Only the devices listed in Table 14 on page 72 can be wall mounted. Figure 3 Applications: IPv6 Routing VPN Connectivity Set up VPN tunnels with other companies, branch offices, telecommuters, and business travelers to provide secure access to your network. 0 means no timeout. RADIUS Configure the RADIUS settings. You can use alphanumeric and -_@$./ characters, and it can be up to 31 characters long. Re-type your password in the next field to confirm it. Figure 25 Internet Access 2.1.2 Internet Access: Ethernet This screen is read-only if you set the previous screen’s IP Address Assignment field to Auto. • For Zyxel Devices that already have firmware version 4.25 or later, you have to register your Zyxel Device and activate the corresponding service at myZyxel (through your Zyxel Device). Management AP Policy Configure the AP controller’s IP address on the managed APs and determine the action the managed APs take if the current AP controller fails. ZyWALL USG FLEX Series User’s Guide 43 Chapter 1 Introduction User/Group User Create and manage users. Auth. • PPTP Configuration: This section only appears if the interface uses a PPTP Internet connection. If it fails again, check with your Internet service provider or administrator for correct IP address, subnet mask and gateway address and other WAN settings. Leave the field as if you do not want to configure DNS servers. Signature Search for particular signatures to get more information about them. You can use alphanumeric and -_@$./ characters, and it can be up to 64 characters long. Figure 21 Navigating Pages of Table Entries The tables have icons for working with table entries. To check your Internet connection, try to access the Internet from a computer connected to a LAN port on the Zyxel Device. Select how often to display the screen and click OK. Chapter 1 Introduction ZyWALL USG FLEX Series User’s Guide 33 Chapter 1 Introduction If you select Never and you later want to bring this screen back, use these commands (note the space before the underscore). You may also create IPv6 policy routes and IPv6 objects. View Log See logs of the active and passive devices Chapter 1 Introduction Table 7 Configuration Menu Screens Summary (continued) FOLDER OR LINK TAB FUNCTION Cloud CNM SecuManager Enable and configure management of the Zyxel Device by a Central Network Management system. • Make sure that your Internet access information uses L2TP as the WAN connection type. Static Route Create and manage IP static routing information. AP Group Create groups of APs, define their radio, VLAN, port and load balancing settings. Table 13 Rear Panel Items LABEL DESCRIPTION Console You can use the console port to manage the Zyxel Device using CLI commands. At the time of writing, the Firmware Upgrade license providing Cloud Helper new firmware notifications, is free when you register your Zyxel Device. The DNS server is extremely important because without it, you must know the IP address of a computer before you can access it. Figure 5 SSL VPN With Full Tunnel Mode User-Aware Access Control Set up security policies to restrict access to sensitive information and shared resources based on the user who is trying to access it. Maintenance Menu Use the maintenance menu screens to manage configuration and firmware files, run diagnostics, and reboot or shut down the Zyxel Device. Table 8 Maintenance Menu Screens Summary (continued) FOLDER OR LINK TAB FUNCTION. Leave the field as if you do not want to configure DNS servers. Will Multy site settings saved in the cloud without a Zyxel account? Chapter 2 Initial Setup Wizard ZyWALL USG FLEX Series User’s Guide 61 Figure 36 USG FLEX 500 Activate Service Click Refresh and wait a few moments for the registration information to update in this screen. Use these screens to configure an interface to connect to the Internet. Site Map Click this to see an overview of links to the Web Configurator screens. Otherwise, select None to allow any wireless client to associate this network without authentication. IDP Summary Collect and display statistics on the intrusions that the Zyxel Device has detected. Priority If it is applicable, this field lists the referencing configuration item’s position in its list, otherwise N/A displays. Table 16 Default Zone - Interface Mapping ZONE / INTERFACE SFP WAN LAN1 LAN2 DMZ OPT • USG FLEX 100 sfp_ppp WAN1_PPP LAN1 LAN2 DMZ opt_ppp Table 17 Default Zone - Interface Mapping NO ZONE / INTERFACE WAN LAN1 LAN2 DMZ OPT DEFAULT ZONE, • USG FLEX 200 WAN1 LAN1 LAN2 DMZ SFP WAN1_PPP SFP_PPP WAN2 WAN2_PPP GE7 GE7 GE7_PPP GE7_PPP GE8 GE8_PPP, 3.4 Stopping the Zyxel Device Always use Maintenance > Shutdown > Shutdown or the shutdown command before you turn off the Zyxel Device or remove the power. Payment Service Enable online payment service and configure the service pages. On The Zyxel Device is ready and running. Table 8 Maintenance Menu Screens Summary FOLDER OR LINK TAB FUNCTION File Manager ZyWALL USG FLEX Series User’s Guide 45 Configuration File Manage and upload configuration files for the Zyxel Device. This table describes labels that can appear in this screen. The information herein is for personal use and informational purposes only. How to Install Zyxel Outdoor Enclosure for Your Access Point - Wall Mount Installation, Zyxel Outdoor Enclosure for Your Access Point, ZyWALL VPN2S VPN Firewall - Secured VPN Access Designed for Remote Workers, USG and NAS - How to Setup a NAT Rule (Port Forwarding), USG - How to Reactivate Web Interface via SSH, USG - How to Reactivate Web Interface via Serial Connection, Zyxel USG Series - How to Setup an SSL VPN, Zyxel USG Series - How to Set Up Bandwidth Management (BWM). Log & Report Email Daily Email Daily Report Configure where and how to send daily reports and what reports to Report send. Enter a DNS server's IP address(es). 5G Green Off The 5G wireless interface is off. Interface Status Interface Summary ZyWALL USG FLEX Series User’s Guide 39 Displays general interface information and packet statistics.

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