our website. 21.3% of the respondents were estimated to be middle income earners as they made between $50,000 and $100,000. Give your audience value and awareness so that when the time comes, your real estate brand will be the first thing on their mind. By being active on social media, you can stay top of mind before, during, and after a sale. That's the power of social media—it's your canvas. Scheinfeld: First, engage, engage, engage! Shama Hyder is the founder & CEO of Zen Media. The use of technology is an incredible contributory aspect to the earnings of the highest income earners in this sector. Facebook Ads Made Simple (Even Your Kids Can Do It)! You can’t expect others to care about your content unless you put in the effort to care about their social media posts — not to mention, using real estate social media to engage with others is a great way to maintain relationships with past clients and professional contacts. To give you a better idea of what works for great real estate blogs, here are a few real examples that generate a ton of traffic and have posts that are a key part of their lead generation. Promotional content like new listings shouldn’t be the core of your real estate social media strategy. If you can dedicate just 15 minutes a day to engaging with others online, your real estate social media presence will become far more meaningful. During this call, our two guest experts will show you how to... Space is limited, so register now to hold your spot! They are an avenue for potential customers to find your real estate brand. Want to make your clients feel like you truly care for them? 3) 75% of marketers have seen a decline in organic Facebook reach over the last year or don’t know if they have. In addition, tweet out news about your company by sharing press releases about your company’s successes or new hires. 085: How The Modern Rules Of House Wholesaling Have Changed. Consistency in your social media posts can make a huge difference in your social media performance. 1) For 64% of marketers, social media management is just one of their job responsibilities. Instead of hosting open houses and scheduling multiple showings in an afternoon, agents are now doing much more work behind the screen—whether that’s streaming video walk-throughs for multiple clients at a time or working with other videographers to develop 3D tours. 83.6% of those earning between $50,000 and $100,000 said they spent around $2,500 on technological aspects of real estate work. If you can’t afford to hire someone to do it full time. Just make sure to send them to the relevant landing pages, so that potential customers will be able to find you in the language of their choice. An excellent real estate social media presence allows you to engage not just millennials, but all your clients. 21 Signs You’re Becoming A Real Estate Expert, 40 Cool Real Estate Facts to Impress Your Friends, 26 Uniquely Awesome Real Estate Phenomenons From Around the Interweb, 14 of the Worst Experiences You’ll Have as a Real Estate Investor, Access LOW-INTEREST growth capital for your real estate deals and business expansions, Legally keep your lines of credit OFF your personal report, protecting your FICO score, Structure your business in the most 'lendable' fashion with the right types of asset protection, Offer 0% interest financing to your clients and help them grow it expansively as well. The Zillow blog provides great articles that once again relate to the average consumer. 1. Share people giving a shout out to your page, and if your customers are on social media themselves, they can always tag you to generate even more engagement and interest. Every real estate website seems to have a blog, but many blogs are either inactive or fail to provide any real value for their audience. Such a major purchase like real estate can be greatly influenced by what buyers’ peers think of the neighborhood, community or building, etc. The benefits, especially in terms of metrics like traffic, grow exponentially over time. This is likely because of the platform’s phenomenal growth and, no doubt, brands’ success with it thus far. Jennifer Duke. Don’t be afraid of displaying a behind-the-scenes view of your business. Most of our real estate clients use Instagram with great success. A Comprehensive Guide to Assigning Contracts, Simple Real Estate Postcard Templates That Work, How to Build a Real Estate WordPress Website, A Review of Frank Rolfe’s Billboard University Bootcamp. 2. What’s more, 77% plan to increase video content and 63% plan to increase live video in the next year. 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