You are deemed by a medical professional to have thin skin and/or high pressure sore risk. If you suffer from hip or si joint pain, use this seat cushion on your recliner as it prevents the conditions from becoming worse. The above cushions are suitable for a range of chairs and wheelchairs, but for your favourite chair, a special cushion is needed for proper stability and relief. Securing easily to the chair with straps, this is an ideal option for those at severe pressure sore risk. Even better because its constructed with heat responsive memory foam, this cushion molds perfectly to the shape of your bottom which ensures further comfort and support. Features of a Good Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners; Reviews: The Pressure Sore Cushion for Recliners . Chair pressure cushions are an effective method of pressure ulcer prevention. If you'd like to browse our entire range to see what's available, please visit out Pressure Relief category page, providing you with plenty of options to provide pressure relief of all intensities to all areas of the body. Please note: Information provided is for reference purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or medical opinion. Lumbar Support Pillow Seat Cushion - Memory Foam Back Cushion with a Cooling Gel Pad Balanced Firmness Designed for Lower Back Pain Relief Seat Pillow for Car Seat, Office Chair, Recliner ETC. Suitable for wheelchairs and day care chairs, this type of cushion is ideal when sore risk is highest in the sacral region. Key Features: Removable coccyx insert for complete relief when needed; castellated foam reduces friction and shear. It also does a great job preventing lower back soreness, buttock pressure sores/ulcers, pain, numbness, and discomfort from prolonged sitting. Luxembourg. To help in your decision, we'll look at a few of our best pressure care options, categorising each by its best use. Another thing, the ComfiLife Gel seat cushion it distribute your weight evenly across the seating surface which ensures proper positioning and thus less pressure on your bottom. It should be large or long enough to cover the entirety of the user's body, with all contact points catered to (head, back, buttocks and legs). When used on recliners, office chairs, wheelchairs, airplane seat and any other seating surface, this seat cushion will also significantly reduce pressure on your tailbone, thus preventing lower back pain, tailbone pain, herniated disc, sciatica, and other spinal related issues. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion, Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion, 2. As we move down the list to Medium and Low Risk cushions, our options will start to become more versatile, and are designed for users who may have some mobility. This doctor-recommended orthopedic seat cushion does a great job distributing your weight evenly and thereby alleviating pressure. Intuitively designed and purpose-focused, this cushion is one of our customers' favourites. Pressure Sore Relief. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Made from a 100% polyester, UV coated material that is fade, stain and water-resistant. Complete Care Shop is a trading name of Nottingham Rehab Limited – Registered in England and Wales No. We'll take care of the rest! The Large Visco Pressure Care Cushion is superbly suited to those who are at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. We always recommend consulting a qualified healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment. Ideal for use in both the private... An excellent choice whenever it is essential to minimise localised pressure, the Visco Pressure Care Cushion combines a dense, durable base with a visco-elastic foam that softens with body heat to mould to the user's own contours. Key Features: Made with memory foam to mould to the body; suitable for a range of sitting-related pain. Please Sign In or create a New Account to leave a reply! Redesigned with 35mm foam for extra comfort, this system features: These options are quite similar in nature, and are all excellent pressure relief options for rise recliner chairs. For low risk users, the main focus of a pressure relief cushion is usually to provide comfort where the high specification options above are deemed unnecessary. This cushion is part of the Matrx Flo-Tech Range, which includes some of the very best cushions for support, comfort and relief. High and Very High Risk cushions may use alternating air cells powered by pumps to shift the patient's weight, so as to not leave a high amount of pressure on a certain part of the skin for an extended period. Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm. When selecting a pressure relief cushion system for your rise recliner or recliner chair, you need to account for the movement of the chair, the entire surface in contact with the user, and a tendency for the user or cushion to slide forward during movement. Most pressure relief cushions have a universal size that will fit most chairs and recliner types, and some are designed to even for a wheelchair. Even with a high quality pressure relief cushion, this kind of localised pressure can be a recipe for disaster. Nottingham Rehab Limited acts as a broker and offers finance from a restricted range of financial providers. The cushion system should have multiple movement points to allow it to move with the cushion. Please note: Information provided is for reference purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or medical opinion. Designed to be fitted to riser recliner chairs using its adjustable straps, this cushion reduces the risk of pressure buildup and its associated medical complications. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The seat cushion also has a generous amount of padding which provides your bottom with enough cushion against pressure from prolonged sitting on a recliner. Suitable for those at a medium to high risk of developing pressure ulcers, this Dynamic Cushion comes with a mains operated pump that fills it with air and then circulates the air to give greater comfort. Please check back soon, Battery-powered wheelchair pressure relief cushion for high risk users, Features dynamic air cells that alternate to provide pressure relief, One in two cell cycle provides excellent relief to the sacral area, Up to 12 hours of battery life to provide mobility and freedom, Includes the cushion and pump for the full pressure-relief system, Made with a water-resistant cover to protect against spills, Alternating air cushion system relieves pressure, Ideal for patients at high risk of pressure sores, Suitable for those at high risk of pressure ulcer development, Combines contoured foam with a gel sac at the rear, Gel sac helps to reduce pressure on the ischial tuberosities, Castellated contoured surface provides stability and support, Budget foam pressure relief cushion for medium risk patients, Ideal for use in hospital and care home environments, Castellated foam reduced friction to prevent pressure sores, Supplied with an antimicrobial two-way stretch cover, Made with castellated foam for pressure reduction, Removable coccyx insert for extra coccyx pressure relief, Ideal for wheelchairs and/or day care chairs, Suitable for users at high risk of pressure sore development, Designed to go on top of an existing reclining chair, Redeveloped with an additional 35mm foam base, Ring cushion for comfort and pressure relief, Ideal for relief of problems from back pain to hemorrhoids, Made with memory foam to mould to the body, Provides comfort while sitting for long periods.

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