Below is my roofer Jose, through Craig Construction, who kindly brought sample after sample by our home for me to see. i am lookimg at Pewter Gray by timberline. It’s growing on me now that I’ve looked at a zillions roofs in my neighborhood and checked out the ones on Amy’s new website. I write about design, art, travel and everything in between. We’ll do a walkthrough before we leave and check-in after to ensure you’re happy. We deliver Monday - Saturday, between 7am and 7pm. we also have a hip roof and I have a one story cottage style house also. You could really do practically any color roof from black to gray to brown, blue, green, or go for a monochromatic look with a white roof. I currently have dark brown gutters and a faded 3-tab roof in a rustic brown. A very bright mustard (or similar yellow) also works great as a door accent with a gray monochromatic color scheme. A dark black roof will absorb more heat from the sun, that’s why we opted for a more gray tone. It can be so daunting. The material and color of your roof actually play a big role in formulating the overall look of your home. They are quite striking on a white home recently built across the street from us. If you are in a climate with higher temperatures, a lighter roof will reflect the heat of the sun and can make a difference in controlling the temperature of your home. That’s when I realized it was time to bring in the experts!! Before I reveal how beautiful my roof is going to look with the “Estate Grey” that Amy and Patrick helped me decide upon, here are 5 tips from color expert Amy Wax on how to select a roof. }, Hi there. Learn more. Those are just a few examples of how a home’s style and setting influences roof color. Just remember that you always want some clear definition between your roof and your paint color. And then there’s my eavestrough dilemma. Well, at least at first. I’m even thinking of gping worh a gray metal roof if it is not too much more! Im sorry you had to go through it too, but we are wiser for it!! I’ve been stressing about this same dilemma the past several months, only I’m looking for a slightly lighter grey than Estate Grey, which I think will work best with my multi-coloured brick and siding. My roofer did, but I was not happy with the choices so he told me which warehouse to go to. Let me take a look at the 2 colors you mentioned. Here’s some more of the newer homes being built in my neighborhood. ), withstanding high winds, and. The old-style, three-tab shingles are still available with a 25- or 30-year warranty.”. I just couldn’t believe that it is that hard to find an all medium gray shingle. You can see the difference in tone for yourself. Many different colored shingles leaning toward a definite brown. My @oneroomchallenge Thursday! Way more in depth than I really wanted to go. I sought the expert advice from international color consultant. Here’s her contact page. When paired with gray, these colors can cause your home to look too washed out. Its a good neutral. And at first glance online, it looks like a basic brown grey. Great decision! If the original roof might have been a Spanish tile, the red or green close to the tile color would look appropriate on your home. Let me know if you need further advice. Your roof will be illuminated by sunlight. display: none !important; Wrong. GAF Timberline HD Pewter Gray (Short Hills, NJ) By American Home Contractors GAF Timberline HD (Pewter Gray) 5"K-Style Gutters & 2x3 Leaders (White) Installed by American Home Contractors, Florham Park, NJ Property located in Short Hills, NJ Pewter Gray Timberline roof Shingles. Free Consultation Not me, because I haven’t remodeled my home in 16 years. We are deciding between that and estate gray for a house that will have dark brown cedar shake exterior with white trim. On the right “Weatherwood” Photos by Owens Corning. And here’s what it will REALLY look like on a roof below. Read More, Inspiring Home Decor for Your Living Room and Tabletop | One Room Challenge | Fall 2020 | Week 5, How to Transform Your Space with Colorful Wallpaper and Rugs | One Room Challenge | Fall 2020 | Week 4, 5 Tips to Select Beautiful Window Treatments for Your Living Room | One Room Challenge | Fall 2020 | Week 3. so glad I wasn’t the only one sweating. The gray metal roof is also an excellent option but far more costly. A dark black roof will absorb more heat from the sun, that’s why we opted for a more gray tone. In comparing the two, I believe the Williamsburg gray leans more toward a darker, more black gray. But I did NOT want brown,  I wanted grey. Although larger, at least the homes LOOK like the cottage/bungalow style homes in our hood. Timberline Natural Shadow Pewter Gray Algae Resistant Architectural Shingles (33.3 sq. In person it is more brown and each roofing company has their own name for similar colors. I kid you not! I think I am going to go with the pewter gray ulta timberline or metal, depending on price. 6 deliveries t, Happy Throw Pillow Thursday friends! I hear you!!! but thank you for your blog.. Hi Cindy! Hi Christine. Its a good neutral. Yes, I did if I just wanted a 3-tab roof, but the high quality roofs are this architectural style.

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