The numeral 6 represents diamond sizes > 3 stones per carat; 7 represents diamond sizes from 3 to 7 stones per carat; and 8 represents diamond sizes < 7 stones per carat. And, use extreme caution and follow this guideline when encountering tight spots: rotate at 60 RPM with no more than 3K WOB. are reported. Grading involves measurement of combined outer row teeth/insert structure reduction caused by loss, wear, and/or breakage with the measurement method described above. Cost of Matrix Vs. Steel. 2. Measurements are taken at either the gauge or heel cutting elements, whichever is closer to gauge (Fig. If a bit is 1/8 in. 浙B2-20120091. How to Calculate: Maximum Allowable Mud Weight from Leak-off Test Data. Dull Characteristic (D). is a Sino-ferign Joint Venture incorporated company which was founded in 1989. h�bbd```b``���+@$��d{ It is always marked “X” for PDC bits. There can be no compromises. Don't have an account? Within the classification rules, a density of 1 refers to ≤ 30 cutters; a density of 2 refers to 30 to 40; density 3 indicates 40 to 50; and density 4 refers to ≥ 50 cutters. If, a bit is 3 ∕16 in. Onetouch Dull grading begins with evaluation of wear on the inner rows of inserts/teeth (i.e., with the cutting elements not touching the wall of the hole bore). Use the automatic driller to place the bit in contact with the hole bottom. Western drilling tools can supply PDC bits in sizes from 3.5” (88.9mm) to 12-1/4” (311.2 mm). This generally corresponds to what would be expected in surface-set bit designs intended for harder or more abrasive formations. Partly because of dull analyses, bit design processes and product operating efficiencies evolve rapidly. Premium content requires special account permissions. Roller-Cone Bit Gauge Grading. Roller-Cone Bit Other Dull Characteristics (O). 3. To help reduce hole angle, at the bottom of each kelly down, latch the brake handle and allow the bit weight to drill itself off. | Showroom As one of the most influential companied in diamond tool industry, we devote ourselves to decades. Dull characteristics can be used to report dull characteristics other than those reported under cutting structure dull characteristics (D). In lieu of developing a formula relating overall bit face length (depth) to bit diameter, each manufacturer classifies its own product profiles using these rules. They're commonly manufactured with higher blade stand-off and cutter exposure since steel can withstand higher impact than matrix. Material science innovation improves strength and erosion resistance of steel-body bits. Q5. Gauge rules apply to cutting structure elements only. Outer rows of inserts/teeth are those that touch the wall of the hole bore. Performing Together. Use of an “IN” code indicates that the bit remains in gauge. Terms of Use 4,we have in good faith,abide by the contract,the goods on time. PDC drill bits, or fixed cutters, come in either matrix or steel body. Alipay Purpose. Grading involves measurement of combined inner row structure reduction caused by loss, wear, and/or breakage with the measurement method described above. Roller-Cone Cutter or Insert/Tooth Wear Measurement. Below are common aspects of PDC drill bit design that every engineer has to consider: Although fixed cutters differ in design aspects from roller cone bits, they share much in common. Gauge rules apply to cutting structure elements only. The earlier perception was that each type of rotary steerable system (RSS) or steerable motor BHA required its own bit design with highly specialized directional features. One might ask, "What's the difference?" When drilling with PDC bits it is important to know and follow instructions for the recommended weight on the drill bit and to control the rotational speed. “Fishtail”-type PDC bits are an exception as bits; for this type of bit, the ability to clean in fast-drilling, soft formations is thought to be a more important body feature than profile. PDC bits can be constructed from steel bodies or matrix bodies. We custom design Drill Bits to maximize penetration rates while reducing cost per foot drilled . IADC dull grading is closely associated with its bit classification systems, and the general formats for fixed-cutter bit and roller-cone bit dull grading are similar. Along with backing off weight, try slowing the rotary some, this can help the bit get back in the bottom hole pattern and allow it to take the bite it needs. Possible locations include the cone (C), nose (N), taper (T), shoulder (S), gauge (G), all areas (A), middle row (M), and heel row (H). If ROP drops below 20 fph, the formation has a hard stringer or a bit is running unstable. The intent of the system is to facilitate and accelerate product and operational development based on accurate recording of bit experiences. undergauge, the gauge report is 2. Our PDC bits have 3 to 6 wings, Jet Nozzles and gauge protection. (2/16 in.) | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Always try to run similar size jet nozzles in a PDC drill bit. 2. IADC dull grading reviews four general bit wear categories: These and their subcategories are outlined in Fig. Efficiently drill curve and long lateral sections in shale plays with application-specific PDC bits. Seal and bearing grading applies only to roller-cone bits. Certification with the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform ensures these bits offer optimal performance. 538 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<027DB2CFEA74E64FAA7194DF86A22387>]/Index[503 51]/Info 502 0 R/Length 153/Prev 626278/Root 504 0 R/Size 554/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Calculate The Amount Of Barite And Bentoniterequired Drilling A Permcable Formation? The IADC Dull Grading Protocol evaluates eight roller-cone or seven PDC bit areas, provides a mechanism for systematically evaluating the reasons for removal of a bit from service, and establishes a uniform method for reporting. A two-letter code is used to indicate the major dull characteristics of the cutting structure. Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits are the workhorses of the oil field. The PDC cutters can also be used as cutting tools with diamond for cutting, griding and polishing. Avoid gravel and sand stone. Cutter exposure is optimized to insure the bit can achieve higher ROP is soft to medium formations. Intellectual Property Protection The “remarks” category allows explanation of dull characteristics that do not correctly fit into other categories and is the category in which the reason a bit was removed from service is recorded. The classification system currently in use was developed by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC).IADC classification codes for each bit are generated by placing the bit style into the category that best describes it so that similar bit types are grouped within a single category. PDC Bit Cutting Structure Drill Location. How about the delivery time 9 A5: It is based on the order, normally within 3 days after receiving your advance payment. Atlas Copco  manufactures 3, 5, and 6 blade steel body pdc drill bits for Shallow Oil & Gas Drilling. Also qualified for wire drawing for the steel and non-ferrous metal, electric drill for geology use and steel drill etc. For diamond and PDC bits only, gauge is measured with an API-specified ring gauge. Roller-Cone and PDC Bit Reason Pulled (R). If a bit is 1/16 in. If grading all assemblies as one, report the worst case. In open hole, take care with suspected or known tight spots, ledges, doglegs or keyseats. It all starts at the bit. A BITCO single body PDC drill bit gets to the bottom of things. Main cutter are high performance PDC cutters to insure service life of the bit while improving ROP. The third character in the IADC classification designates the “size” or “type” of cutter. Use relatively small nozzle sizes if the rig has enough pump to allow for both maximized flow rates and optimized HSI. Better absorbs impact loading to reduce the effects of impact damage. When drilling with PDC bits it is important to know and follow instructions for the recommended weight on the drill bit and to control the rotational speed. Spear Shale-optimized steel-body PDC drill bit. All bit manufacturers require collection of dull information for every bit run. Most nozzle failures are due to improper installation techniques. Special designs incorporating unconventional use and densities of gauge cutters are not considered for classification. Matrix body fixed cutters contain tungsten carbide material which provides improved wear resistance and erosion. Fig. Category 3 defines only primary cutter wear, whereas Category 7 can be used to describe either secondary cutting structure wear or wear characteristics that relate to the bit as a whole and are unrelated to cutting structure. Our PDC bits … 400% more erosion resistance and 40% more blade strength than other bit materials. | Country Search The cutting structure dull characteristic is the observed characteristic most likely to limit further use of the bit in the intended application. The primary cutter dull characteristic, the third cutting structure subcategory, is recorded in the third space on the dull grading record. . Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. diamond wear resistance pdc coal mining drill bit. Fig. Hard impact with hole bottom will cause damage to PDC cutters and lead to short bit life. The first digit in the IADC Fixed-Cutter Bit Classification describes the material from which the bit body is constructed: M or S for matrix- or steel-body construction, respectively. Bit classification allows efficient selection and use of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) and diamond drill bit. PDC bit cutter density represents total cutter count, usually including gauge cutter count. Roller-Cone Bit Dull Location (L). Surface-Set Diamond Bit Density. h�b```����@��(����Áa��M�f%��̙ *�n=��Բv]���jn�C�����9��;:�*::�f�$���"�L�.|�Tz ��3��;"0Y�qr�� �Z� e/�U���}���Y�u���іf�(gb �D undergauge, the gauge report is 1. The eighth dull grading category reports the reason why a bit was pulled. undergauge, the gauge report is 3, and so forth. Our Story. Specifically, for PDC bits, density classification relates to cutter count; for surface-set bits, it relates to diamond size. A two-letter code is used to indicate the location of the wear or failure that necessitated removal of the bit from service. A little about us.

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