If The Last of Us: Part 3 was set a couple of decades into the future, it could provide an opportunity to see Jackson County expand into something even bigger. So now that we know what Naughty Dog considers the set bar for our question, let's break down both sides of the argument. Moreover, it would be interesting to see her story explored following her final encounter with Ellie. She enjoys being a plant mom, complaining about politics, and spending too much time playing Rockstar games. At the end of The Last of Us Part II, Ellie has come full circle on her journey of hastily plotted revenge as well as her own personal feelings about what happened between her and Joel. [Warning: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 below]. After all, all the playable characters available in the first game were playable in the second, even for a brief amount of time, so there's a precedence for Abby's inclusion. [Final Warning: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2's ending below], RELATED: Why The Last of Us Fans Review-Bombed TLOU2. Even though the larger story of Ellie and Joel's relationship is over by the ending of the second game, the two titles (and Left Behind DLC) have proven that this character is a fan favorite and one with enough depth to carry further adventures. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! The Last of Us: Part 2 provides the perfect chance for Naughty Dog to create a third installment in the franchise, so hopefully they take the opportunity and run with it. Even more, given that the sequel has been met with conflicted reviews from both critics and fans alike, it would be disappointing to see the franchise end with The Last of Us: Part 2. The Last of Us Part 2 releases on June 19. This site © 2020 ReedPop. A spin-off game? Reviews for The Last of Us Part 2 land this Friday and you can check out the latest gameplay trailer at that link. A puzzle game that barely resembles the franchise? If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Alexandra is a freelance writer and editor based in Montreal. It was smart of Naughty Dog to leave this moment so ambiguous for the players because after completing the narrative, they put their lead character in a place where literally whatever the player thinks happens next is totally feasible. By putting the revenge quest behind her and looking to just survive, Ellie is already in an interesting narrative position to move ahead. - November 5, 2020 05:49 pm EST, Despite offering a definitive conclusion, and some heated takes on how Part II handled its story, it's natural for fans of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us to wonder about the future of the franchise. Abby’s whole adult life was focused on seeking revenge for her father, and now that this chapter is over, the world is her oyster. Uncharted 4 felt like the perfect wrap up for Naughty Dog’s … PS5 UI Menu Compared To Xbox Series X - Which Is Better? Druckmann also spoke about the importance of diversity for storytelling. And, of course, everything she did couldn’t bring Joel back. Given that the game ends in such a dismal state, it gives Naughty Dog the perfect opportunity to pick up the story again should they choose to make a The Last of Us: Part 3. All rights reserved. Will we see The Last of Us Part III? Players would expect a third installment to focus on what Ellie did at the close of the second game. But there’s also a little tease as to what the future might hold for Sony’s most prestigious studio. This puts all three of these characters in a position to make these reveals its narrative crux as Abby and Lev work with a rebuilt Firefly squad that will no doubt be imperfect and Ellie perhaps tries to build/rebuild a life in Jackson or on her own somewhere in the world. It seems like the developer feels the same way as it begins to think about what the studio might tackle next. Part 3? By putting out a Part III, you soften that ending and instead make it a compass toward your next story, not an open book of possibilities. A puzzle game that barely resembles the franchise? And without that, there’d be no reason to do a Part III.”. To his credit, series creator and game director Neil Druckmann has said that question is one of their big drivers for deciding on a sequel happening anyway. To Druckmann's point, not only did the sequel find a way to match the emotional core of the first game, it could be argued that it surpassed it, thus raising the bar even higher for what any future installments would need to clear. But given the six year wait fans had between The Last of Us: Part 2 and its predecessor, a third installment, should it ever be made, is likely still years away. Every location had created its own type of society, or extended snare, while finding a unique way to thrive. Whatever the case, the talent behind the show has me incredibly excited to watch it when it eventually happens. Should they keep the franchise going or shut it down while they're ahead? Though the humans end up taking up more time in terms of combat in The Last of Us, the big stride for the sequel was in developing and expanding on various offshoots of the infected. There's also the enemies themselves. Druckmann says the show “really lets us focus on the characters and the drama and show you other aspects of those characters.” Perhaps we’ll see more of Joel and his daughter before the events of the game’s prologue, and maybe we’ll get more context into Joel’s murky past.

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