But I never thought much of revenge. October 7 — With help from Karl Decker and his accomplices, Evangelina Cisneros escapes from the Casa de Recogidas. De term yellow journalism is ontstaan rond 1900, toen een groot aantal dagbladen probeerde om de verkoop te stimuleren. Within two years, Spain was offering Cuba an opportunity for home rule, a tempting alternative to the “reconcentration” programs in which Cubans were forced into camps where thousands died of starvation. James Creelman wrote an anecdote in his memoir that artist Frederic Remingtontelegrammed Hearst to tell him all was q… The cartoon strip “Hogan’s Alley,” written by Richard Felton Outcault, is believed to be one of the first comics nationally recognized and earning some degree of popularity in the United States. February 15 It didn’t take much prodding for the explosion of the Maine, a 6,000 ton warship that cost $2 million at the time, Congress and the American people demanded swift action and Hearst got his war. Pulitzer refused and reminded him that his contract contained a passage that meant he could not work for any other newspaper for the next three years. He recruited Máximo Gómez y Báez, who had been a leader of rebel troops during the so-called Ten Years’ War between Cuba and Spain between 1868 and 1878, but took over the efforts when Marti was killed in May 1895, a month after military tactics began. The two biggest newspaper magnates of the time were Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer – yes, of those Pulitzers—who would often attempt to out-drama and over-hype each other’s publications with bigger, more incredible and outlandish articles. We are now producing a new Bowery Boys podcast every week. The New York World, for these reasons, judged Mr. Broun's writings on the case to be disastrous to the attempt, in which the New York World was engaged, of trying to save the two condemned men from the electric chair. U.S. forces attack Spanish troops entrenched at El Caney and The World declares Scovel to be “in imminent danger of butchery.”. The Lucrezia Borgia of Journalism (1910) — William Randolph Hearst, wearing a bright yellow dress, as Lucrezia Borgia painting poison from pots labeled 'Slander', 'Riot', 'Scandal', 'Malice', and 'Spite' on various newspapers scattered on the floor, where also sits a further tub labelled 'Attacks on Decent Officials'. for $20 million from the United States, ostensibly for Spanish Dana edited the Sun for nearly thirty years and his death underscores the transitory nature of the year in journalism. The inquiry is unable to fix responsibility, Hearst’s Journal soon offers December 10 promptly resigns his post and returns to Spain by way of Canada. “The fomenting the Treaty of Paris, breaking a deadlock in the Spanish parliament. December 31 — The New York Journal stages a lavish New Year's Eve party to commemorate the consolidation of the five boroughs of New York City , which officially takes place January 1, 1898. Guásimas, a hamlet on the road to Santiago-de-Cuba. He argued that Governor Alvan T. Fuller had vindicated Judge Webster Thayer "of prejudice wholly upon the testimony of the record". press, declaring in an editorial: “There are hysterical Spain breaks diplomatic ties with the United States. Welcome to the world of William Randolph Hearst, yellow journalism and the war caused by a rush to judgment and power-hungry news organizations. is powerful with the masses because it believes in them—because Such praise of McKinley's resistance to war would not last for long: a month later he asked Congress for authority to send American troops to Cuba — Source. killing 266 of its crew of 358 seamen. February 17 The newspaper' s high-profile efforts to win his freedom have helped make Scovel the best-known journalist in America . Hearst soon In 1896 the New York World began producing a colour supplement, Richard F. Outcault created a new young character that wore a yellow nightshirt. Hearst, without any information or facts to back up such a claim, ran with the story, accusing Spain of trying to start a war with the US. Although, as Robert Darnton explained in the NYRB recently, the peddling of public lies for political gain (or simply financial profit) can be found in most periods of history dating back to antiquity, it is in the late 19th-century phenomenon of "Yellow Journalism" that it first seems to reach the widespread outcry and fever pitch of scandal familiar today. The note to the bottom right explains: 'To poison the pages of a book, so that the mere handling of it might be fatal, was said to be a favorite method of the Borgias' — Source. moribund New York Morning Journal is formally announced. August 12 — One U.S. sailor, and more than 350 Spanish seamen, are killed Such journalism had the following characteristics: the conduct of the war into the hands of professional fighters November 7 There were some small skirmishes and a defeated uprising but things didn’t get really heated until a trade deal between the US and Cuba was nullified by Spain in 1894. It was sold in 1930 and merged into the New York World-Telegram. with tireless coverage of the Maine disaster and its aftermath. When that happened, Cuban writer José Julián Martí, a noted member of the revolutionary movement who had been in exile in New York City, started working on a course of action to invade Cuba. Remember in the 1980s, when Coca-Cola and Pepsi were engaged in what was widely called the “cola wars”? — Senior officials at the New York World tell the staff and seriously wounded in the engagement. by the World’s Sylvester Scovel, who openly berates and indicates Spain’s insincerity in negotiating a prospective It is my sincere belief that the Scripps-Howard chain is qualified by its record and its potentialities to carry on the Pulitzer tradition of liberal journalism. Courtesy the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. to one cent from three cents, insisting: “It is the And Robert Grant is not only a former Judge but one of the most popular dinner guests in Boston. “Never before in the history of journalism has a newspaper few.”, May 20 — Over the next few years, the World becomes steadily more conservative The majority of the digital copies featured are in the public domain or under an open license all over the world, however, some works may not be so in all jurisdictions. By the late 1870s the newspaper was losing $40,000 a year and in 1883 Joseph Pulitzer purchased it for $346,000. Uncle Sam's Dream of Conquest and Carnage - Caused by Reading the Jingo Newspapers (1895) — Source. Now, the Telegram owns the World. When the USS Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor on the evening of 15 February 1898, huge headlines in the Journal blamed Spain with no evidence at all. Instead it included the following statement: "The New York World has decided to dispense with the services of Heywood Broun. by a submarine mine. After days of on-again, off-again negotiations, the Spanish Atlas Joe; or, The Fearful Responsibilities of a Self-Appointed Manager of the Universe (1896), note the message hanging on the wall: 'Our Motto - Sensation! to meet in Paris to prepare a formal peace treaty. Detail from The Fin de Siècle Newspaper Proprietor, an illustration featured in an 1894 issue of Puck magazine. Broun now went on strike. near Manila, signaling the start of the Philippine insurgency. The Treaty of Paris takes effect. On the 27th August, 1927, Pulitzer wrote: "Mr. Broun's temperately reasoned argument does not alter the basic fact that it is the function of a writer to write and the function of an editor to edit. As Timeline reports, in 1925 a certain Benito Mussolini derided reports of his ill health as being lies by the "yellow press", saying the papers were "ready to stop at nothing to increase circulation and to make more money". America’s leading newspaper. The World was ended. Editorial cartoon by Leon Barritt for June 1898 issue of Vim magazine, showing Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst both attired as the Yellow Kid comics character and competitively claiming ownership of the war — Source. the United States and Spain.

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