He then approaches Regina, who he believes has the most regrets of all, but the Queen reveals that she does not. Pan shows up to the desolate Killian and lets him know of a spring with magic healing waters that could save his brother, but warns him that magic always comes with a price, and he should be prepared to pay it. Later, while Charming is lecturing Hook again, the prince finds part of Hook's brother's old satchel. She is thus banished to the Dark Realm, and the baby is delivered back to his bewildered father. He starts his poor parenthood off by giving his son the "perfect" name out of spite: Rumplestiltskin. With that, Felix's heart is ripped from his body and Pan squeezes it into dust as he drops it into the well. He threatens the boy with a dagger and moves to take his heart again, but a spell prevents him from pulling it out. He goes on to say that Neverland runs on belief, but every other world has stopped believing in magic, and Henry's destiny is to return the magic, and be the savior. Rather than that, Pan considers what she did as providing motivation for Henry to do what must be done for all of them. Peter Pan est l'antagoniste de la première partie de la saison 3 de la série Once Upon a time. Emma nicks Pan with her sword, though he flies off shortly after to his "thinking tree" at Pixie Woods. See "Family" Once Upon a Time : Peter Pan. At once, he opens the box and successfully contains Mr. Gold within it. Henry, not meaning to take things so far, is quick to apologize and drops his sword in dismay. Pan chooses Neal as the one he should kill just when Mr. Gold stops him by summoning the dagger from his own shadow. Tentatively, Henry readies his aim at the apple as Pan promises him the act will be “exhilarating”. En pratique : Quelles sources sont attendues ? Since the child was recently born and given up for adoption, he has his minions, John and Michael, apply as potential adoptive parents. Pan presents the deal to Rumplestiltskin, stating that if Baelfire chooses out of his own free will to stay, he will respect the decision and leave for Neverland. When they return to the girls, they claim Pan got the satchel first. Voir un épisode que vous n'avez jamais vu. "Manhattan" After Pan affirms he lives on the island, Liam introduces himself and his brother while briefing on their mission, on orders of the king, to procure a specific healing plant, Dreamshade. GALLERY. Pan tells Baelfire this will prove that Rumplestiltskin cares and trusts him. He holds up the real box and traps his son inside. He also offers himself and the Lost Boys as Henry's new family. Killian promises whatever the price, he'll give it. Unseen to Mr. Gold, Pan secretly exchanges bodies with Henry. The show revolves around Emma Swan, an orphan who discovers a 'hidden-gem' town in Maine by the name of Storybrooke. Hook climbs up first and is then met by Peter Pan, who offers Hook a way to leave Neverland if he kills Charming before the poison does. She says that, despite all the horrible things she's done, she regrets none of it because it all led her to Henry. At home, Malcolm waits for Fiona's return, but instead the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily return with his infant son. Unknown to Mr. Gold, the cuff has no effect on Pan. To counter him, Pan pulls out an identical Pandora's Box and gleefully reveals he possesses the real one while Mr. Gold is holding a fake. Mr. Gold refuses his father's request by acknowledging himself as a villain, and therefore neither he or Malcolm can have a happy ending. For a moment, Henry considers it, even though Pan presses that his family is lying because they don't want him to give up his own heart for the greater good. Pan gains Baelfire's trust and informs him beforehand of a deal he is going to make with Rumplestiltskin. Once Upon a Time est une série TV de Adam Horowitz et Edward Kitsis avec Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills / La Méchante Sorcière). ("Souls of the Departed"), When Mr. Gold returns to the pawnshop looking for his father, he finds a note Pan left for him. The shadow then takes Rumple away, causing the boy to drop his straw doll in the process, whilst Malcolm is turned young again by pixie dust, able to stay on Neverland for the rest of his days. En 1929, Barrie lègue les droits d'auteurs de Peter Pan au Great Ormond Street Hospital, un hôpital pour enfants londonien. Hook reasons that either way David will die from the effects of Dreamshade, but Pan wants to see him murdered in cold blood. ("Save Henry"), Pan, in Henry's body, returns to Storybrooke aboard the Jolly Roger in guise of the little boy, with all Henry's family and friends believing his charade. As Henry, he goes to the upper level of the ship while they are flying back to Storybrooke and offers a disenchanted Felix a plate of food. With a smile, Pan verifies it’s not about finding Henry, but how Emma finds him as well as the fact she’s the only one who can. Henry accepts this, knowing that heroes must make sacrifices and content with knowing his family would be proud of him, so Pan enchants his hand to allow him to remove his heart. He explains his reason for being in the Enchanted Forest, and notes only certain boys, those filled with loneliness, can hear the instrument's music, which explains why Rumplestiltskin heard it also. Pan mocks him for thinking one little kiss means anything, though Hook perceives Emma is finally seeing who he really is. Comment ajouter mes sources ? Then, Pan announces he will be playing a song in honor of Henry. His son suggests they use a magic bean to start afresh elsewhere, and Malcolm suggests they go to Neverland. Felix plants the apple over his head and everyone chants for Henry to shoot. As Pan looks at the plant drawing, he attests Dreamshade is dangerous and comments that their king must be really ruthless, though both Liam and Killian don't believe him. Elle est montée dès 1905 à Broadway avec Maude Adams dans le rôle de Peter Pan, puis dans d'autres théâtres avec des actrices telles que Marilyn Miller et Eva Le Gallienne. As a catch, Pan gives a fair warning that they should not leave Neverland unless willing to pay the price of magic. Pan then emerges, taking the box and shocking the ladies with the revelation of his heritage with Rumplestiltskin, before taunting them about the regrets they're currently being faced with; he reminds Emma of giving Henry up for adoption, and Snow of sending her daughter through a wardrobe and off to Maine.

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