But the author argues that such an obsession is imposed by those who have a huge power. Modern media technologies on a daily basis communicate a clear message to the female consumers that they have to fit in the existing parameters of the body or its additions. Aims To discuss the significance of feminism and post-feminism in the media and to apply production work 3.

An introduction (tip – write this last). The summary should describe the steps the researchers undertook (eg ‘he/she collected a range of women’s magazines from 1980 to 1985 and analysed…’ or ‘interviewed thirty people in California...’.3. Reply. The methodology in the textual analysis involves searching for answers from a variety of texts and studying human behaviours in multiple contexts.

4. Female individualization is in the focus of the study developed by McRobbie. Such “libidinal bodies” of the female half of society rebel against society’s prejudices and interpretations of truth in terms of men’s view of things.

Your reference list should only include 3-5 sources. The author argues that the era of aggressive feminism ended, and it is a time to develop female individuality rather than struggle for the slow transformation of a woman into a man.

Use one of the sources below – Nair is best for discussion of quantitative research methods, and Hodkinson is best for discussion of qualitative research methods: Nair, P 2010, ‘Research methods in communication studies – an overview’, Media Mimansa,July- September, pp.

Invisible but widespread and inescapable pressure on the female body exists. The pre-feminist era. You will also be taught how to cite and reference using the Monash University Harvard style.The essay must be in your own words (do not use quotations) with citations (including page numbers) and a reference list. The title of the program I will discuss in this document is All in the Family.

McRobbie supports Bartky’s idea that women has the right to be natural without being treated as a violator of the common rules relating women’s body image created by men. Your introduction should ‘introduce’ the text you will discuss, and the main points you will raise in discussion.2. 'No boys allowed:' Legos for girls Recap 2.

• Remember the ‘Mad Men’ clip? Media in Contemporary Culture Gender Roles in Sex and the City, Media Analysis Symbolic Interactionist Perspective, Media In Contemporary Culture Gender Roles In Sex And The City, Feminism and Post Feminism in Media Essay.

McRobbie develops four sociological themes that explore how feminism has been overshadowed in the post-feminism era with various feminism achievements now appearing redundant and obvious.

(LewAllen). This should consist of a summary of the points you made about the article or chapter in the discussion, and what you have learned about the topic.6.

People like Venker are dinosaurs moaning something that has been destroyed and won’t be coming back to Western culture. Developing the issue of Foucault’s docile body, Bartky introduces the concept of “libidinal body”, describing the two forms of its interaction with society.

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