Vidar was another son of the supreme god and Grid (a giantess), and his powers were matched only by that of Thor.

Norse god of health May 9, 2017. In other words, medicine was magic, and so to honor Heka was one of ​the several ways to bring about good health in someone who was ailing.

She is named as a goddess who oversees childbirth. Aja is a powerful healer in Yoruba legend and thus, in Santerian religious practice. The Aesir lived in Asgard, one of the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology.

She is honored primarily at Imbolc, and is a goddess who represents the home fires and domesticity of family life, as well as healing and wellness magic. Immersed in the sagas, we let our imagination go wild, as we learn of old worlds and consider new and exciting interpretations. ga('send', 'pageview');

Daughter of Asclepius and sister of Hygieia, Panacea was a goddess of healing by way of curative medicine.

Sirona’s temples were often constructed on or near thermal springs and healing wells. In many magical traditions, healing rituals are performed in tandem with a petition to the god or goddess of the pantheon who is representative of healing and wellness. Before the rise of the male dominated medical institutions of Europe, the healing and medical care of the community in Norse and Germanic countries was largely the sphere of women. Despite her own lack of children, Artemis was known as a goddess of childbirth, possibly because she assisted her own mother in the delivery of her twin, Apollo.


He is known as the god of medicine, and his serpent-draped staff, The Rod of Asclepius, is still found as a symbol of medical practice today. Although the Sagas record several male healers, during the pagan period, the role of doctor was women’s work, while men were usually nurses or helpers. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){

Norse-Germanic. Eir, however is the preeminent and principal healer in Northern tradition.

She was invoked to cure such diseases, even though she was associated with bringing them about in the first place. Eir is implied to be counted among the asujnur, the major goddesses of the Æsir. Home; Nordic Gods; Norse deities can be divided into two major groups; the Aesir and the Vanir. Panacaea's magic potion was said to cure all the ailments of the world. Valkyries?) (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
She and her husband Chuanggong look after everything that may happen in the bed room, including sex, sleep, and childbirth. Chuangmu, goddess of the bedchamber. Eir is one of the Valkyries who appears in the Norse poetic eddas, and is designated as a spirit of medicine.

In the lore, it is stated that annual blóts where offered to these maidens atop Lyfjaberg to keep all sickness and pestilence away from the community for the year to come. He was at one point identified with Helios, the sun god. There are several other deities who are sometimes called upon for help with healing. Odin, Frigg, Thor, Loki, Balder, Hod, Heimdall and Tyr are the most elevated representatives of Æsir and are known as the main gods. A. Dagli Orti / De Agostini Picture Library / Getty Images.

Her name gives us the word panacea, which refers to a cure-all for disease. Saunas. She may be related to the Indo-European Swiss goddess, Erecura, known to the Celts as Aerucura. Lazarus' name was also used by an order in the Middle Ages that was established to care for those suffering from leprosy, a disfiguring skin disease.".

'Pestilence', one of the Seven Plagues of Egypt, 1866. Heka was an ancient Egyptian deity associated with health and wellness.

There is some question as to whether those sacrifices were goats or human. Honored originally as an earth goddess, she was an agricultural deity and was often invoked to protect the area from earthquakes.

", John Weiss / Flickr / Creative Commons/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

In some traditions of Hellenic Paganism, he is honored as a god of the underworld - it was for his role in raising the dead Hippolytus (for payment) that Zeus killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt. The god Heka was incorporated by practitioners into medicine — for the Egyptians, healing was seen as the province of the gods. He is the god of war and, being delightfully paradoxical, the god of poetry and magic. Although Snorri does not explicitly name her as one of the asunjar, he also does not name every goddess counted in this number.

As a Valkyrie, Eir accompanied her battle-sisters.

In an interesting paradox, she was also a goddess of chastity and virginity. Although Isis’ main focus is more magic than healing, she does have a strong connection to healing because of her ability to resurrect Osiris, her brother and husband, from the dead following his murder by Set.

Heka is the ancient Egyptian god of health and medicine.

There are many, from a variety of cultures, who can be called upon in times of need for healing and wellness magic.

Babalu Aye is an Orisha often associated with plague and pestilence in the Yoruba belief system and Santerian practice.

Before the rise of the male dominated medical institutions of Europe, the healing and medical care of the community in Norse and Germanic countries was largely the sphere of women. She is the author of Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch, Wicca Practical Magic and The Daily Spell Journal. are named Hlif, Hlifthursa, Thiodvarta, Biort, Blid, Blidr, Frid, and Orboda.
She was associated with much of the same qualities as Frigg: love, fertility and beauty. Odin, Vili, and Vé, Ymir’s descendants, fashioned the Nordic mythological universe from his blood, bones, flesh, teeth, hair, eyelashes, brains and skull.

He conceived a scheme to cause the death of Balder. Freya was one of the most sensual and passionate goddesses in Norse mythology. Hill tops.

The Aesir (Æsir) are mainly associated with order, justice, wisdom, war, and agriculture.

In one telling, she guards the castle of Menglöð, atop the mountain Lyfjaberg.

The Norse Gods are hard to classify because they had many different roles, and one could pray to any god for anything.

Print Collector/Getty Images / Getty Images, 10 Deities of Litha: Summer Solstice Gods and Goddesses, Gods and Goddesses of Death and the Underworld, Yoruba-Speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa. Call upon Hygieia when someone is facing a potential health crisis that may not have developed completely yet.

The first living being was Ymir, a hermaphroditic giant who was created from those life-giving drops of water and whose death was brought about by Odin and his brothers. While Asclepius was concerned with curing illness, Hygieia’s focus was on preventing it from occurring in the first place.

Eostre, ... Qian Keng , a god of health-focused sex. Priestess Brandi Auset says in The Goddess Guide, "[Airmed] collects and organizes herbs for health and healing, and teaches her followers the craft of plant medicine.

A patron of everything from smallpox to leprosy to AIDS, Babalu Aye is often invoked to heal epidemics and widespread illness. She was said to carry a magic potion, which she used to heal people with any illness at all. As a chooser of life and death, she is sometimes associated with the Norns. Maponus is associated with hot springs and sacred wells. In the Poetic Edda, she is attested to being the companion of a particularly kind and compassionate jötunn named Menglöð. He was frequently portrayed with a large phallus. Her name means help or mercy. The aja vine is used by women to cure enflamed breasts.". Brighid is well known as a goddess of healing. We will only call you if there are any issues with your future purchases.

Asclepius was a Greek god who is honored by healers and physicians. Mortars and pestles, healing instruments, and bandages. Although the Sagas record several male healers, during the pagan period, the role of doctor was women’s work, while men were usually nurses or helpers.

Balder was the epitome of radiance, beauty, kindness and fairness. Upon learning that mistletoe was the only thing that could hurt Balder, he placed a branch into the hands of the blind god, Hod, and tricked him into throwing it at Balder, killing him.

Her twin brother was Apollo, and like him, Artemis was associated with a wide variety of divine attributes, including powers of healing.

Brighid was a Celtic hearth goddess who is still celebrated today in many parts of Europe and the British Isles. Vegan Keto: What it is and Why You Should Try, Safeguarding Children: What it Means & Why it’s Important. Airmed was one of the Tuatha de Danaan in the Irish mythological cycles, ​and was known for her prowess in healing those who fell in battle. In eastern Gaul, Sirona was honored as a deity of healing springs and waters. She has pale skin and appears to be death-like. De Agostini Picture Library / Getty Images. The other maids (wights? She guards the secret wells, springs, and rivers of healing, and is worshiped as a goddess of Witchcraft and magic.". Are you sure you want to perform this action? He is depicted as an elderly man, powerfully built but missing an eye.

She is sometimes compared to the Greek goddess Hygieia.

Heka was an ancient Egyptian deity associated with health and wellness. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, and represented by the bow and arrow.

She is attested to in the Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda, and Svipdagsmal. Heka is the ancient Egyptian god of health and medicine.

The second clan, Vanir, contains the fertility gods and count Njord, Freyr, and Freyja as their most notable members. It is said that she is the spirit who taught all other healers their craft.

She was the only goddess allowed to sit next to her husband.

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