Everything about this movie is bad - the plot, the acting, CGI, filming - nothing deserves a single good word. This film disrespects our history, culture and religion. External Reviews Even as a young child i think i would have found this movie pretty lackluster. | This movie is a total disgrace to the whole cinematography world. Stop mocking other cultures, and learn to use google for once if you don't have normal history textbooks at schools. I guess. She makes friends with Megan (Amiah Miller) who is picked on by the proverbial mean girls. Directed by Blake Harris. | Rasputin comes through the portal with a magic map to try to find Anastasia, but keeps getting sidetracked by things like trying to figure out how to properly ride a bus, learning '80s style dances, and getting cast as the villain in some random play. The Romanov family celebrates what would become their last royal ball before the Russian revolutionaries take down the monarchy. Anastasia (Emily Carey ), Annie to her friends, with the assistance of kindly Rasputin (Armando Gutierrez) escapes to the future in 1989 Madison (filmed in Louisville, Kentucky because they look like they are 30 years behind the times). They didn't even try to make it the same colour. This time you guys managed to cross the line. I'll admit I've been a fan of Emily Carey since she was on the British drama "Casualty"... and I see some of her excellence here, too. This is mockery of Russian history. Speaking of which, I'm really sorry about the disastrous short story from my, The biggest princess news today is that Disney released, I already wrote a general review of the smartphone game app, I have always dreamed of being a writer and creating the next great fairy tale princess heroine. ", controversy it caused at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, the preview that launched in the Netherlands. Worst acting ive ever seen, do yourself a favour and watch the 1997 version. User Ratings I wish I had been watching it with other people so that we could have made jokes about all the ridiculously convenient plot twists and bad special effects. This is truly awful. If it isn't the cause of God's wrath upon humankind, it is at least another indicator that 2020 is the end of days. You know those movies that you watch with your friends because they're so hilariously bad that you can spend the entire time making fun of every single thing that comes onscreen? I guess their thesis is that if you're a little girl who loves princesses, the princesses love you right back, but isn't that what the Disney Parks are for? I can definitely confirm, this movie is "So Bad it's Good". In an age where there seems to be very little indie family/kids films, I'm glad this one found a home. We then get an epilogue where Megan discovers that their new neighbours include a now eighty-three-year-old Anastasia. You can tell that it came from the same creative minds as 2018's The Little Mermaid because both stories have a mythical princess befriend a young blonde girl who is obsessed with royalty and magic. Dengan dibantu oleh Dimitri, mereka berdua berhasil kabur dari Catherine Palace. I like to host a movie night where I show my friends bad movies starring princesses (Which is very weirdly specific I know), and I am so incredibly excited to show this movie to them. In an overdone movie trope montage, Anastasia goes into a fitting room and tries on various fashions from the late '80s to replace her purple Disney Princess costume. You didn’t? Anastasia: Once Upon a Time starts out a little weird and then gets much weirder. Anastasia: Once Upon a Time is a 2019 American fantasy-adventure film based on the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Dancing with the Stars Has Its Most Magical Disney Night Yet! I know I’m not remotely the target demographic for this type of film but I can’t see any age group getting much out of this thing. Are you really not ashamed of what you have done? A little more retro than the 1997 animated classic Anastasia, Anastasia: Once Upon a Time adds a magical 80s twist to the legend of the mysterious Russian duchess. Before going through the portal Rasputin had gifted Anastasia with a magic amulet that would glow blue to indicate where she would find aid or red when there was danger. and learn some upsetting historical truths, but more than that is the frankly baffling choices made on every level. The acting is bad across the board with performances that would make Florida Dinner Theater look good by comparison – I have no idea how they got Brandon Routh to be in this thing but even he sucks balls here – and the two young leads have about as much screen presence as wet toast. Mix of attempts and non attempts for accents, really bad acting, graphics are horrendous especially for todays technology, The budget must have been so low... the random guy in the confusing suit looks like they slapped some felt onto his head. As a russian I feel extremely offended right now. I have mixed feelings about this movie. Did you know that the legendary Grigori Rasputin was actually a kindly wizard who could open portals through time? Sounds credible. I guess he figures her brothers and sisters can just hang around and die because they're not important to the plot anymore, at least for now. A real fairy-tale princess story with a hint of legend in there as well as fantasy. With Brandon Routh, Donna Murphy, Emily Carey, Amiah Miller. This has to be the most ridiculous low budget movie ive ever seen. Gimme more. As soon as it's safe to have gatherings again, I'll be screening this film for sure. FAQ I had heard about Armando Gutierrez's time travel Anastasia movie shortly after he released his weird experimental film of The Little Mermaid that takes place in a modern circus. It felt like an 80s film to me and my family, in a good way. Brandon Routh is transcendant, as always! When the Romanovs are attacked, Rasputin uses his ridiculously overpowered magic to open a time portal for the entire family to escape. One of those which is so bad you can't stop watching just to see if any talent kicks in. You learn something new every day. If you're not able to respect other cultures, if you're too lazy or ignorant to study them before filming, then STOP. I would go on but it would just cause more wasted time and I feel it's taken enough of that from me. Princesses inspire us to be our best selves. Well, that's what this is. The budget on this film must have been so high it is unreal, I am so glad that I had the honour of witnessing this movie after buying it at Netflix for 101 bucks, defintely worth the most amount of money I have ever spent. Meanwhile, Megan has a book with an exact photo of her new friend in it, but she never even suspects that Annie is the lost princess until she tells her directly. I'm fascinated by the many rumors of Anastasia, and although this is fantasy, I liked where it took the legend of her, especially the reveal at the end. Why do they Decembrists have mind control abilities? Ideal for family viewing with the little ones (and not so little ones too). • When Megan learns that Annie is actually thee Anastasia she asks what happened to her family and Anastasia but the book she recently purchased clearly shows a photograph of her family’s graves. They would have done better to just not bother with the Russian accents since they were terrible and the actors frequently dropped the accent anyway. Anastasia Romanova was 17 when she and her family were mercilessly shot. Today is the day! That seems pretty normal since it's the only thing in the movie that's even remotely historically accurate. You can learn about this time before creating this. Definitely something for the younger crowd, but lots of 80s nostalgia and wonder for the parents. Lots of heart and shot beautifully by one of the greatest DPs of all time, with visual hints of his work like Back to the Future and Hook. I can't say that Anastasia: Once Upon a Time is the worst princess movie I've ever seen because it's so bad that it's almost good. Some witch credited as Yara the Enchantress being the mastermind behind the 1917 revolution? Well, me neither, and it is this kind of startling information that will be revealed to those who watch writer/director Blake Harris’ fantasy film Anastasia: Once Upon a Time, a film so sweet and saccharin that it spends most of its time trying to look like a Disney Channel Original. Anastasia Romanova was 17 when she and her family were mercilessly shot. | While you're here, feel free to follow, the theory that the Anastasia Romanov escaped, I Found Two Indie Games Inspired by "Sleeping Beauty! Sure. Taken from that perspective, the film does have its sweet and touching moments. I watched this movie, but honestly felt like I'd blacked out, and came round at the end feeling confused and disorientated. I admit. I guess putting two and two together wasn’t her strong suit. Nothing about this movie made sense, which in a way, is brilliant because it never leaves you with that one lingering thing you wish had been done differently. Review: Dress Up! just tell me why, and most importantly why. The film stars Armando Gutierrez as Grigori Rasputin, Jo Koy as Vladimir Lenin, Brandon Routh as Nicholas II and Emily Carey as Anastasia.The film was released through digital platforms on April 7, 2020. The second half of the movie is a bunch of awkward '80s style music, montages, and hijinks. It was incredibly magical. This is film that doesn't care about historical context. • I’m not sure why Rasputin chose the late 80s as a safe place to hide Anastasia nor why he’d pick the United States. The movie ends with Anastasia returning to Russia moments before she initially entered the portal, thus she is now able to hustle her family out before Lenin and his goons capture them, but this time the portal just opens a doorway to outside the palace with no explanation as to why the time-travelling aspect was not used, and they are then aided by a Chinese delegate who had been attending their party. Rasputin (the animated classic’s villain) creates a time portal for the Romanov family to escape … I am so enraged and frustrated by this. That seems pretty normal since it's the only thing in the movie that's even remotely historically accurate. Happy ending. As for the rest of us, at least it's at least bad enough to take our minds off all the problems going on in the world today. Holy Mother of God is this film bad! Anastasia's brothers and sisters are ready to go until they see their father get shot and turn back. What a beautiful movie this is. Speaking of historical accuracy, all of the costumes that Anastasia's family wears at the ball look at least remotely believable, but Anastasia's color-shifting purple dress with glitter swirls looks like a deluxe Disney Princess Halloween costume straight out of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

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