“Omega is the life trap!” Darkseid has engineered the destruction of multiple pantheons with prep. Orion, one of Darkseid's other sons, states that Darkseid HIMSELF can even utilize the Omega Force to travel through time "as easy as any god.". Bolt: However, even THAT didn’t stop him. The beams about to strike their target Odin sees his demise unfolding, then the All-father is disintegrated into nothingness. Near the end of Final Crisis, Darkseid is mortally wounded by a Radion gun fired by Batman, the same gun that Darkseid himself fired backwards in time to kill his son, Orion. ", CREATE LIFE, erase beings from existence with his Omega Beams. Him too, I guess. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! knocked meaning hit or defeat or stood up to or...? Suddenly a portal opens in front of the dark god and forth from it flies Odin one eye, clad in the Destroyer armour and wielding the Odinsword, Ragnarok. Bolt: These two planets comprised the Fourth World, a dimension separate from that of Earth and the Multiverse as a whole, and the beings that lived there became gods themselves and repeated the cycle began by the Old Gods. Mine is the power to end all things! Against an avatar, Odin should win 8-9/10. With these words Odin struck Darkseid down, cleaving him in twain. It may not display this or other websites correctly. We could say, "Thanos got the Infinity Gems pretty quickly, he could probably do it again." No, silly, he’s Superman of Earth-2. Now we gotta explain one last thing before we get to the stuff about Darkseid. odin loses round 1 because i think thanos shields can take the blast like last time and then darksied strike odin from behind with the omega effect but round 2 odin wins round with not much trouble if any. He lost to Alan Scott. Rush: So did you know that the Superman that debuted in Action Comics # 1 and ushered in the Golden Age of Comics was NOT the same Superman as the one during the Silver Age and Bronze Age? thanos not needed Round 2--odin wins. The Justice League fought him off, Batman survived in the Hellbat. No longer shall you be able to hold the universe in your hands! WIZ: Odin tore new genesis from the divine sphere... WIZ: The divine sphere. He's just on a plain higher tier of power. He always saw himself as the true ruler of Apokolips, but he dare not reveal his true intentions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Odin universal+ at full power? before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Odin wins here. I am God's dark side, I wield the Omega effect, now feel it's full power! Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! ODIN: You think to be my Ragnarok? The DCU had some versions of mythological gods in the DCU, they never made showings equal to Odin from the MU, IIRC. In Asgard he is basically all powerful, but was ganged up on and beaten by the celestial 4th host. Darkseid (New 52) wins! With a month of prep, Thanos could get the time gem, then use it to go back in time and retrieve another gem, which he could use to defeat Odin. So pretty much Galactus. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Odin wouldn't win much. Darkseid wins handily. I'm don't recall Odin even being on that level. I know the Green was the accumulation of all Green Lantern powers throughout the multiverse, but still. Yeah I was under the impression that anything above Avatar Darkseid is evil. You think I would not be guarded 'gainst such attacks? DARKSEID: I have taken the full force of your divine might, and I live still, but you have not yet felt my full power. i was going to come through and say that although i love odin, he may get simply overwhelmed, but then i saw he had him in the destroyer armor, which was made to do battle against celestials, which are on a completely different plane of existence than these villians. I was under the impression that the current Darkseid Avatar is the majority of Darkseid's power incarnate.. That's why the Anti-Monitor had to juice up for their fight. Rush: Last but not least, Superman always beats Darkseid? Darkseid grins to himself, he is triumphant. Odin 10/10, Round 2) I like Thanos. WHIZ: Yup, but that's not all it can do. DARKSEID: I underestimated you. No, an Avatar Darkseid took a universal attack from an amped Alan Scott and Omega Beams still. I am darkness, I am evil! Darkseid at his strongest is no Skyfather, not even close. 09-18-2017, 09:22 PM #2. Though it hasn't ended the universe it is an extremely powerful weapon. He's even considered to be a multiversal level threat. WHIZ: Odin has been called Omnipotent by himself and others many times, but that isn't exactly true. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Feeling this would turn the tide in his war with New Genesis, Darkseid travelled to Earth in order to find it. Thanos vs Odin goes the same as it did last time. It took an attack by the Black Racer to remove his soul from Turpin and for Superman to sing him to death. Wrong. The power of his brothers and his father and his father before him filled the old gods veins, power enough to overcome even the strength of Darkseid. In fact, if he’s exposed to enough, it can be deadly. You could possibly make a case for him being at that level. With Thanos to tank hits, Darkseid has this. I stand by my belief of Toriyama seeing a certain match online and going "Oh Yeah?!". Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. PREPARE THYSELF! BOOMSTICK: That was epic! Odin has also shown the ability to fix all the damage he causes by healing and reforming, planets, solar systems and galaxies. The All-Father of Asgard vs the Dark Lord of Apokolips. Darkseid finally pries himself off the blade, then teleports a short distance away. Darkseid charges forward striking the destroyer armour, the shockwaves of his attacks cause the 4th world to tremble and shake, but the destroyer is unharmed. How strong is Nu 52 Alan Scott (PC Alan was a beast) and how strong did the amp make him? I like what he does with prep. superman blocking it using heat vision should not have happen, since the omega beam can change direction. Apparently Supes realized that everything is a vibration, and he sings the exact vibration necessary to counter Darkseid’s vibration. Odin should take all rounds but the 2nd, unless he gets prep aswell, then he could take that one. same as high ends barring one-time powerups. Welcome to the forums! Prep severely fucks Odin over. This is full of misinformation. This cannot be! Odin vs Darkseid # Odin sum1 shud really upgrade Odins stats. Odin would curb stomp Darkseid in round 3 easily. No one says afterwards," wow that guy really prepped well and it made the difference. There is no stopping it, all shall be of one mind in Darkseid, even you. WHIZ: The Odinforce is not just big energy blasts, it has hax to. Bolt: And Darkseid sure is tough. Odin utterly stomps most incarnations of Darkseid(some versions/avatars could put up a fight though) outside Great Darkness(he punked Mordru while weakened), Final Crisis(this one is beyond Skyfather level), possibly COIE and some others. Every time you say the name of some kind of nonsense martial art, an angel gets its wings, and Val Armorr learns the martial art, retroactively founds it, then super karates the angel unconscious with it. DESTRUCTIVE POWER: Odin has quite a big advantage here, as he has destroyed galaxies in his battles. There he would come into battle with his arch-nemesis: Superman. WHIZ: Lets move on or we are going to be here all day. ca. I am God's dark side! HAVE AT THEE! Minutes passed, the earth heaved and cracked, vomiting out its volcanic bile, neither immortal gained the upper hand and finally both released their hold. ", thanos by himself gave some trouble to odin, i think team can win here round 1. round two i have no clue, " thanos by himself gave some trouble to odin, i think team can win here ", Round One Thanos solo, and Darkseid solo Round two. Prep is a weak argument that depends on too many factors to accurately debate. Odin split off and sealed away the tenth realm from the rest of the nine realms, and each realm is a universe in itself so he actually ripped a universe and sealed it away. It is indestructible like mjolnir. Odin turned to leave, to return to his subjects victorious once more, to hear tales of his victory sung in Valhalla, but from behind he heard a groan and when he turned the evil one was once more awake. captainthor985 1 y 4 mo 30 d . Rush: More or less. Still, Highfather is no Sky Father, and Darkseid isn't even a planet buster. Literally. Because just getting your power from alternate versions of yourself isn't astounding. Odin is not getting out of this. Bolt: Drax, overwhelmed by the sheer, brutal, divine power of the Omega force, began to weaken. Thanos has put up a decent fight with Odin in the past. The arguement could be made that Odin is a representive of The Source when he has the Odin Force mantle. ODIN: No longer shall you be above creation!

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