Namor VS She Hulk. Hulk sees humanity as his enemy and starts a massive war. With the added pressure of a whole kingdom, the decisions Namor makes could be very costly to himself and his people. Essentially Johnny is gonna hit like a truck and will have a good chance at surviving. Share Share Tweet Email. Adding this location to the MCU map could be really significant in the political landscape of the superhero world moving forward. You lose the armor from thing but gain a stun, turn one taunt, and team damage. There are plenty of characters from the Hulk lore that haven't been introduced or adapted in the right way. Although perhaps it's a bit late in his narrative arc to have a solo movie, it could be interesting to see Banner at the end of his career. The subreddit for MARVEL Strike Force, a game for iOS/Android that is published by Scopely. There have been a number of rumors that Marvel Studios are set to acquire the movie rights to the characters of Namor and the Hulk.

She's probably a character you can skip though if you're working on other stuff. There's plenty of options for a Hulk solo film, although it doesn't even have to be set during the current time period. This could still happen in the MCU if Hulk goes crazy after trying to cure himself; especially if he now feels abandoned. There is one member on that team that is useless due to stealth taunt. His decisions are completely unpredictable. 15% self heal plus 3% barrier on turn with her great health stat, I'm down. I GET TIRED OF "YOU PEOPLE" YOUR HATRED OF NAMOR REFLECT YOUR TRUE SELF. With Namor's 100% crit chance AOE in War did he just make She Hulk irrelevant before anyone has even unlocked her thanks to Iso8 Raider? IM TIRED OF READING THESE B*LLSH*T POST. RELATED: The Ten Worst Things Namor Has Done. Namor holds his head down below the water and seems to drown the boy-hulk-genius. Speaking of a Hulk solo film, there's one story that still hasn't been portrayed on the big screen but could be a perfect final outing for the character. Maybe not better the Raider Namor but not that much weaker.

Namor arriving into the MCU right now could be the perfect time for the character, as it coincides with the debut of the Fantastic Four. It means you can shift f4 on and off def depending on what other teams you have or if you're moved to a more important room. Thinking it was Amadeus who put the implant into the beast, Namor returns to Pan in Atlantis Attacks #3 and begins destroying buildings. Comic book fans know that the character will go on to become one of Marvel's smartest villains, the Leader. I guess she's more for versatility for midgame players. and if anything namor is a fish terrorist and we are rascist agianst fish human hybrids. Amadeus comes rushing to the surface fully hulked-out, but it doesn't matter. I find it hilarious. Win by KO or Death. There's an added bonus of bringing in Namor to the MCU. Comment. Hulk and Namor might finally be under Marvel Studios' full control, but which acquisition is the most exciting for the MCU? The king of … Let's turn this guy into a meme. Namor can carry some war offense teams by himself he doesnt necessarily need the other FF members (they do make him better). report. Marvel's cinematic universe is missing characters like this. While there could be an argument to make General Ross the Red Hulk, Everett K. Ross could be a more interesting pick for the role. And anyway, Hulk takes a pretty solid majority.

But Hulk wins 60% of the time a slight majority. I'm inclined to believe he's a product of 4chan. Amadeus tries to stand in his way and is tossed aside like he's weightless. 95% of all memes start on 4chan, and it's...chaos to put it simply...absolute and utter chaos. Portrayed by the incredibly talented Tim Blake Nelson, the character would be a perfect enemy to bring back in another Hulk solo movie. namor fresh out of water can rival hulk in power. ...Uh...huh...Okayyy....someone needs to get off the soapbox and take a chill pill, and please stop abusing that poor shift key. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Happy gaming! 0. Namor VS She Hulk. With the news that Marvel Studios could finally make another Hulk solo film and the potential for Namor to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are 5 reasons why this is great news for Hulk fans and 5 why this could be better for Namor. By George Chrysostomou Jan 09, 2020. save. Dr. Samuel Sterns was added to that original film, although it wasn't until the very end that he started to mutate thanks to a chemical accident. Never let him live it down. We've spoken a little about the prospect of the Hulk actually getting a solo film, but the character really does deserve his due. RELATED: Marvel: The Hulk’s 10 Most Powerful Villains, Ranked. The most realistic option would be for a film set during Cap's days as a war hero. After being shot into space by the Avengers, the narrative sees the green goliath return to Earth with his new friends. While the Human Torch was only seen briefly in The First Avenger and a modern-day reunion seems unlikely, it would be great to see the Invaders united for the first time on screen. Unless you treat HT as a 20% damage passive, he isn’t worth his spot. and if anything namor is a fish terrorist and we are rascist agianst fish human hybrids. WOLVERINE (WILD WHITE ARMY, MARINE TYPE), THOR (WHITE JESUS) NAMOR (BLACK ISLAMIC TERRORIST). The rights with both of these characters have been complicated, although Marvel has been using Hulk for some time. LA water is dirty as hell going with hulk. Have you ever played with FF?

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You need to relax and if you have books of Namor how could you possibly believe he was anything else, but white? I dont think so. MARVEL IS TO BLAME FOR ALLOWING THE FIRST MARVEL CHARACTER TO DROP SO LOW. They are cousins and She-Hulk's origins are linked to Banner, as he gives her some of his blood. Take off thing. However, now that Marvel could do a Hulk film, they may be able to produce a full-on team-up movie that sees the two cousins come together, playing off the idea that the Disney Plus characters will be more heavily featured in the cinematic side of things. Let's turn this guy into a meme. This has nothing to do with that (if you want to debate in favor of one or the other using feats and scans then go for it, but the battle forum is not your soapbox and it's not here for you to derail threads.

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