However, generally child support orders direct that a lump sum payment be made on a monthly basis. The order may provide that child support automatically terminates on this date. We are your community law firm. When this motion to modify child support is heard, the court will likely recalculate the remaining child support obligation pertaining to the other children based on the new guidelines, even if the original order was based on the old guidelines. Use our Easy Form programs to help you create the forms you need. Under both the old guidelines and the new guidelines, the amount of child support is increased based on the number of children involved. ���b��+�6�[l�������������~V�_?|���;����Wβ�QX=}��܊��*�&����p�&�HM����I�,k�W�i�/����+������4��L^�ʁ6�W�B�9�?�G� %5�W��'�g��&�ڤʥ��/�A��G{���p� What Happens if the Father’s Name is Not on the Birth Certificate? The purpose of a free consultation is to determine whether our firm is a good fit for your legal needs. The upshot is that for parents who stand to benefit under the new child support laws a substantial change in circumstances other than the mere passage of the law is required in order to have the new law applied to your pre-2017 child support order. It is free to use. Kevin O’Flaherty is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Chicago-Kent College of Law. Interestingly, orders that were entered prior to July 1, 2017 under the old law that are now modified will apply the new guidelines when modifying the order. Bringing the conversation back to the subject at hand, if a child support order covers multiple children and if the language of the order does not provide that child support is not automatically reduced when one child reaches the age of 18, the obligor will have to file a motion to modify child support to reduce his or her child support payments in light of the fact that one of the children has reached adulthood. Illinois Child Support obligations don't always terminate automatically. Because every family situation is unique, the sample forms below may not fit your circumstances exactly. If there are multiple children covered by the child support order, child support should be reduced as each child reaches adulthood. What is Domestic Abuse and How Do I Obtain a Civil Protective Order Under Iowa Law. The following sample forms are available: Information for Law Enforcement on Bond Cards, Petition For Authorization to Issue Bond Certifica, Petition For Authorization To Act As A Civil Suret, Part 20 (Rules) Court-Annexed Civil Mediation, Juvenile Justice&Child Protection Resource Section, Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Unio. Through the IV-D Program absent parents can be located, parentage can be established, and support  orders can be enforced to ensure child support payments. Child support typically terminates when a child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school. To learn more about the change Illinois Child Support Laws, check out our article: Changes to Illinois Child Support Laws. Cook County Government. �h���Ţ��uZ�I3�T�с��$}���He��YFnɽ�p. Our Iowa & Illinois Attorneys are committed to providing exceptional client service in a cost-effective manner in the areas of, Illinois Child Support and College Expenses, Illinois Child Support Modification Explained, Urgent and Immediate Necessity In Illinois Child Custody Cases. ��/��B�N�c`[�KJ��Ƿ���O!�d~5km e_?����&�&k�T�D���9?� н6Vp�q��9��j�;r�ĤF�I��[yA:�͐����ULp(�D %PDF-1.6 %���� Request a call from a child support specialist Send and receive secure messages For registration assistance or app support, please contact us at 1-888-245-1938. ; if so, will the new Illinois child support guidelines be applied?”. We will answer the question, “Do I have to go to court to change my child support when my child turns 18 or graduates high school?”  We will answer a reader question, “If I modify my child support order to remove payments for a child that turns 18, will the court modify payments for my other children? Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union: Copyright 2020 by Circuit Court of Cook County. You flatten the form in one of two ways: How to File & Send a Motion & Notice of Court Date for Motion, Getting Started Motion to Continue or Extend Time, How to File & Send A Motion to Continue or Extend Time & Notice of Court Date for Motion, Order Granting/Denying Motion to Continue or Extend Time. Something went wrong while submitting the form :(, no need to leave your home to receive legal consultations and services - Call or click to learn more about phone and video conferencing with our attorneys.

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