Please call our Customer Service team on +44 1934 257061 if you have any questions. Due to logistical difficulties in making deliveries to certain remote areas, we reserve our right to cancel your order and/or make such order subject to additional terms and conditions (including without limitation to requiring such orders to be conditional upon a minimum value of products being ordered in a single transaction). The Rhino Horn is adjustable up and down so that the "racked" or resting height of the trolley can be accommodated to specific users heights. Two angled front feet (3x3”) that help ensure the stability for the platform. For any USA or Canadian sales please visit, When looking for a belt squat machine for sale there are a few key features to look out for as not every belt squat is built the same. Weight storage. Belt Squats provide traction to the spine, help add substantial volume to the legs, and offer versatility for other types of training, from calf raises to rows, shrugs, and deadlifts—all easily performed even in a home gym with limited space. Call or text us at 234-521-8616 or send us an email at clubfitamerica@yahoo.comSpecs. It took me around 2-3 hours to put it together. Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat - Stand Alone New Patent-Pending System for Lower Body Training. Shipping Rules and Restrictions Orders are shipped on business days only. • One belt of your choice is included with purchase. Upon standing up, the trolley will rise and disengage from the Rhino Horn. Availability: Made to Order: Ships in 30-60 Days, The freestanding version of the Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat (patent pending) requires no separate rack/rig for set-up, as the system includes a pair of 53.925” steel legs for mounting and two angled 3x3” front feet for platform stability. Hope this helps. All in all, great buy. Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat - Stand Alone, Excellent for putting in volume on leg day. Body-Solid GSCL360 Leverage Squat Calf. CAN I USE A DIFFERENT ADDRESS TO MY BILLING ADDRESS? If the order is rejected for any other reason other than it being faulty and/or damaged then return shipping costs will not be refunded. These are costs which are outside of Kustom Kit Gym Equipment's control and are determined by your country's government body. can still get in their lower body work without having to worry about supporting a barbell. Shipping is free to Mainland United Kingdom. We are able to offer returns on items up to 14 days after receipt provided there is no damage and the product has not been used. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Built using heavy duty 30mm bearings and stainless steel toleranced shafts result in a heavy duty machine that will hold up to 400kg with a precision fit and custom finish. In 2016 I had a hemilaminectomy of my L4L5. Be careful when opting for cheap leather dipping belts which stretch & snap under heavy loads leading to more back issues! We opted for a large 1200mm wide solid steel platform giving you the option to switch from a wide 'Sumo' stance to a narrow 'Olympic' stance safely and effectively on our belt squat. 545 E 5th Ave • Easily adjustable, providing a full range of motion when squatting. Fast Rogue Shipping: Your Rhino will be efficiently packed and shipped freight from our Columbus, OH, warehouse. Easy to assemble but time consuming. The platform of the Monster Rhino Belt Squat is made from 0.125" thick diamond tread plate and is finished in our Signature Texture Black powdercoat to provide advanced durability and a non-slip surface. The platform dimensions are 26" deep x 48.5" wide. Another dual-purpose piece of equipment, get in hack squats and weight calf raises. Standard Shipping is between 1 and 2 business days from completion of manufacturing items. Further, some days I skip the traditional squat and train heavy on the Rhino. Since this version of the Rhino stands on its own, we’ve included a set of 53.925" tall legs that serve the same purpose as the uprights on a rack would. In 2017 I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder for a full tear in my rotator cuff, torn labrum, shredded bicep, and had my humerus bone shaved down. This plate loaded belt squat not only helps with improving squat technique, it also assists those with injuries and teaches the user to squat with correct form without any stress on the spine, which is often associated with barbell squatting. Outside of belt squats, the unit is quite versatile to add other rowing exercises to your routine. We recommend you contact your local tax office to seek further advice and information. Hopefully Rogue comes out with some attachments in the future to further increase the amount of exercises you are able to do on this piece of equipment. We gladly stand by our products and will accept returns. A nice option for rehab facilities. This leverage belt squat allows you to focus solely on training legs without putting pressure on your back. I bought this for my home gym and couldn’t be happier. COVID caused this purchase to happen. Have a question? Hope this helps. Unfortunately not unless identification is provided showing you living at the billing address. Please ensure you make the couriers aware by signing for the item as damaged if any is visible, If the courier refuses to wait please sign for the goods as damaged. Anything else, please let us know. The height of the unracking pins from the floor is about 700mm or 630mm from the footplate. See our ", A post shared by Edge Fitness Systems (@edgefitsystems), choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. I use the rhino almost daily to add extra squat and deadlift volume. You should invest in a Matt Wenning Belt Squat because it can, Allows for easy set up when squatting heavy loads, Tested and designed by a 1100+lb squatter, Safe training when recovering from back or shoulder issues, Perfect coaching tool for new clients in order to teach correct form, The load is concentrated on the legs unlike the squat, Complete with band pegs for dynamic training, Handle allows you to 'sit' into the squat for great hamstring activation, Form of shipping (i.e. If, upon receipt of returned goods, items are inspected and found to have been used and/or damaged you will be charged to rectify goods back to their original 'as new' condition. Nobody knows more about our gym equipment than we do and we are here to help. © 2010-2020 Rogue Fitness. This is to ensure that any damage issues caused by the carrier can be rectified without them denying responsibility. Choose your subscription preferences below. Each Rhino unit includes a custom designed Rogue Multi Belt, made in the USA. Have yet to bolt it down, and have had 6 total plates on it. Certain International shipments can take up to 40 business days depending on the shipping method and carrier. Most of our items, including pallets, are delivered within two days of the item being shipped, at the time of writing pallets are not fully trackable. you can’t imagine the excitement that I had after having not been able to do some traditional leg workouts after 16 years. Package came damaged but everything was in it:). The belt squat is the ultimate tool to combat this as your hips bear the brunt of the load using a specially made lifting belt. Machines like the, The machine comes complete with a custom medium belt. I purchased the Rhino Belt squat primarily to add volume to my leg days, without adding compression to the spine. Front handles provide extra hand placement. This is a 1" thick UHMW plastic horn, sandwiched between steel plates, that holds the trolley when not in use. The machine comes complete with a custom medium belt. The customer would be responsible for return shipping costs on all items and a 20% re-stocking fee on bespoke made items. This wenning belt squat is designed to replicate the squat with a 1:1 ratio. If you require an additional smaller or larger belt please select the option above (please note the belts are not available to buy without the machine) Known in the industry as a hip belt squat machine this plate loaded machine … Excellent product. Shipping costs to all countries outside of the UK are dependent upon the following factors: When importing goods from the UK, you may also be liable for local duty and tax charges upon receipt of your shipment. When not in use, the trolley is stored on a 1" thick UHMW plastic hook, or “Rhino Horn.” A diamond-tread plate platform provides steady footing, adjustable handles offer overhand and neutral grip options, and our exclusive Rogue Multi Belt (included standard) easily accommodates most waist sizes, with adjustments from 41” to 61”. Spinal compression can be a major problem to the average gym goer as well as the seasoned athlete.

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