In terms of sheer loudness, the smaller 7T actually beats the larger 7T Pro. Reviews The OnePlus 7 Pro went for premium with its screen, with a huge 6.67-inch, 19.5:9 ratio AMOLED display. At launch, it started at  $669 / £649 / AED 2,849 for its entry-level configuration with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and went up to $749 / £799 / AED 3,249 for 256GB / 12GB of RAM. BA1 1UA. But given OnePlus’ strange release strategies, some regions won’t even get access to the OnePlus 7T Pro - for folks in those areas, this guide should show what you may be missing out on. The biggest difference between the two phones’ specs lies in its processor: the OnePlus 7 Pro launched with the Snapdragon 855 chipset, while the OnePlus 7T Pro will launch with the upgraded Snapdragon 855 Plus. Both phones are great phones for good value, and you wouldn't be doing yourself a disservice picking one over the other. Turns out the 90Hz refresh rate and expansive resolution drain the battery to last just over a day. A full charge on the OnePlus 7T takes 1:16h, while the OnePlus 7T Pro was marginally faster clocking in 1:09min. If you’re looking for a spec variety, go for the OnePlus 7 Pro, which launched with three options: 128GB storage with 6GB RAM, 256GB of space and 8GB RAM, or the top-tier 256GB along with 12GB RAM. While it’s not an enormous upgrade, we did notice some performance improvements. They sound fine in portrait mode or if the phone is not directly in front of you, and they are more than adequate for ringtones. The OnePlus 7 Pro was released on May 17, 2019. The lack of wireless charging is still a bummer. Receive news and offers from our other brands? It was easy for us to see it worked faster than Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge tech. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Inside of the 7T is a 3,800mAh battery — marginally bigger than the 7’s 3,700mAh battery and smaller than the 7 Pro’s 4,000mAh battery. RSS feed Privacy It's not often we pick a device and simply choose to run with it as our daily driver for several months. It's not terrible, so you're not exactly having anxiety about when this phone is going to die on you during the course of the day. And when the time does come to charge the devices, OnePlus' excellent Warp Charge 30T is available on both, with incredibly blazing-fast charge times. Facebook Battery -The battery of Xiaomi MI 10 5G is powered by 4780mAh as compared to the battery of OnePlus 7T Pro of 4085mAh. Terms of use We have to admit we weren't fans of the massive size and weight of the device, and the camera quality wasn't the greatest at launch. TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. At a time when competing devices can even wirelessly charge other devices, the complete lack of any kind of wireless charging on the OnePlus 7T Pro sticks out like a sore thumb in this price range. To get a more premium appearance than the previous phones’ flat screens, OnePlus curved the sides of the display for a waterfall-style look. Facebook We expect all of these upgrades to eventually make it back to the 7 Pro, but we can’t guess when. However, in terms of audio quality, the 7T Pro sounds better. The 7 Pro introduced the WarpCharge 30, a 30W wall block to recharge faster. Where to buy Xbox Series X: check all the latest stock, Where to buy Xbox Series X: all the latest price and pre-order updates, Perfect gaming bundles that will bring some Christmas cheer, PS5 usable storage confirmed – and it's much less than 825GB, Zoom is set to eliminate one of the worst aspects of video conferencing, New Star Wars TV show on Disney Plus sounds very different to The Mandalorian. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Due to higher frequencies just generally sounding louder and more direct to the human ear, during the first 80% of the volume range, the earpiece speaker noticeably sounds louder than the bottom firing speaker. Glossary The two phones charge at the same rate but the 7T Pro definitely lasts longer. Privacy Winner: OnePlus 7T Pro. The OnePlus 7 Pro pumped the battery up to a 4,000mAh capacity, which enabled some truly impressive battery life... so long as the display settings are dialed down. Despite the relatively large size on paper, the battery life on the OnePlus 7T Pro is fairly underwhelming. While the difference in capacities isn't huge and the 7T Pro does have a larger, higher-resolution display to power, the 7T still posted lower battery life figures in our testing, with an average endurance of 90 hours versus 100 hours for the 7T Pro. OnePlus still doesn't make a portable power bank with Warp charging. Change Ad Consent Another thing to note is that OnePlus' Warp charging is only really supported by its own wired charger along with its own proprietary charging cable based on USB-C. You cannot get these charging speeds with any other fast charger. OnePlus’ newest Nord phones won’t be updated past Android 11, Deal: buy two OnePlus 8T units, pay only $1,123.50 and get two free pairs of OnePlus Buds, OnePlus 5 gets EIS with latest OxygenOS 10.0.1, here’s how to download it, OnePlus Nord SE to come with 65W charging and Snapdragon 765G. Contact us Contact us The OnePlus 7 Pro brought the series much closer to competing with the best camera phones by adding a third ultrawide lens (16MP f/2.2, 117-degree field of view). It makes the great even better. Mobile version The OnePlus 7T Pro has only increased the battery a paltry amount - up to 4,085mAh. Visit our corporate site. FAQ For others with easier access to both phones, it’s a comparison guide to see whether it’s worth ponying up for the newer model or if the older should be sought at a discount. Winner: OnePlus 7T Pro. Portrait Mode has also been extended to the wide angle lens, and you can zoom in and out of it while recording video. This means outside of bed/desk side wired charging with the supplied charger and cable, expect to get standard charging rates everywhere else. Unsurprisingly, it’s being released in the UK and broadly in Europe, as well as China, Hong Kong, and India. OnePlus 7T vs. OnePlus 7 Pro: Battery life and charging The battery on the OnePlus 7T is bigger than what the OnePlus 7 offered. The wired charging experience is as great as always. Please refresh the page and try again. Mobile version Meanwhile, the OnePlus 7T Pro has a 16MP front camera. This pretty much rules out all the fast charging power banks on the market, most of which use Qualcomm's Quick Charge. Unfortunately, the sound still seems imbalanced, not due to the audio level this time but rather due to the difference in frequency response, as the earpiece speaker is still very treble-heavy and the bottom speaker is more focused on the mids and the lows. The Warp Charge 30T on the OnePlus 7T Pro makes the phone charge even faster than the OnePlus 7 Pro despite shipping with the same charger and having a slightly larger battery. Glossary Compare The OnePlus 7T Pro costs £699 (roughly $885). Both the speakers on the 7T Pro are perfectly tuned and sound very balanced throughout the volume range and there is no change in the audio characteristic as you increase the volume all the way to the max. The OnePlus 7T Pro inherited everything its predecessor and didn’t do much with it, which is fine - the design and display upgrades over the OnePlus 6T were notable enough when we saw them earlier this year that we don’t mind the lack of tweaks. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? However, you expect a phone this big and heavy to also have a bigger battery and that's one area where the OnePlus 7T Pro disappoints. First up is the new Macro Mode. TechRadar was the first to learn that the 7T Pro is getting WarpCharge 30T, tech that charges 23% faster than even the 7 Pro.

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