Love these little guys, was suprised to feel anything off just one because of other reviews, but they pack a little buzz, can easily stretch this high threw out my work day to take the edge off + mild pain relief but still function, till i can get home to burn. Not the best value at the new price imo. i really liked these! I have given this 4 stars, but it’s more like 3.5 stars. 150mg for 11$ is a great price as well. The different colour square are truly , amazing help with the pain! Get timely updates from your favorite products. Would buy again, but prefer other methods, Love all the Mota brand edibles but these are the best bang for your buck and easy to share and dose in specific quantities. Will repurchase, but not my favorite. Gummies taste like something straight from 7-11 and are a great price for how much ya get! Perfect amount and the taste is so good. A couple of these and I was good to go. Love that its in smaller doses so that you can take one as the others start to wear off. Each bag contains 300mg CBD in the whole package. The effects are great – I find they make me more sleepy than stimulated. Cuz I like too get realllll high, Mota strikes again with these little beautiful morsels. They don’t leave the taste of weed in your mouth and have a great consistency. Amazing I love buying candy edibles and eating it once in awhile take like 4 and get blasted, also for people complaining about it not doing much of an affect its because your tolerance, either take a break for awhile then try more then the amount you did befor… Other then that Great product i love these !! One issue I have with these is they always taste So Good!! I would buy this product again, These are my second best favourite edibles Definitely a bigger bang for your buck! They do not leave the yucky weed taste in your mouth which is nice because you can eat them wherever you are and not taste weed or smell like it. These gummies are amazing. I was still high in the morning, Ohh yeah these taste amazing ,buzz is A++ love these highly suggest buying. One of my favourite edibles, these are the best bang for your buck even eating just a few of these i can feel the effects. The hard candy mota i take one and im ok but those one never again, Very dissapponted no effect at all also my friend took 3 and felt nothing … gave 1 star for the amazing taste but that’s the only good point for me, These gummies were a big disappointment. Nice little bit size pieces. I find if I’m already tired, these sometimes send me to bed a little earlier than I’d like. DELICIOUS and DISCRETE. Each square contains 10mg THC. They taste just like real candies. I recently ate adorable chocolate edibles 20mg and I thought I was going to die, sooo these were really weak or maybe not dosed at all. Do…. Really delicious, but not as sour as I would like. PeterPan Flavours are great…. The flavour is nice, they have a hint of weed taste but I prefer it like that. I usually love Mota. I also ordered MOTA BLACK. When i tolk the 20mg gummies they really hit me hard, but these didn’t really do anything. That’s 40mgs… to get just a small buzz. So good and you couldn’t even tell it’s an edible! One of the best tasty sour squares I ever had , could eat them all day long. Very taste, good , alone or mixed with one hard candy. I spoke to a friend about these squares recently and he mentioned that he takes about 80mg at one time to get a nice high. I love, love, love these. 100mg THC per Key Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving. 125ml Jar 400 mg THC / 47.34mg per tbsp / 15.77mg per tsp THC Coconut Oil Ingredients: Organic cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil & solvent free THC distillate. They taste great but don’t really feel anything. Candies taste fine, little after taste, they do the trick (I have to eat a couple, but that’s expected with 10mg each). All rights reserved. This is definitely my favourite product in the site right now! Just wonderful tasting lil sour cubes that pack a punch with flavor and a nice high! Miss Envy – THC Phoenix Tears (560-600mg), MOTA – Peanut Butter Cup (200mg THC | 20mg CBD). I purchased 3 bags of these, thinking that I’d have lots of fun. Pretty basic. Each candle is supposed to have 10mgs of THC and I have to take as many as 4 to feel even the slightest buzz. they are very flavorful specially the watermelon ones Came very fast and for the price they are awesome. These sour squares are a good addition to a night, not super powerful and the size/number of them helps you dose lightly and accurately. The price is amazing & the bag comes with a decent quantity of gummies. Perfect little pick me up in between tokes or a great edible for a beginner. I will start off my saying that I have tried these before, my sister had purchased them. Nice flavor and not too big and easy to figure out how much THC you are ingesting. Anyone with a high tolerance would have to eat the whole bag, not my favourite edible but still very good. Delicious! The 10mg per piece is awesome and you get 30 mg more for the same price as other mota products, although no CBD’s. you get 150mg of THC for 11$. A great way to stay moderately buzzed all day long and to regulate how much of a buzz I want to have. Do not operate heavy machinery after consuming. Consistency wise they are nice and soft. They do have a bit of a weed flavor but the price is great and I love how small they are. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by their distillate products, but this seemed a bit underwhelming.

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