Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We're changing Thanksgiving to Planksgiving for this fun 30-day challenge. I'm a running, hiking, biking sort, which is why you'll rarely see me in the gym working out. I finally focused on form—and learned how to mix things up. Though I didn't see a difference, I could feel it.". Copyright © 2020 He & She Eat Clean on the Seasoned Pro Theme, Planksgiving Challenge: 30 Days of Planks, Thanks, & Giving. Don't forget to print off two blank challenges (one for your giving notes & one to jot down what you are thankful for). When you join us for this challenge, for the month of November, each day we will all be doing a plank, giving, and thanking. Read more about the different types of planks here. People who are overweight or have heart or back problems should consult a physician before taking up the challenge. This means that you will do each type of plank that you have been working on (for a total of 7 different planks). Not all Internet fitness challenges are effective, but Bright Side wants to share with you a 30-day challenge that will bring benefits to your health. I might not continue daily plank breaks, but this exercise in willpower has inspired me to do something, anything, more often throughout the workday. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 11 Best Exercises for Weight Loss in 2020, Try This Quick Arm Workout in Your Backyard, The Best Pool Exercises for a Total Body Workout, 8 Stability Ball Exercises for Total-Body Strength, 9 Strength Training Tools for a Home Workout, 5 Foam Roller Exercises to Relieve Pain All Over. You can follow the steps below to try a high, or straight arm, plank: Get into pushup position. With each workday, I strived to improve. Sometimes I'd delay the plank break to finish a task, but oftentimes I was just dragging my feet because that's what I do. Why trust us? THANKS CHALLENGE… This Workout Keeps Burning Calories For Hours, The One Fat-Burning Move You Need To Sculpt Your Butt And Back. This 30-Day Planksgiving Challenge will work your entire body but more specifically your core and arms, sometimes with a little cardio thrown in. I was surprised by the jolt of energy I felt from such a short spurt of physical exertion, and it inspired me to move around more in other small ways, like taking trips to a bathroom on another floor or doubling my coffee breaks (oops). If you include this exercise in your daily routine, you will get more benefits: Consider the following if you decide to take the challenge: When you are experienced enough, you can challenge yourself with other varieties of plank exercises that can be found in this article. 7 MIN PLANK CHALLENGE / No Equipment | Pamela Reif - YouTube Spend a few hours at your local animal shelter. For 2 days, we all diligently heeded our reminder notifications, got out of our desk chairs, and dropped into plank position for 1 minute. "I was overconfident. Holding a stationary pose often bored me, and I found myself wishing I'd signed up for jumping jack breaks instead. The challenge is to maintain the same posture for a certain time period - 20 seconds on the first day, up to 5 minutes on day 30. Join us each day from November 1 through November 30 for three different challenges! I considered cutting my breaks to one even minute, but I'm not one to back away from a challenge, so I stuck with my original goal 'til the bitter end. Aside from coffee and bathroom breaks, I'm notoriously desk-bound. You can find all of the challenges at the end of this article so that you can print them off if you choose (print off two copies of the blank challenge: one for thanks and one for giving). Just because it is an isometric exercise, it should not be considered simple or risk free. Outside of work I'm constantly on the move—I run every morning—but between 9 and 5, I'm a bit of a shut-in. We'll also be adding in a thanks and giving challenge each day too! Sometimes I'd do mountain climbers from plank pose when I was feeling antsy. When I did them right, my core quaked, and I'd look desperately at the timer on my phone as it counted down to zero," she confessed. I got into the habit of inviting a friend for one of my sessions each day, and it was fun using that time to dissect character development in Stranger Things or catch up on what we each did over the weekend. (Got 10 minutes? Write down something you are thankful for each day (no matter how small). When I did them right, my core quaked, and I'd look desperately at the timer on my iPhone as it counted down to zero—aka plank freedom. This has been a crazy, emotional, & stressful year. Leah Wynalek taking a plank break at work. As I ended each plank break with a good stretch in Downward-Facing Dog, I could literally feel all that tension from sitting in my desk chair release. But that was not the only change. Your email address will not be published. Especially since I'm new here. GIVING CHALLENGE. I felt re-energized and stronger. Leah is not a sedentary person, so she thought it would be an easy test. Of course, the basic plank or forearm planks got boring day after day, so I spiced things up with side or raised leg planks. #1 Reason Your Abs Aren't Getting Flatter, I Took A Stretch Break At Work Every Day For A Month, And Here's What Happened, I Took Push-Up Breaks At Work Every Day For A Month, And Here’s What Happened, I Took Walking Breaks Every Day At Work For A Month And Here's What Happened, I Took Squat Breaks At Work Every Day For A Month, And Here's What Happened, I Took Naps At Work For A Week And This Is What Happened, I Took Pictures Of Everything I Ate For A Month, And This Is What Happened. I thought a minute and a half holding plank was going to be easy-peasy. This giving part of the challenge is to give each day during the month of November. I'm still far from perfect plank position, but trying to take photos for this experiment pointed out the flaws in my form: an arched back, dropped hips, a craned neck, rounded shoulders, all the usual suspects.

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