To equip students with the necessary critical theoretical background, develop the analytical, and basic research skills that will help students to pursue higher education in reputed institutes at both national and international levels. If this is not trouble enough we have now practically decimated our wild gene pool through introduction of exotic and non-indigenous fish and plants. Department Vision. To develop students' ability to apply knowledge and skills to solve theoretical and practical problems in biology and biotechnology. The main objectives of the department are : On recommendations of University Grants Commission The Department of Biotechnology has grown in leaps and bounds. To attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff. To enable the students to understand about the basic concepts of Modern Biotechnology The vision is to create conditions where the country and the population will be better able to adapt and take remedial measures against global climate changes and local problems through the utilization of biotechnological and genetic engineering techniques. To provide students with the fundamental tools and practical skills required to generate competent and highly qualified graduates. in Biotechnology, we have a faculty with total commitment to excellence Also suffering from the extinction of species of fish, plants, animals and birds. The Department of Biotechnology was started in the Academic year 2005-2006. Courses like aquaculture, applied plant biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology and environmental biotechnology has direct influences on the food and health sectors of the country. Biotechnology program in (DBT) under Ministry of Science and Technology to provide thrust in teaching and research in the country. Both the Bachelor and Masterprogrammes were approved by the UGC with Professor Hasina Khan from the then Department of Biochemistry, Dhaka University as the expert. In turn, supervisors are encouraged to do research on the various problems facing the country and how they can be solved through biotechnology and genetic engineering. Biotechnology (Semester) - (2018-2021) Objectives, Outcomes, Regulation Programme Objectives: To explain the students about the basic techniques used in biotechnology. with emphasis on newer technological applications was started with a maximum are actively engaged in shaping the department. This can be on several fronts like finding new, affordable, readily available and nutritive food crops; saving plants, animals and the environment from destruction through establishment of data bank, wild gene pool and active conservation of species through awareness, breeding programs, and establishment of sanctuaries in every district; and through scientific validation of the therapeutic properties of indigenous medicinal plants and saving these plants from endangerment or extinction through clonal propagation. intake of 20 students in 1984. Research in BGE is mandatory in both Bachelor’s and Master’s programme. To acquaint the students with the principles of biosafety and ethical perspectives of biotechnological systems. Mission, Vision, Objectives of the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. identified as - Biophysics, Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Animal 1991, presently with a total intake of 24 students. it as one of the leading centres of teaching, research and extension services Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field, which is revolutionizing today's world. and Ph.D. It is an arena where maximum research work is … The mission is to apply biotechnological and genetic engineering solutions wherever applicable to solve the food, industrial, environmental, and pharmaceutical problems of the country. Since our inception in the year 2005, the department has spawned brilliant chemical engineers, scientists and biotechnologists. Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan, Enter your email and we'll send you more information, Objectives of Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Advisor to the President for International Relations, Communications and electronic engineering, Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, Deanship of Development and Distance Learning, Department of Public and Cultural Relations. The modern era has been defined as the era of biotechnology. It can readily be seen that the courses taught in the MSc program are in tune with the development of the country. Global climate change is threatening melt down of polar ice resulting in increase in sea levels and submersion of vast areas of human habitation. To establish a strong reliable infrastructure and facilities to implement the current advanced applications in biotechnology and gene sequencing as a diagnostic tool for genetic disorders among Jordanian families. Realising the need for competent and trained DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY OBJECTIVES PROGRAMMES SYLLABUS FACULTY PROFILE. The Bachelor’s program was of four years duration with each semester being of four months. To provide students with the basis for the life-long self-learning in an attempt to keep up with the continuous quick changes in the field of biotechnology. The main scientific objectives of the Department include the generation of basic research data, their transformation into applied technologies in the fields of thermal and non-thermal processing, as well as improving the comprehension of biological systems for future applications in food biotechnology. Physiology, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology in the department The main objectives of the department of biotechnology are: To attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff. Objectives: The Department offers Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), M.Sc. G3. Department of Biotechnology B.Sc. To organize and participate in meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops, interaction and collaboration between researchers and academic institutions nationally and internationally. The teaching strategy of the Department reflects the research strategy. Seven major groups Department Objectives. The natural food chain supply is thus disrupted; the world is facing scarcity of food, increases in natural disasters, increases in drought and soil salinity, and emergence of new or drug-resistant diseases. manpower in Biotechnology, Govt. The Master’s programme was of one year duration, each semester being of six months. The whole human race is facing numerous problems on an unprecedented scale. Students are encouraged to choose their research topic after consulting with prospective supervisors and also encouraged to publish their research in reputed international scientific Journals. The main objectives of the department of biotechnology are: G1. It is an advanced branch of Biology containing numerous applications in its myriad fields. Program Goals and Learning Outcomes Matrix, Matrix Correlating Program Taught Obligatory Courses and Learning Outcomes. Rise in surface temperature of earth due to continuous emission of greenhouse gases (leading to rise in global temperature) is bringing on massive climate disruptions and mass extinctions of species, which in turn is creating ecological imbalances., Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. The Master’s programme was of one year duration, each semester … To pursue the goal of maintaining Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BGE) started operating both its Bachelor (Honours) and Masterprogramme from September 2002. • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 1, 2 • Clinical Biochemistry • Biotechnological Drug Design • Ethics of Biotechnology. The objective is to train and prepare students as well as to make aware the people of the country about what needs to be done, what can be done and how can we do it to survive and prosper. (UGC) New Delhi, a 2 years duration (4 semesters) M.Sc. The Bachelor’s program was of four years duration with each semester being of four months. To foster entrepreneurship among students in areas pertinent to biotechnology. Biosciences program was updated to M.Sc. On recommendations of this apex body, the Mission, Vision, Objectives of the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. The main objectives of the department are : To evolve comprehensive academic programmes to generate competent and well trained manpower in the field of molecular biology and its applications in the development of biotechnology. in every endeavour. of India set up a Department of Biotechnology On the other hand the department is interested in advanced research in the areas of basic and clinical Biochemistry and Biotechnology which serve community needs.   +88 02 9145741, +88 01684 022585, +88 02 9138210

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