Earlier, we have mentioned string tension, well nylon and steel strings also differ in this aspect. August 2015 April 2018 Gandalf or Dumbledore: Who is the Better Wizard? • Categorized under Miscellaneous | Difference Between Steel and Nylon Strings. April 2017 Steel-strings simply produce a louder, sharper, and twangier sound than nylon, and are perfect for rocking out and creating a high-energy atmosphere. Swapping strings on one guitar can cause significant damage. May 2017 You're already familiar with the steel-string acoustic guitars, and you know that they sound great for Country strumming. And nowadays, there are lots of nylon string guitars with cutouts, additional frets, and electronic amplification outputs, so those shouldn’t be an issue either. April 2014 October 2013 These techniques are often separate from each other but if you can play a nylon string, you would be able to play a string steel guitar as well. My first decent guitar however was a Harmony nylon string that served pretty well for a few years. Even if you tune each string perfectly, they will magically detune after one or two chords. September 2013 September 2019 The reason for this is both sound and volume. February 2013 May 2014 The overall tension for steel strings average at around 150 to 200 pounds whilst nylon strings are around 75 to 90. September 2012 So, which one’s best for you? May 2016 These are pieces of steel, and you need to press down on them hard, in order to properly play them. This means that the neck profile is also typically larger but there might be models that have a rather flattened C shape. A beginner's fingers are going to hurt, no matter what! The answer is yes but it would cause significant damage on the guitar itself. New steel strings will detune very easily the first few times they’re played. March 2011 May 2019 So focus on what you want out of a guitar instead. August 2016 February 2020 We hope that we have succeeded in explaining the main differences between the steel string vs nylon strings on the guitar and the main effects they have on … March 2012 When it comes to guitar strings, there is definitely a significant difference between steel and nylon strings. October 2015 If you love hearing other people play guitar, you might be inspired to get one of your own and start practicing. June 2016 But the question remains: what kind of guitar? June 2020 Steel Strings Also, part of the reason that nylon string guitars are easier to play is because they’re designed for classical fingerpicking, which can be quite intricate. From that person's perspective, sorry but I don't agree that steel strings will not hurt your fingers regardless of how "good" a steel string guitar may be. September 2020 If you try to play that kind of stuff on a steel stringed acoustic guitar, you just tear your fingers up, you get less string flexibility (and therefore, less vibrato and pitch bend), and it just doesn’t sound right. Either way, the neck is long enough, and the body low enough, to allow for easier soloing and other high-fret work. February 2014 Cite November 2012 Woods like cedar would make any guitar sound mellow, dark; woods like Sitka spruce would make a guitar sound brighter and even the bracing can alter a sound. January 2012 So there are too many variables to consider. The gentle, mellow sound of a classical nylon guitar is perfect for the soft, seductive sway of much jazz and Latin music. However, nylon strings, due to not being as heat-resistant as steel, as well as being less tightly wound, will come loose more often and require more retuning. June 2018 Then, you should be more than ready to make your final decision. April 2019 June 2017 May 2011 May 2013 November 2018 Shall we take a closer look at their differences? Steel strings, after they initially settle, should stay tuned for a good long time. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Celine. November 2014 Second, many classical guitars, the best ones, can be as loud as any steel string and because nylon has a faster attack than steel, can sound punchier (I have both, I’ve done the test, thank you). Of course, there is no such best choice between the two given the fact that it all falls upon the preferences of the person playing the instrument. One final thing to consider with nylon strings: they need to be tuned a lot. As said earlier, both have distinct sounds to them and as such, one ought to find the type that resonates the most with them and their particular style of playing. This is by far the most common type of acoustic sound used in country, but you do also encounter the Classical, Nylon String … For a while anyway. Find both a nylon and a steel-string guitar, and find out which one fits your body right, which one feels best on your fingers, and which one brings out the musician in you. There are two basic types of acoustic guitars. Nylon is great for mellow music and romantic melodies but, if your goal is to be the next Van Halen, you have little choice but to invest in a steel-stringed guitar. From what I know it's hit or miss on those guitars. August 2011 Electric guitars are much easier to play than steel-stringed acoustic guitars, which is because they’re designed for playing rock, metal, jazz, and blues solos, whereas acoustic steel stringed guitars are mostly just for strumming chords. Third, what is “popular music?” If you mean Anglo-Saxon popular music, then steel dominates; but in the rest of the world, popular music with guitar almost always involve nylon. October 2014 However, as mentioned above, it does have a larger diameter when compared to nylon strings. Unlike steel strings, nylon sets usually have three wound strings (known as basses) and three plain strings (called trebles). July 2012 This is true both for guitars with an extra groove cut out in the shoulder of the guitar, and ones that do not have such a thing. The body might be smaller, but it’s also higher up on the neck, usually beginning at the 12th fret, as opposed to the bodies of most steel-string guitars, which begin at the 14th fret.

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