The song has a driving rhythm and some great slide guitar work by Manny Charlton. 6. 7. the band's third album, it was the first album to step into the relatively new I mean his dog dies, his cat dies, his house burns down, shoot this could have Big Boy (3:38) Fallen Ange (4:44) Go Down Fighting (3:07) Original Naz founder Pete Agnew is still pounding on the bass while his son Lee Agnew replaced the deceased Darrell Sweet on drums. BONUS TRACKS 3. 6. "Razamanaz". Sad Song (2:14) One Set Of Bones (3:27) the only catch i see is none of the discs from the 1970s through the 1990s catlog have the bonus tracks that where on all the reissues from back in 2003, regardless this looks like a killer box set, it sure is tempting..................... Only complaint would be the printing on the cd sleeves is way too dark and contrasted. As such, Naz let go of second guitarist Zal Cleminson, who previously helped out on their last two records and gave the band that dual guitar sound and instead added full time keyboard player, Jon Locke (ex-Spirit). "No Mean City, Pts. In general, live albums from the popular '70's hard rock and heavy metal bands are considered classics. There are no attempts at trying to get with the times or no gimmicks present on "Big Dogz". "Spinning Top" (3:06) Album opener and anti-war anthem "Dressed to Kill" is a boogie-infused rocker that would make Foghat proud. 12. 4. The album opens with two of the albums heavier rockers. known and popular Nazareth disc containing the FM radio staples "Hair of SO NOW I'M COVERING THEIR COVER SONG LOL. The energy and rock 'n roll recklessness of Nazareth is captured here unlike any of their studio albums. BONUS TRACKS 2. I Had A Dream 5. Preservation (4:01) Nazareth released it on the single Love Hurts in 1974. His vocals have always been a major factor in this band's charisma. Woke Up This Morning [live] (4:58) 8. 6. Both "Big Dog's Gonna Howl" and "Claimed" contain those nasty guitar chords that I expect from Nazareth. but would soon become a norm in the 80's. (3:53) The songs are shorter with less jamming going on. So is "The Fool Circle" a bad record? The same is true of "This Month's Messiah" which is far edgier than the studio-slick version on "The Catch". 9. 6. "Juliet" is an incredibly catchy, melodic rock number. finest ranking up there with 'Hair of the Dog' and 'Razzamanaz.' 10. The resulting album is one that scared parents Liar (6:44) Moonlight Eyes (3:34) See Me (4:54) "Loud 'n Proud" is essential to any fan of 70's heavy metal and hard rock. This song could have been a hit had it been released during Nazareth's heyday. After conquering the fledgling heavy metal market in 1975 with "Hair of the Dog," Nazareth returns with a back-to-roots, experimental album that covers everything from traditional blues-based rock 'n' roll to country-rock. 1692 (Glen Coe Massacre) (3:53). The package also contains a 16-page color booklet with a ton of photos and plenty of liner notes to read. Let us know what you think of the website. 6. "Radio" is the most immediately catch song of the bunch and could have been a hit, if Nazareth were still the flavor of the month. The Right Time (4:50) Despite being a somewhat laid-back, acoustic cover of the song, the live nature of the recording gives it a beefier sound than the rest of "The Fool Circle". 5. 10. Normally, I don't comment on releases I don't own, but seeing as I have every Nazareth album in their original forms, as well as live stuff and b sides, I felt the need to comment on a few things. 1. This has essentially been the sound that Nazareth has been cranking out since the early 70's, and follows nicely the band's 2008 record "The Newz". WX041; CD). 10. The song is a humor-injected kiss-off to an unwanted lover and easily could have been an AC/DC or Ted Nugent song, if not for McCafferty's signature siren wails. In 1999, while touring the U.S., original drummer Darrell Sweet died at age 51 of a heart attack. 5. Alcatraz [live] (4:22) "Cocaine"' was a live cover of the song made popular by Eric Clapton in '77. Whippin' Boy (4:41) 11. to Get into It" (4:24) 2. The 80's were a confusing time for a lot of 70's hard rock and heavy metal bands. Much like many of the 70's hard rockers the studio never quite capture the magic, aggression and energy that the band had on stage. 14. Regardless, "Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll" is still a good 70's rock album. Dying Breed (4:05) Of course McCafferty's whiskey soaked voice has the same 'ol swagger it always has. 11. for heavy metal and hard rock in the 1970's. Beggar's Day [live] (3:54) 10. I Want To Do Everything For You [live] (5:12) 12. "Alcatraz" (4:23) Overall, however, the album is a heavy rocker with some blues and R&B influences. 9. 4. Disc 1, Tracks 17-19 from Expect No Mercy (Mountain (U.K.)/A&M (U.S.), 1977) As such, the band incorporated a more polished 80's sound, more piano's and keyboards and even some new wave influences and disco-influenced rhythms. "Busted" (3:40) Whereas the 1980's saw Nazareth wandering and meandering through the desert trying to figure out exactly where they fit in, the 90's saw Naz returning to a heavier sound. 4. "Dream On" is the ballad on this album and became a fairly popular song. "Steamroller" is an up-beat, bass-heavy rocker, as the title implies. Many 70's bands had moved in this direction in the 80's, with varying degrees of success. Things slow down with "Loved and Lost", a blues based rock song in which McCafferty tones down his gritty vocals a bit. UFO - Strangers in the Night, Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo, Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East, Kiss - Alive!, Deep Purple - Made in Japan, Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous, etc. Road Trip (2:48) The original LP had two sides. Glad When You're Gone (4:17) 5. Frankly, I think the problem was more due to the fact that the band's core fan-base was looking for heavier things at the time. However, by 1989 most of the 70's bands that survived had found themselves again. As well, many bands from the 70's bands were taking advantage of new studio technology, which tended towards a glossier, more polished sound. Claimed (3:55) "Please Don't Judas Me" (9:50). Other tracks like the primitive, tribal "Alcatraz" and Another Year (3:29) By 1989, Naz had been around for two decades and were highly respected by some of the biggest bands of that decade. Both CD's has been digitally remastered. Disc 1, Track 4 from Pegasus single PGS-5 (U.K.), 1972 14. Of Disc 1, Track 20 and original version of Disc 2, Track 1 from No Mean City (Mountain (U.K.)/A&M (U.S.), 1980) All Nite Radio       (4:08) 9. Both feature the Frazetta painting. "Revenge Is Sweet" (3:04) The heaviest of albums had ballads, The album features that raw, nasty, hard rock sound that Nazareth perfected on albums like "Hair of the Dog" and "Razamanaz". "Not Faking It" is a sweaty rocker that would have fit just as neatly on "Razamanaz". "Radio" for example is a song about the music that we grew up on and treat as if it's a good friend. Lonely In The Night (4:21) Were Naz a band searching for an identity in the 80's? With it they returned to the smoother, hard rock sounds of albums like "Close Enough for Rock & Roll" and "Play 'N the Game". Speakeasy (3:17) They hired successful West Coast guitarist/producer Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (. Любовь похожа на тучу, Всегда готовую пролиться дождем слез. The later was the first single for the album. 5. 1and 2" (4:59) It was also the last studio-recording to feature founding member and drummer Darrell Sweet. The eleven songs on the standard CD version range from the heavy metal of "One Set of Bones" to the meaty rock and roll of the title track to the melancholy, acoustic "Winter Sunlight". This is almost an additional album worth of music. 11. "You're the Violin" (3:35) However  buried 9:14 in the track is a four minute song (sort of). Had this song been recorded by any number of well known 80s bands it could have been a hit. As well, "Time and Tied" echoes my own life, being a forty-something rocker who's happily married. 14. I just think that if the band in their prime would have recorded this song, it would have rocked hard and heavy, rather than be-bopping along limp and weak. Much of the album is fairly mellow, such as acoustic based "Vicki". 4. 16. Empty Arms, Empty Heart 4. 9. It was covered by Mandy Barnett, Annie Whittle, Perikles, Rab Noakes and other artists. The album opens with a song that has some heavier moments, but it's a mostly symphonic number that builds momentum with the amps kicking in the distortion channels only at the end of the track. "Sound Elixir" is Nazareth's 14th studio release and sports an album cover that indicates a return to a rawer form of hard rock. starts off with a mean guitar riff, a cowbell driven beat and one of the nastiest In fact, songs like "Gatecrash" and "Boys in the Band" are pure rock and roll. Unlimited free Nazareth music - Click to play Love Hurts, Hair Of The Dog and whatever else you want! (The song has been covered by Helix on their "Wild in the Streets".)

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