[31] Appearing in Metropolis after a dig in Africa, Dr. Gordon becomes Eclipso and engages Superman who is taken to the cops. They escaped with the assistance of the Creeper and formed a group of heroes dubbed the Shadow Fighters. In the Elseworlds story JLA: The Nail, a restrained Bruce Gordon/Eclipso makes an appearance in Professor Hamilton's Cadmus Labs. [7], In the early 1990s, DC retconned Eclipso in a company-wide crossover built around the miniseries Eclipso: The Darkness Within. Reworked Cyborg Superman: Man-Machine of Steel and Silver Banshee: Wailing Wretch are now live in-game. Created by remy94. ), Seems like a less reliable ramper on kills but if he hits really hard off the bat I guess that is a fair compromise, Literally a mystic HQMJ but can help himself a little with HCD on his 3rd move, Seems pretty solid actually I think he'll be the character of the month, Now a special tank that will probably hit physicals pretty hard, Minor changes but they do help him + also very useful being innately crit immune. [24] Seeking revenge on House Amethyst, he is defeated by Princess Amaya and again trapped in the diamond. The Spectre forces Eclipso back into a lone black diamond. 20% Chance to stun a random enemy if any enemy has any immunity. Fear Projection: Purge 1 Buff from target, 20% Turn Meter Down and 50% Chance to apply Stun on target. Alexander Montez, cousin of Wildcat II, vows revenge on Eclipso for her death. Legendary: Always apply 2 Hit Chance Down to all enemies. Strength. While in the jungle to view a solar eclipse, Gordon was attacked by a tribal sorcerer named Mophir. Apply 4 Bleeds. Eclipso revealed that he dare not kill Gordon and Bennet, because their unborn child will time travel to the past as an adult and free Eclipso from the diamond. In this new timeline, Eclipso is depicted as the god of vengeance and once again trapped in the Heart of Darkness. Gotcha! In "The Seduction of the Innocent" ad campaign for DC's Countdown, Eclipso's arm can be clearly seen, with Mary Marvel looking off-page and her face half-shadowed. Suicide Squad, Maxwell Lord uses a team of Lobo, Johnny Sorrow, Emerald Empress, Rustam and Doctor Polaris - identified as the original incarnation of the Suicide Squad - to steal the Heart of Darkness from a vault in Amanda Waller's base, allowing him to expand his powers to take control of the Justice League and the people of the world. so if the enemy team has disease or bleeds and you use a purge move on one of them there’s now an 80% she will wail instead of 30%. There are also 2 new Blitz tournaments! A magical being of incalculable strength, Eclipso has demonstrated the powers of flight, immortality, invulnerability, super speed and stamina, advanced intellect, and the ability to emit deadly rays of dark light from his left eye and a powerful burst of paralyzing black light from his right eye by looking through a shard of the Heart of Darkness gem. If Gordon had achieved his goal of making solar energy the planet's primary energy source, any solar-powered device could be used as a weapon against Eclipso. Afterwards the remains are seemingly collected by Emil Hamilton and STAR Labs, which reveals the shards are sending signals to each other. Eclipso vs The Spectre # The Spectre This would be a different story here if this was starheart Eclipso, starheart Eclipso oneshot aztar. Eclipso's early comics debut is tied to his first modern host, Bruce Gordon (named after Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon as an inside-joke),[5] a scientist specializing in solar energy. Loring is last seen sinking into the ocean with a shark approaching and Eclipso returns to inhabit Bruce Gordon, declaring her lost. Legendary: Gain 20% Turn Meter Up to self. Banshee sounds even stronger now. The Spectre, desiring revenge on Eclipso for his manipulations of him during the Infinite Crisis but rendered incapable of taking it owing to his present lack of a host, orders Dibny to punish Eclipso in return for his wife's life. The PVP board completion reward this month is Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime! Disintegrating Glare: Special Damage to an enemy, applies 10 Critical Chance Downs. He conquered the South American country of Parador by possessing one person at a time. [15] With the moon destroyed, Eclipso then seemingly kills Donna Troy, the physically strongest remaining member of the Justice League. The United States sent an investigation team consisting of Cave Carson, Bruce Gordon, and Gordon's fiancé, Mona Bennet. The Spectre wins! Find out all about the month's events below. Fist of Wrath: Special Damage to an enemy. 8:50. Legendary: Purge all positive Immunities and Awareness from target. These tanks were attacking the sole surviving member of the Shadow Fighter attack force, Nemesis. Red Hood was already his best friend. The absorbed heroes were freed in the end, but only after Will Payton destroyed Eclipso's moon base by detonating his own solar-powered body. Eclipso attacked them with a Parador missile which they evaded using Nightshade's teleportation ability. The Spectre wins! In the Countdown to Mystery series, Eclipso puts a new plan into motion, corrupting the heroes Plastic Man, Creeper, and Dove, and at the same time tasking a group of magi to recover and recombine the pieces of the Heart of Darkness. His physical body, the adult child of Bennet and Gordon, evaporated in front of his parents. Legendary: 25% extra chance to use Fist of Wrath on enemies when Eclipso evades their attack. Legendary: 100% additional damage if target has any immunity. [9] At this point, the wizard Shazam steps in by sending Captain Marvel to fight the possessed Eclipso-Superman. The Peacemaker was also involved in this action. During Adam's reign in Kahndaq, Alex becomes romantically involved with his teammate Soseh Mykros, the female Nemesis. Eclipse will appear as a series regular in Stargirl Season 2, portrayed by Nick Tarabay, the actor who portrayed Digger Harkness in CW's Arrow. Series writer John Ostrander chose to portray this as a distinction between the Spectre's pursuit of "vengeance" and Eclipso's pursuit of "revenge". This was all done in the interests of breaking magic down into raw magical energy, which Alexander could use for his own ends. [6] Gordon experienced many Jekyll-and-Hyde transformations and misadventures in House of Secrets. Divine Punishment: Special Damage to all enemies and 30% chance to use Ethereal Punch if Spectre has 4 or more Intelligence Ups. Indeed, Eclipso is seen in Countdown #38 watching Mary Marvel and plotting to make Mary into her minion. Eclipso is able to overshadow anyone who touches or comes into contact with the cursed Heart of Darkness gem, controlling the host's powers and influencing their behaviors and memories to Eclipso's own ends. Eye for an Eye: Apply Death Immunity, True Sight and 3 Int Ups to a random ally when an ally dies. Mary Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Joker CPOC, Doctor Poison, Killer Croc), Finally some rotation of the alliance pack - Red Hood + Nightwing in, MVP reward back for raids (this is the one with PVE energy IIRC), I think finisher was the one with pve energy. The Spectre wins! She seems stronger. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity to all enemies when an ally dies. [33] Eclipso and his Legion of Death find Paradise Island and attack the Justice League. This incarnation of Eclipso was never shown using any power but his eye blasts. With his newfound abilities, Eclipso reveals that God relies on the collective love of humanity in order to stay alive, and that by destroying the Earth, Eclipso will ultimately kill God once and for all.

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