Owning such a large part of the ever-changing atmosphere at a company requires office managers to be able to easily adapt to new situations and be agile in their task management. Have a new phone list and map showing location of departments on each person’s desk when the offices open for business. I mean, how can you not want to work at their beautifully renovated Soho loft, where their office features repurposed brick walls, high ceilings glass wall, and modern furniture. In Jensen’s experience, an ideal client would have a new office space “with great light and empty to space to work from. Count the number of power sockets. Staff Help Desk with all applicable trades such as IT, movers, furniture to insure all go-live operational issues are logged and addressed fully. Check the total project cost as a % of their annual turnover. Identify the key stages of an office move and find out what important issues need to be considered at each milestone. Build a better workplace with new tips delivered straight to your inbox each week. We cannot, however guarantee that such information will never be subjected to unauthorized access. The strategic use of orange in different parts of the office matches their logo and their website’s color scheme. As with any major project, proper planning and organization are key to a successful office move. Transfer your insurance to your new location if you have not already done so, getting insurance certificates in the process. Inform employees of the upcoming move, as early as possible. Schedule dates for the dismantling/reassembling of special equipment. We may also document your IP address in order to operate the Site, help diagnose problems with our server, to track User preferences and to identify our Users (see Information Use & Sharing) . Also decide how you will. Thankfully, it’s not black and white — you can do entirely one or the other, but you can also choose to place an emphasis on both styles of working, which might make your office. There are many departments and even more people in large firms, which means that space should be organized smartly and efficiently. Every office, from small spaces to startups to established offices, can benefit from planning ahead. Perform an inventory and decide what items will be moved or replaced. You’ll more than likely call your new office home for the next few years or decades, meaning that you should carefully consider your motivations and needs behind the relocation. Schedule elevator service in old and new locations. I’ll think ‘Wow, I can apply this to my office.’”. You might also consider offsite records storage to free up office space. Awesome is among the top design agencies in NYC. A small office may need at least three months to prepare, while a medium to large office may need to plan for six to eight months or more. Based on the long-standing Gantt chart model, this project plan template in Excel uses a simple visual representation to show how a project will be managed over time. Other obvious considerations should be if the landlord offers insurance, if the office can fit everyone comfortably and if it’s easily scalable for future growth. Bid and draft a contract with a moving company. Setting up a new office can even act like an effective test of your business planning capacity, requiring you and your colleagues to mobilize your budget management, design and visualization skills to incorporate all of your essentials into one ideal workspace. Not only is Kowalski always learning from her day-to-day role at her company, she’s following the ABCs to optimize the impact she has. To save money, especially in coworking spaces, you can try a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. Relocation also provides a great opportunity to purge unnecessary files and move paper records to digital. Necessary physical technology most often includes phones, a fax machine, copiers, shredders, projectors, computers and servers. This step-by-step guide will give you some top tips on how to project manage your office relocation and which external advisors you need on your team to execute a smooth and successful office move: Someone (within your organization) needs to be responsible for project managing the office relocation. To speak to a sales expert, call 1 855-270-0615. To get your new office looking fully functional and make it an inspiring place to visit and work, you need to engage the services of an Office Design Company. We may use your personal information for the following purposes to: Please be aware that if you either use, or register to use, our website or our services, you will be giving your consent to us disclosing your personal information to the following parties: We may transfer, sell or assign personal information to third parties as a result of a sale of all or substantially all of our business or in connection with a merger, consolidation, change in control, reorganization or liquidation. Thomas Jensen’s clean office interior aesthetics, with his emphasis on open windows, airy, shared workspaces, and shafts of light, define JIDK’s approach and the firm’s goal of creating “happy and bright offices that are healthy for people to work in.” Jensen has been working with the restrictions of NYC real estate landscape, since 2008, to help improve the offices of major tech companies and entertainment startups. If your office is in a building with other businesses, be sure to coordinate your move with your building’s management. Download a copy here. Every office relocation is different, so you (along with your team) will need to decide what tasks to include in your specific project plan. Three to six months before office move. Audit final invoices against contracts and progress payments and pay retention. In any case, start early to make sure you get the best price and fit for your needs. Install equipment and clean the new space as soon as possible to be able to reopen as soon as possible. When companies have outgrown their space and take on an office relocation project, it is common to hire a project manager. This office relocation plan document can also be used as a checklist in support of an existing office relocation project. 2. Really think this part through — it can impact your office for years to come. Open space is beautified by wood beams and a slick glass balcony. These technologies are designed and intended to make our site more efficient and convenient for Users. You should also discuss the move with your stakeholders, including investors and employees, so you need a broker who is able to present multiple locations for consideration. The next step is to collect all available information on the new space. However we have put in place various security procedures as set out in this policy. For more help and guidance on project managing an Office Relocation, download the FREE Office Move Checklist to plan every step of your office move. 3. Planning an office move? Treat the space like home and make sure to take a little time to relax. With only a few years in the market, this newcomer is disrupting a 30 billion dollar industry. Planning an office move is a critical business decision, so of course it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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