The particle theory of matter states that matter is made up of a large number of tiny and discrete particles. Prepare in advance. Pour the methylated spirits into the container and shake it well. Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass. 10 Teacher’s Tips for Making Teenage Students Excited In the Classroom, Here’s a fun scientific method activity for your class, How to Control Cell Phones in the Classroom, Keep your students’ notes organized and complete while teaching them how to study. Bromine vapour is made of tiny and discrete molecules that move randomly to fill up space. A compound is a substance composed of molecules made up of atoms of two or more elements. Brownian movement, an example of diffusion, supports the kinetic theory of matter. Each included resource is either completely or almost completely self-contained mea The water level The particles in the copper(II) sulphate crystal will separate to become ions and diffuse randomly upwards until the whole agar turns blue. Figure below shows how the bromine particles diffuse into the air. Find particle theory of matter lesson plans and teaching resources. Chemistry - Particle Theory: Diffusion Chemistry - Particle Theory: Diffusion. Ensure the liquid coats the inside of … SPM Chemistry (KSSM) Paper 1 2.1 The Basic Concept of Matter 2.1.1 The Particle Theory of Matter. b) why smells of good food diffuse from a bag to your nose c) You have 100 mL of water in a beaker. You add 20 mL of table salt. Element can be either atoms or molecules. Log in, Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity – eBook, Teach With Fergy’s Physics Problems – Video Walkthroughs, Lesson 4 – Particle Theory and Classification of Matter, Lesson 5 – Atomic Theory – The History of the Atom, Lesson 9 – Chemical Symbols, Formulas and Compounds Introduction. Please CLICK HERE to have a look around and don’t forget to follow if you like what you see. Copper(II) sulphate crystals are made of copper(II) ions and sulphate ions which are tiny and discrete. Brownian motion is the physical phenomenon that tiny particles immersed in a fluid. Molecules are particles that made up of two or more atoms. Revision Progress. Atom is the smallest, indivisible particle of an element. Lesson Support Material for the Particle Theory Lessons 1 and 2 Whoosh Bottle Equipment: water bottle, safety screen, meter ruler, splint, matches, methylated spirits (40 ml) 1. It occurs when the particles of the substance move through the space between the particles of another substance. (Both the iron and oxygen are element because they consist of only one type of atoms), (Both the sodium chloride and carbon dioxide are compound because they consist of more than one type of atoms), 03 Concept of Mole, Formulae and Equations. 2.1.1 The Particle Theory of Matter. Everything you need in one tidy package.

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