In the 30-second spot, half-time bathroom breaks wage war with odor-combating Febreze products. The camera pans up his digital body. That is because it is making the association of cleaning and women’s housework, even during their holiday. In addition, young girls have to learn from their mothers how to clean and maintain the house in a good shape.

(Disclosure cont. Mr. Clean has gotten buff -- and sexy -- for his Super Bowl ad debut. Cynthia Debes et al. Details are limited, but P&G revealed the spot will feature New England Patriots tight end Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski and "Transparent" TV star Jeffrey Tambor.

It makes women feel like their self-worth is based on how good of a cleaner… "The story will unfold the week of Super Bowl, but two cleaning enthusiasts you can expect to see are Rob Gronkowski and Jeffrey Tambor who ultimately discover the cleaning power of Tide.". USA TODAY's Super Bowl Ad Meter site here. By Diana Bruk. It implies that you’ll clean so quickly with Mr. Clean that you’ll have time to get back to what really matters (spending time with family) this Mother’s day. ), Super Bowl LI will be Mr. Clean's Super Bowl debut. Also, the variation of color in the text seems to emphasize that the ad was designed for mothers. ( Log Out /  It is evident that the words used were intended to categorize women as the responsible ones for taking care of the house. And people love Pepto. I cover the business of sex. I've written for The Atlantic, Harper's Bazaar, Slate, Salon, and The Daily Beast. as the fantasy concludes. Society’s expectations for women are to have a mentality and personality that revolves around purity, cleanliness, and innocence. In the visual, the mother is teaching her daughter how to use Mr. Clean’s product with a cheerful facial expression. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. ), The Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial will appear in the game's third quarter. Mr. Clean satisfies in every room of the house, and there’s a new Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial to prove it! Ed. In 2008, TIME named me one of the year's best bloggers.

It is making a connection between mothers and household cleaning activities. Let's just say the ad was, erm, effective. The status updates written from the perspective of Pepto--as if Pepto was a real person with a distinct personality. "You gotta love a man who cleans" pops across the screen. Entitled "Cleaner of Your Dreams," the mostly wordless ad depicts Mr. Clean showing up at red-haired woman's house. He's wearing skintight white, rippling with muscles, and armed with cleaning supplies. The 30-second spot features the iconic-but-refreshed character who's still bald and muscular but seems a little younger and sexier than his old self. To subscribe to my newsletter, click HERE. Create a free website or blog at

She crashes into his arms as they both collapse on the couch.

Society has an idea of patriarchal household in which women are supposed to make men happy by taking good care of the house. You can see the ad at USA TODAY's Super Bowl Ad Meter site here. I knew what it was to have a stomach ache, but what did I know of housecleaning?

The following is an analysis based on the Mr. Clean advertisement and how it challenges gender stereotypes through the use of text, color, and people. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2014 68-92. Mr. Clean was not one of them.). Procter & Gamble is turning heads with its new Super Bowl commercial starring the iconic Mr. Clean as a domestic sex symbol. "Tide is happy to announce it will be part of Super Bowl Sunday," the company said in a statement. "Sarah? They are expected to maintain good care of the home and of themselves. Change ), Gender Analysis of Mr. Clean Advertisement, 12 Offensive Advertisements Your Business Can Learn From – Shopoyo. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. They stand out because they have a different color than the rest of the message. One for Febreze trades sex humor for toilet humor. This tone of purple can be associated with calm and stable environments. Moms Everywhere Are Losing Their Minds Over the Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial. This blog has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, ESPN, BuzzFeed, and Katie Couric. She opens her eyes and it's her shlub of a mate standing before her. Not much, apparently. The society we live in has this stereotypical mentality that women are the ones responsible for the household chores. Rarely, men are displayed doing “the job that really matters.” According to William O’Barr, “When men are depicted in parental roles, they often appear as adult playmates, usually in sports or other outdoor contexts” (85). This notches a third P&G Super Bowl ad this year by the Cincinnati-based consumer products giant. Solid Analysis, but everything you are assuming changes when you think about the ad in this way: Mr. Clean wants mothers to get back to the job that matters on Mother’s day, yes. With the use of the phrase “This Mother’s Day, get back to the job that really matters.” it is really easy to spot that the message was intended for women. In it, a mother and a daughter appear to be cheerfully using Mr. Clean cleaning sponge. Thankfully, an animated Mr. Clean appears, accompanied by seductive music. However, implying that cleaning is a job makes them not having a chance to spend their day relaxing and enjoying it. The blissed-out homemaker also begins to sway to the music's vibe before a voice calls out her name. Playing out even further into the idea of a patriarchal household. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. : Pepto was my favorite brand. Linking the cleaning – “the job that really matters” to the holiday of Mother’s day makes this ad sexist. 18 Feb 2016. Rpt.

O’Barr, William M. “Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in Advertisements.” Advertising & Society Review. I've appeared on CNN, NPR, and "Politically Incorrect." In addition, the use of the word “job” infers that a woman’s main priority should be to be a housewife. I enjoyed being a bottle of pink bismuth more than I'll ever be able to adequately express. To start with, this Mr. Clean advertisement challenges society’s traditional gender expectations through the text employed. In celebration of mother's day, Mr. Clean released an advertisement depicting a mother and a daughter celebrating the miracle that is cleanliness (and by association, domestic work). I wish it was me.

That is, among other things, cleaning and serving others.

To email me, click HERE. Procter & Gamble has released its first-ever Super Bowl ad for Mr. Clean. ( Log Out /  While men are responsible for getting the money to sustain the family’s needs. Although, yes, it still depicts the woman cleaning, it has harmless intent. Apparently, in 2011 when women made up nearly half the workforce, Mr. Clean was adamant that a woman's place is still in the home, cleaning. The message seems to be Mr. Clean telling the women to ‘get back in the kitchen’. In the 30-second commercial, created by Leo Burnett Toronto, a woman notices a mess on her stove top and gets sad. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Caught up in the heat of cleanliness and swooning in the wake of Mr. Clean's seduction, she flings herself across the room, kisses her significant other, and tackles him across the sofa. Suffice to say, the feeling was mutual.). ( Log Out /  This is evidently shown by having a mother and a daughter on the advertisement. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. "YOU GOTTA LOVE A MAN WHO CLEANS," the screen reads. Procter & Gamble has released its first-ever Super Bowl ad for Mr. Clean. In the context of gender analysis, it is possible to conclude that women are being categorized as sensible, innocent, pure and calm. Trump campaign’s challenge of election results pushes nation toward 'loss of democracy,' experts tell USA TODAY.

You may opt-out by. To start with, this Mr. Clean advertisement challenges society’s traditional gender expectations through the text employed. Someone else writes it these days. I know the company didn’t mean to have it taken so poorly but it’s really blatant sexism.

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