“This legislation would support new mothers in our National Guard and Reserve by making certain they receive the same paid maternity leave benefits as their active-duty counterparts. All rights reserved. “Women who serve our country should not be inadvertently penalized for having a child, nor should they be expected to return to drill duties in the weeks following childbirth,” said Sen. Moran. Only one primary and one secondary caregiver may be authorized for each qualifying birth event or adoption. The Guard and Reserves play an essential role in securing our national safety -- it’s only fair that our family leave policy supports these moms as they serve our country.”. Shawnee Co. Health Officer updates health order, TPS moves to remote learning through Thanksgiving Break, Increase in coronavirus cases in Shawnee Co. brings new restrictions, No charges to be filed in Topeka’s latest homicide, Topeka’s St. Francis sees COVID inpatients double in week, 13 NEWS This Morning Birthday Club/Braggin Wall 11-13-20, Scholar Athlete of the Week Submission Form. According to Moran, this bill makes sure that women who serve in the National Guard and Reserve will be able to take maternity leave and not worry about how it will affect creditable military service. He says if a woman servicemember misses a drill, she is put in jeopardy of not getting any credit toward her retirement. After working with a number of moms in the National Guard and my colleagues in the Senate, we were able to pass this important bill to ensure that women can both serve our nation and build their families in the National Guard and Reserve.”, “Our service members make enormous sacrifices for our country when they answer the call to duty, often spending long days and months away from their friends and families to support Americans across the country and throughout the world,” said Sen. Udall. “Paid parental leave is available to covered employees only in connection with the birth or placement of a son or daughter that occurs on or after October 1, … The Military Parental Leave Program (MPLP) provides non-chargeable leave entitlements following the birth or adoption of a Child. According to the Kansas Senator, those that are members of the Reserves in inactive duty training are still required to attend all mandatory functions in order to receive points toward creditable military service. Copyright 2020 WIBW. Moran says in 2016, the Department of Defense laid out new rules that allowed 12 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave after pregnancy and childbirth for moms that are active-duty servicemembers. He says the MOMS Leave Act was introduced by himself and Senator Tom Udall, both are members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. Commandant Gen. David Berger wants to expand maternity leave for Marines to convince more women to stay in the service. TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Senator Moran backed bill, Moms of Military Service Leave Act, has been passed by the U.S. Senate. Senator Moran says the U.S. Senate passed the Mothers of Military Service (MOMS) Leave Act as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. But he says under current laws, those that serve in the National Guard and Reserve lose out on credit for the military time that has been served and points toward their retirement while they are on maternity leave. “We need to fully support military moms, instead of asking some to choose between caring for their newborns or receiving pay and retirement credits. The policy applies to Total Force Airmen who are birth mothers and fathers, same-sex couples, as well as adoptive and surrogate parents. The Military Parental Leave Program (MPLP) consists of the following forms of non-chargeable leave following a qualifying birth event or adoption for covered Service members: Maternity Convalescent Leave, Primary Caregiver Leave, and Secondary Caregiver Leave. Moran says in 2016, the Department of Defense laid out new rules that allowed 12 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave after pregnancy and childbirth for moms that are active-duty servicemembers. Moran says this new act would make sure women who are serving in the Reserve Component get pay and points for 12 pay periods towards their retirement after pregnancy and childbirth, which guarantees paid maternity leave for about 150,000 women who are currently serving in the National Guard and Reserve. Suzanna Lapi) 11 Sep 2020 Members of our National Guard and Reserves deserve the same paid maternity leave as their counterparts in other military branches. (Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl.

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