?​. You are requested to open the door. (iii) The firemen took the injured to the hospital. Exercise. Hence, the structure is (Subject + Verb + Object). ( Change the Voice)​, diologe between a student and his senior 15 set conversation​, join my meet rco-zkcy-jpp for fun join fast Kusum kahar​, Is it fare to require that all the student learns a forging language for once​, I got up lit a beedi anel paved up anel down the room.Then another lovely thought struck me. (Passive verb – are cooked) Sentences are given in the active voice. 5. Your IP: If you answer me, I'll mark you as brainlist, follow you and thank you. OR   You are advised not to find faults with others. Cows eat grass. Passive voice worksheet | Simple present tense, Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 8 | Present Perfect Tense, Passive voice exercise | Simple past tense, Active or passive | Grammar worksheets for class 6, Simple Present Tense Worksheet For Class 5 CBSE, Kerala Syllabus Class 10 Phrasal Verbs Worksheet, Class 10 Phrasal Verbs | Kerala Syllabus Worksheet 1, Sentence Transformation Worksheet For Class 8, Combine Using As | Class 8 Grammar Worksheets. 1. I did not beat her. Previous. (250-300 words Change the following Passive Voice into Active: (a) My watch was stolen. 1. NO SPAM, the little dorf dont judge pepole by their face ok understand​, You will remember that my oxen meadows touch your birchwoods . You are ordered to send this message to him. 8. The terrorists blew up the bridge. You may also watch this Malayalam grammar video to learn about converting  simple present sentences to passive voice. “The gate was opened by the peon”.This is the Passive Voice of the given sentence, “the peon opened the gate”. 5. 1. 11. (imperative sentences in the passive voice begin with let. All children enjoy cartoon programs. * *please dont tease me * *always help others * *nobody aksed the lessons * * you have to complete this till morning * (iii) I advise consulting a good doctor. Most of my friends have watched this movie. 5. Sentences are given in the active voice. (vi) The building was damaged by the fire. (viii) The electricians test the fire alarm. Passive Voice: Naushaba is helped by Kurshid. 12. (d) By whom will the bill be paid? Passive subject + was/were + being + third form of verb + by + passive object, Get Free Current Affairs and Govt Jobs Alerts in your mailbox, Computer Awareness Questions Answers - Set 1, Computer Awareness Questions Answers - Set 2, Important Abbreviations Computer Awareness Questions Answers, Important File Extensions Questions Answers, Computer System Architecture Questions Answers, Read more from - Change Of Voice Questions Answers.

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