Not even comfortable wearing them during lifts. Nike redesigned the outsole to have taller side walls for rope climb protection and grip, and the material is an updated sticky rubber that’s even stickier in the forefoot and more durable in the heel. It isn’t a mere evolution of the last year’s Metcon 4; it ushers in a novel cushioning character. Sign up for our Newsletter with Rogue News and Product Releases. All you do is slide it under the heel portion of your drop-in midsole and you get about an effective .5″ heel height. In my initial impressions video of the Metcon 5, I said the worst part of the shoe’s design was the tongue because of how far it stretched out and how stiff it was. They fit snug, I could work out in them, but they were always uncomfortable during/after working out to the point where I needed to get them off my feet after extended wear. Not an issue in a 10.5 for me. Could you please briefly compare them to the RF1? At least not yet. The NIKE Metcon 5 is durable for the hard training you will put it through. Using them for heavier Oly lifts did not feel stable in the slightest bit, but they were decent as a mobility aid for lighter overhead squats and thrusters. nano 9 are not available in my country !! See More: Cross Training Shoes Available from Rogue. The Metcon 5’s new dual density midsole provides 10% firmer foam in the heel vs. the forefoot, striking the balance between underload stability and explosiveness in running, jumping, etc. While you can’t remove the midsole, the use of the TPU carrier and more edgy outsole design in the Nano 9’s is similar to the design Nike’s been using for years with their midsole/outsole. If not, go for the normal size. Columbus, OH 43201. The forefoot is plush and comfortable, but doesn’t detract from stability of lifts since you’re mainly pushing into the ground because it collapses so easily. Also, the idea of an elevated heel works on Oly shoes because the heel is incompressible and the forefoot is usually more stiff – on a training shoe where the heel has give and the forefoot is flexible, you run into all kinds of problems centering your balance. Do you have a wider forefoot or do you have Morton’s toe and need the pointier toe. I've been using these for month and a half and they are great! An updated tongue adds more padding and wraps around the ankles for a lockdown fit, while lightweight sandwich mesh ensures airflow and breathability. You can’t go wrong with either, they’re both the best training shoes you can possibly get right now; it just depends on the workout. Click to sign up to be notified when this color is back in stock, Tap out of stock sizes to sign up for back in stock notifications, Click to sign up to be notified when this size is back in stock. To test out if the shoes would break in any, I kept around a women’s 11.5, which should equate to slightly bigger than a men’s 10. The midsole's dual-density foam offers more flexibility in the forefoot and provides more density in the heel for stability when lifting. The wrap-around outsole gives you the extra support and additional grip you need when climbing. While it’s very soft and flexible, it feels less bouncy compared to most running directed foams and even the Nano 9’s new midsole. If you were trying to access one of our I use them all the time! As Metcon’s have progressed, the heel slip issue has gotten to the point where it’s no longer really an issue for me. $109.99 - $365.00. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. If you’re a heel striker, running in the Metcon 5’s is going to be almost as clunky as it’s always been. Though still a very good to lift in, they do trail in the wake of the Nano 9 this year. The Nike Metcon 5 truly bridges the gap between weightlifting stability and all-purpose cross-training comfort and flexibility, with a new assortment of sleek, colorful designs to choose from. Personally, I wouldn’t mind going for max effort lifts in the 235v3’s but I wouldn’t recommend less experienced lifters to. Where the 235’s smash the other two shoes is in flexibility and comfort. You don’t really feel the added weight probably because they’re so flexible. The Nike Metcon 5 continues to expand the boundaries of the modern cross-training shoe with increased stability for weightlifters and greater flexibility in the forefoot for runners. BUY 3 OR MORE 3 SHIPS FREE ITEMS AND THEY SHIP FOR FREE Shop Now, BUY A RIG* AND YOUR ENTIRE ORDER SHIPS FREE See Details. I run with a midfoot strike so personally the heel of the 9’s don’t benefit my style of running. The heel material is virtually identical to the Metcon 3/4 drop-in midsole, which while a good amount more stiff, actually has pretty good rebound…. I’m thinking the best guideline is that if your second toe is longer than your first, go for that half size up. It uses a dual-density support insert that provides denser support at the heel where it is needed and softer foam at the forefoot with comfort and adaptability for high impact training. The feel is closer to the Inov-8 235v3 though overall not quite as natural feeling due to the clunkier heel of the Metcon 5. Since this is an odd numbered shoe, the Metcon 5 is technically a fully redesigned shoe, but there are some features that are a mainstay in the Metcon line-up, such as the signature drop-in midsole design and high sidewalls. Nike Men's Tennis Metcon 5 4.9 out of 5 stars 17. cookies on this device. Though they were plenty fine for everything else you’re doing inside the gym, they just weren’t very good to run in because they were pretty hard on your feet. Both shoes are amazing and for me it really just depends on the workout for which one that I’d pick…. Feels like a huge waste of money and already looking at new shoes to buy. I’ll never forget how I felt when Nike opted to send me one of the launch athlete packs. I’d say to pick up a pair of Metcon 5’s based on looks (if you liked them) alone, but don’t expect too much change in performance. Nano 8’s in feel. Nike Metcon 5 Mens Aq1189-019 4.1 out of 5 stars 14. We expect our US sites will be available to you again soon. Do you heel strike? The forefoot is soft, flexible, has almost no rebound and is mainly just for underfoot cushioning. Between the two, personally I’d probably stick with Metcon 5’s just because they’re just a bit more stable and they’re comfortable, but if you wanted a more natural feeling training shoe overall, I’d recommend looking into the 235v3. You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Do you forefoot strike? Those sites are currently not Is it the best training shoe out there? They’re really easy to wear around, run in and do plyometric movements in. Hey, wondering how you ended up here? Ground feel is excellent but the midsole isn’t very bouncy. Instead, it’s just there to be a buffer between your foot and the ground; when you push off of your forefoot, you’re basically pushing through directly to the ground. to the new General Data Protection Regulation. I’m assuming Nike sensed that was the winning formula because they morphed the Metcon 5’s into the most comfortable shoe in the whole line. This iteration, Nike went way far off from the normal formula with the addition of the dual density midsole to make the most runnable, comfortable flagship Metcon yet. I wasn’t so sure they’d do very well since they were on the softer side of training shoes, but they more than exceeded my expectations. There are variances in performance here, I noticed my normal Metcon 5’s to be more grippy than clear outsole my Mat Fraser’s. That issue is limited to the Mat Fraser PE model, I haven’t noticed that issue on either of my launch colorways. View asmanyreviewsaspossible’s profile on Facebook, View asmanyreviewsaspossible’s profile on Instagram, View asmanyreviewsaspossible’s profile on YouTube, Nike Metcon 5 (Mat Fraser Edition) Review… – Chalking Fitness, Lu XiaoJun Anta Weightlifting Shoe Review, Titan Fitness Glute Hamstring H-PND Review, Pick the Right 28.5mm Rogue Fitness Barbell. The shoes are awesome! If you’re coming from any flagship Metcon before, don’t be so quick to get rid of those for the 5’s because they still have their place in training. Even cooler is that it’s designed to work on all previous versions of the Metcon. Metcon 5’s nearly feel identical to Nano 8’s, which is a great thing for Metcon enthusiasts, but at the same time it’s nothing really new if you already have a pair of 8’s. Instead of the sandwich mesh upper with Tri-Star haptic pattern, this year they’re calling it the Haptic Chain-link pattern, probably due to it’s linked together pattern. Hyperlifts might actually worsen stability. please enjoy our European sites I haven’t noticed any issues with the tongue at all, which is always a good thing. It’s purpose is the same however, to increase the shoes durability; but since it now spans all over the shoe, I’d expect it to have a part in securing your foot inside the shoe without hindering flexibility.

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