Hydrolysis is a reaction involving the breaking of a bond in a molecule using water. Whey is a type of protein found in dairy milk, found to be highly bioavailable (1), and with cows milk 22% of the protein is whey. They do add on charges for flavors, the bags used to hold the protein, and shipping, but even after all of that you usually still come out ahead. Hydrolyzed whey protein helps improve muscle gains. These smaller chains of amino acids (which are still protein) can be absorbed more quickly into your body, which accounts for the metabolic differences between hydrolyzed whey protein and other forms of whey protein. [Mechanisms of absorption of amino acids and oligopeptides. Most whey hydrolysates which are sold are 100% whey hydrolysate, as they hydrolyze the whole batch of whey isolate at once. When it comes to quickly creating an anabolic state by delivering whey protein peptides into the blood stream, the faster the rate of gastric emptying, the better. . The paper reviewed a large number of studies on the use of various forms of whey protein, including hydrolyzed whey protein, demonstrated conclusively that whey protein supplementation can increase the amount of muscle synthesis in your body following resistance training (i.e. 2006;40(11):900-5. There’s no evidence to suggest that hydrolyzed whey protein is bad for you, any more than any other specific source of protein would be bad for you. Some people use cosmetics products with hydrolyzed whey protein in them to nourish and strengthen hair: the idea is that the smaller, shorter chains of amino acid in hydrolyzed whey protein can better penetrate hair strands and help reinforce your hair. Taking hydrolyzed whey protein after a workout can heal muscle damage. Because it doesn´t have to digest a lot of fat or carbs it is able to absorb more rapidly than a concentrate or isolate and makes our GoPrimal whey protein hydrolyzed one of the fastest-digesting and best form. 25.5 gr. Hydrolyzed whey protein really shines when you need rapid protein absorption for quick recovery after a tough workout. We only considered supplements whose primary purpose was delivering hydrolyzed whey protein—while hydrolyzed whey protein is a common ingredient in. Per day. According to Peter Lemon, a professor at the University of Western Ontario’s Exercise Nutrition Research Laboratory, generic protein recommendations are approximately 1.6 to 1.8 grams of protein per day per kilogram of body mass. For plain hydrolyzed whey protein, purity was king: the best products had just one ingredient, unflavored hydrolyzed whey protein. It may seem strange that a fairly dense source of calories (a protein shake) would be effective at reducing weight, but this effect has been demonstrated numerous times in scientific experiments. Hydrolyzed whey protein. Let’s examine more closely what whey hydrolysate is. 25 Servings of 25.5 grs of 100% Hydro Whey Protein. The study recruited 56 men to participate in a weight training program over the course of eight weeks. Kanda A, Morifuji M, Fukasawa T, et al. 2004;43(3):127-39. Q: Is hydrolyzed whey protein bad for you? 2005;82(1):69-75. GoPrimal 100% Hydrolyzed Whey is one of the most effective proteins available, to support muscle growth and optimal recovery. The role of incretins in glucose homeostasis and diabetes treatment. Well, I think you got our point! Ladder protein is also one of the only formulas on the market to be NSF-certified for sport, making it safe for even the most strict of athletes. In addition to hydrolyzed protein, which has a high branched chain amino acid content to begin with, Optimum Nutrition also includes additional BCAAs for increased muscle recovery abilities. 2009;6:38. It’s a great source of branched chain amino acids as well, making it well-suited for, . Morifuji M, Kanda A, Koga J, Kawanaka K, Higuchi M. Post-exercise carbohydrate plus whey protein hydrolysates supplementation increases skeletal muscle glycogen level in rats. The only drawback is that the zipper-top bag is sometimes difficult to close, but aside from that, it’s a great product. Although product recommendations are only our opinions, this research-backed page has been fact-checked and reviewed by a certified nutritionalist or health specialist. One to maintain your optimal protein levels and another one after your workout to assure tissue and nutrient replenishment. which leads to problems when using cheap Whey protein (usually concentrate or a blend of concentrate Isolate, as used in many so called “Whey protein isolate-blends”). This has the effect of liberating more free amino acids and increasing the rate at which the protein is absorbed in your body. Consumption of a high DH, low AMW whey hydrolysate supplement has significant benefits over traditional whey isolate and concentrate supplements. Overall, I would give whey hydrolysate a big BUY recommendation considering you buy the right type (aka DH10+, AMW & ~10,000 Da). A bloated stomach or some smells which could bring you into embarrassing situations are often caused by a low-grade lactose intolerance. The faster the protein is able to exit the stomach into the small intestine for absorption, the better it is in acutely increasing circulating free form amino acids and di- and tripeptides in the bloodstream. Whey hydrolysate is able to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, such as whey protein concentrate and isolate, thus quickening nutrient delivery to muscle tissues. 2005;288(4):E761-7. The men were given either a hydrolyzed whey protein supplement or a placebo. For BodyNutrition‘s #1 hydrolyzed whey protein recommendation, click here. Amazing Muscle Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is 100% hydrolzyed whey protein, which is great to see. J Sports Sci Med. In sum, hydrolyzed whey protein is a specialized form of whey protein powder that’s best suited as a post-workout recovery shake or as a component in a, Hydrolyzed whey protein is a pretty simple product, so our single biggest priority was product purity. weight, but this effect has been demonstrated numerous times in scientific experiments. Emerging research is examining the effects of the whey peptide bonds (which are cleaved apart in the hydrolyzation process) on hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. The role of hydrolyzed whey protein can be contrasted with slow-absorption proteins like casein: While casein is less well-suited for use as a post-workout supplement, it shines in other applications where you want a slow, steady influx of protein into your body, like recovery at night. Casein protein makes up the remaining 78% of protein found in cows milk. Hydrolyzed whey protein is a special form of whey protein that’s particularly suited for fast absorption and low allergenic potential. Whey protein concentrate is the most basic form of whey protein. The primary benefits of hydrolyzed whey protein compared to regular protein powder are 1) better post-workout recovery, 2) possibly a greater feeling of fullness after using it as a meal replacement shake, and 3) better fat loss during periods where you are also trying to increase your muscle strength. Hydrolyzed whey protein can decrease blood pressure. This athlete-focused formula provides a mix of fast and slow digesting protein to ensure your muscles are always being provided the optimal building blocks for maximum performance. The higher the DH value of a hydrolyzed protein, the faster the whey protein is absorbed by ones body. Pharmacol Rev. Whether you’re a protein purist or just want a one-stop post-workout recovery product, you’ll find what you need in our rankings. 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