In direct action missions, strikes of short duration are mounted to capture or destroy enemy installations or equipment. More commonly referred to as the Gardaí, “Guardians”, is the police force of Ireland. Their duties include policing prison riots, and in time of war they will be sent to the front lines. Getting a License if you are military police or special forces. They (trained and professional police force wear a special hat, strap on a gun or truncheon and head out onto the streets to thwart wrongdoers, spread civic virtues and help ladies across the road. The 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, when 11 Israeli athletes were killed by terrorists, was an international tragedy, and the German police’s unpreparedness for such an attack led to the formation of GSG 9. Chinese government holds a very hawkish stance against crimes. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) welcomes law enforcement officers from the military. RCMP was founded in 1920, is both national and federal police force of Canada. BOPE are considered an urban warfare unit, tasked with policing the city’s sprawling shanty towns. The California Highway Patrol is the largest state police force in the United States, with more than 11,000 employees, 7,500 of whom are sworn officers. This thing must be cleared that in most countries of the world, the Junglas are considered as a military unit. This Special Task Force was formed in 1983, with a Sri Lankan Olympian at their head. This figure does not include state police. In counter terrorism, terrorist activities are deterred or responded to. Like other professional police forces of the world, their selection and training is very tough. This is also considered another most famous police force of the world. There are different types of research reports that have clearly shown this fact that their operation record is best with 424 hostages free and 41 armed terrorists captured in their history. In special reconnaissance missions, intelligence is gathered. With an employee force of approximate 20,000, federal police performing really well. The border public security, firefighting and security guard forces are also components of the PAPF. Grabbing all the law breakers and fighting against the evil are primary goals of a police department. Annual budget of AFP is AU$1.8 billion. It is because of the strong welfare system and effectively maintaining law and order situations by Icelandic police. This is also considered another highly professional and famous police force of the world. These soldiers will be the best trained in an army, generally have superior equipment, and are often recognized as an army within an army. Police Special Operations. Different types of research studies have shown this fact that when Robert Peel founded first modern police force with the Metropolitan Police Force Act of 1829, his Bobbies went out on the streets with pretty simple instructions and an emphasis on muscle over mind. Different countries of the world are now following different latest techniques and technologies in order to make their police force as the best force of the world. Austria police is equipped with all the latest security weapons to overcome any situation. Currently AFP focusing on below areas. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is a police department of Los Angeles city and 3rd largest police department in the United States. They may work with any number of individuals from other cultures, so cultural awareness is being increasingly fostered. Your email address will not be published. The United Kingdom has the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service. Ranked at sixth best police force in the world, Garda Síochána, meaning “the Guardian of the Peace”, formed in 1922. There are many corrupt countries where crime rate is too much high and their police is also not doing sufficient measures. We ranked the New Zealand police force at 8th among well trained and good police forces in the world. Total size of the Chinese police force is between 1.1 to 1.5 million makes it one of the largest police force in the world. One 3rd of its population carries firearms. There are some parameters a police force can be judged. Mexico is considered a state on the verge of collapse. NYPD was established in 1845 and is the largest municipal police force in the United States. The crime ratio in Iceland is very low. There could be some stats to speak for some of the more efficient police forces in the world. It is also typical for special forces officers to be deployed to two or three countries in one year. Metropolitan Police employed 48,661 full-time staff. While stats show that china has been very successful so far to keep and maintain peace and criminal less society. Established at 1923 INTERPOL has global membership of 192 countries. The LAPD has been featured in various novels, television shows and films through history. Marshals are the enforcers for the federal court system, handling everything from protecting courts to tracking down fugitives. An even more elite cadre of 40 within the Junglas from the Special Reconnaissance Team who are responsible for their most dangerous missions. Special Forces Officers are also known as: The Mission of An Garda Síochána is working with Communities to protect and Serve. Their operations are often controversial and they have been accused of executing suspects among other abuses of their considerable power. Selection is voluntary and only National Police officers with at least five year’s experience are eligible to apply. All police officers normally carry pepper spray and batons. Formed in 1840 New Zealand Police is responsible of authorizing criminal law, improving public safety, keeping up the order and maintaining the peace all through New Zealand. The training session of this police force lasts for six months and includes a hell week which is said to be the toughest session of their training program. What is the workplace of a Special Forces Officer like. Sometimes they are also required to pass different elite military training courses. The Special Task Force is the counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency unit of the Sri Lankan police. After the September 11, 2001 attacks the CHP became responsible for securing and patrolling a number of possible terrorist targets in California State. This police force was founded in 1989 and set up with training sessions from US Special Forces and Britain’s legendary SAS. Australian Federal Police (AFP) was founded in 1979. They must also be top marksmen. This police is also included in the list of highly professional and famous police force of the world and come to number four on the list. They (trained and professional police force wear a special hat, strap on a gun or truncheon and head out onto the streets to thwart wrongdoers, spread civic virtues and help ladies across the road. The People’s Armed Police Force (PAPF) is charged with the fundamental task of safeguarding national security, maintaining social stability and ensuring that the people live and work in peace and contentment. These include: ELITE POLICE PHOTO. The police is equipped with latest tools to reduce crimes. These research studies have also shown this fact that this force has twice won the Urban Shield competition in America. The profession of police also requires different important things which make it better in comparison with other forces of the world. National Police Commissioner instantly apologized to the man’s family publicly. The International Criminal Police Organization also known as INTERPOL is an international organization which helps and facilitate local police departments at international level. The candidates of this police force undergo from an extensive training program which lasts about nine months and includes six hours-a-day of tough physical work. The Special Forces Branch of the U.S. Park Police in the Washington metropolitan area is responsible for the management of such events. Please carefully review the appropriate application found under the Forms and Applications section of our website. They tend to be enterprising individuals, which means they’re adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. Its prime task has been taking the police lead in dealing with the Tamil Tiger separatist guerrilla movement, and it’s so well regarded that it often goes on teaching missions around the world. The man first injured two police officers with his shotgun. From implementing criminal law to maintaining national security and traffic to commercial vehicle enforcement, Police is responsible of everything. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is a law enforcement agency of the U.S. state of California. INTERPOL is very useful department and played very important role to capture the criminals who flee from one country to another. They kill the peoples at a glance. They are on the duty when President Obama or the like arrive in Paris and they are so elite that there are only 60 of them. Tell us in comments. Icelandic Police formed in 1778 covering an area of 103,000km2. Their training also involves some very difficult phases. Named the Black Partners because of their stylish noir get up, the RAID was formed in 1985. This is also considered another famous police force of the world. Most shockingly, Acts of Hooliganism were also considered as ‘serious’ crimes, such as senseless trouble making, mass fighting, women humiliating, and other acts that pose a threat to the public order. The main objective of formation of this police force was to tackle the violent criminals and terrorists.

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