Anton was more than a philosopher, he was a thinker with a conscience. Retirement, the family tells me, was something of a joke. Together forever. The family expect there to be a larger than usual gathering of mourners who wish to pay their last respects to the deceased, which means that the service is likely to overflow to the outside of the chapel. You have gathered here today, in mourning, in grief and in loss. Rainer and other members of Anton’s German family were unable to travel in time for this ceremony. When you reach the catafalque If you have the choice of moving to the left or the right, then move to the side where the lectern is positioned. It is assumed that you have never acted as a funeral officiant before. This is an original script. With his mother’s aptitude for languages and his father’s worldliness, he would nonetheless choose his own course. How can we ever have a clue of what that really means? When all the mourners are in the chapel and seated, the usher will close the main doors and signal for the entry music to fade out, the funeral director will usually be seated somewhere at the rear of the chapel and keeping a close eye on the proceedings in case he should be needed. The officiant is then joined by all or some If anyone has changed their mind about walking with you then don't try to persuade them otherwise, just sympathetically say something like "its ok I understand" if for whatever reason no one wishes to join you, then you should not get back in the hearse but instead walk alone and perhaps ask the funeral director to accompany you. A twinkling personality, and a talent to hear all sides of a story granted him access to wider roles than most of his age. you will have a minute or two to spare as the remainder of the mourners file into the chapel and take their places. that the dead reside not in the grave or an urn but in the hearts and minds of the living. There may be one or two ushers at the entrance to the chapel. In fact I was just doing a quick headcount and I'm getting a little worried that there might not be enough sandwiches and sausage rolls If appropriate, a little humour will certainly help to break the ice, although it is quite risky at this early stage of the proceedings especially as in this example this is just the preamble, it's going to depend on the circumstances of the death and how close you were to the deceased and the family, and your gut instinct. just pause very briefly and then move to either the left or the right to allow the bearers through. When you are sure that at least one of the family has seen you then step back slightly to allow the funeral director to continue with his duties. Your role in the proceedings can make the difference between a day for everyone to remember and one to try and forget. Ask to be shown around the crematorium facilities. He learned it from the experience of losing his father in circumstances that showed that even the greatest adversity cannot overrule the sanctity of human life. When you reach the catafalque If you have the choice of moving to either the left or the right, then move to the side where the lectern is positioned. After high school, and night-time university classes, he seized the chance to work as a translator with the Allied occupation forces. This may be a final tribute, amzn_assoc_ad_type = "responsive_search_widget"; At this time you should make your way to the lectern, If you need to, you could use this time to compose yourself as you will shortly be taking full control of the ceremony, perhaps have a glass of water if your mouth is dry and pour another glass in case you should need it later. At some appropriate point along this drive stop the cars and invite the family to accompany you as you all lead the cortege and escort the deceased on his or her final journey. The family has spoken bravely and openly about the kind of man he was. As a mother, a friend and a woman. You would walk the rest of the way to the chapel but confirm with the family that this is still their wish just prior to leaving for the crematorium. Name was a lot like his father in many respects and had always been a quiet reserved person who never imposed himself upon anybody, but that's not to say that he didn't get on with people, in fact quite the opposite is true, K-name told me how her friends when visiting her would often also call in to see her dad and I know he struck up some new friendships with the people he had met at The Theatre Workshop in Changed Directions, some of whom are here this morning. But I would remind you, as he would often remind his remarkable circle of family and friends, that wisdom comes about in many ways. I am Elizabeth P_____, a Funeral Celebrant. and a time to every purpose under heaven. All religions have traditions and rituals that serve to honor the dead and assist bereaved families in handling their grief. A flame that burned so brightly was extinguished without so much as a flicker and all we have left is the memory of how brightly it burned. He was really disappointed when the courses finished, but he did continue learning in his own way at home with K-name's help on his own computer. Thus indicating that they are definitely going to do one or the other as there is not another option. Anton’s second daughter, Anika told me during the week—I’m sure she won’t mind me repeating it here—that her father had no acquaintances, only conversations, hundreds of them. Try not to get involved with heavy or lengthy conversations which are likely to be distracting. K-name would often attend Changed Directions with her dad and she told me how he loved going out on the various trips that they organised. REFLECTION It tells us that we who remain can continue to learn from those who have gone ahead. But he faced the news, and the reality, with a calmness that his family found comforting. Anton’s illness was relatively short—six months from the cancer diagnosis until his death last week. Name was born in Woolwich London on 22nd Month 1960.. and so began the life of the man that the people gathered here today were proud.. honoured and privileged to call their father.. their grandfather.. their son.. their brother and their friend. The second is a short poem by A E Housman called England. This will guarantee that there will not be another service following on from yours and no one is going to complain If you do happen to run over then a gratuity to the ushers would not go amiss. Amen. I would ask you now to pause for a quiet reflection as the Brandt family reveal to us some of their fondest memories of Anton. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "responsive_search_widget"; In any case whatever happens make sure you are there before the cortege arrives. 1 - 6, 27. However the costs do mount up though when you consider that the extra 30 minutes time also applies to the funeral director, his staff and the funeral vehicles. Details can be found in the order of service. Name, generous as he was even then would often bring presents home for his mum. Walk to the start of the aisle that leads to the catafalque and pause, when the music started playing the congregation may have stood up knowing that the ceremony had started, when you pause at the aisle if the congregation are still seated say "Please Stand" It's not necessary to say it too loudly as it will only need a few people to hear you for it to have a knock on effect. But there is one thing we all have in common.. at one point or another.. and to some degree or other.. our lives have touched the life of name.... and so today we've put aside our usual daily activities for a while and gathered here to give expression to the thoughts and feelings that well up in us at this time of loss... and also because.. in one way or another.. Name's death affects us all. And not an intellectual faith but an active living, breathing and especially a doing faith. {end-tooltip}unless you feel the family might be receptive to the idea. As we farewell this man of the world from the world—this scholar, diplomat, humanist—let us recall his gifts, his joy, his sparkling personality, his enthusiasm. Not long before he died he quoted Caesar from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar [Act II Scene II] in those immortal words: ‘Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once’. (note previous example). Please stand for the committal When you hear the music coming to it's end make you way back to the lectern. It was also in London that two of the great loves of his life were formed. It has been altered slightly in order to portray the officiant as a friend, colleague, or relative of the deceased.

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