Grape (purple) is definitely not the American grape we’re all used to. The honey isn’t very apparent, except that the sweetness is much more subdued and syrupy than regular apple Mentos. These were close to their expiry, but I experience this on a consistent basis with all varieties not made in Holland. I like that it’s natural colors and flavors, there’s no weird bitterness or aftertastes. The package is hard to spot though, because it’s red and looks a lot like Strawberry at first glance. There are 2 Air Action, 2 Strong Mint, 4 Spearmint, 6 Mint chewy candies. They no longer contain gelatin (they use gellan gum) which is vegetarian ... but they also use carmine color, so they’re not actually vegetarian. - candy fandom in the form of a blog. I’ve had salted dried plums before but found them, well, salty, tangy and bitter. The lemony center is subtle and lightly zesty without adding too much sour. I’m not that big on Watermelon candies, so for the most part I chalk it up to personal preference. All Natural • Candy • Mentos • Review • Perfetti van Melle • Chews • Cola • Mints • 7-Worth It • Japan • Netherlands •. Mentos Pure Fresh Pure Breath With Green Tea Berry Lime Mint RM 3.97. Mentos is popular all over the globe and each country it is sold into has different tastes, likes and interests. Each large bag, the size of an airplane pillow, contained 300 pieces. Candy • Mentos • Review • Perfetti van Melle • Chews • 6-Tempting • 7-Worth It • Japan •. Strong is, well, a chewy Altoid. They’re actually made in Vietnam but Perfetti van Melle and have Halal certification, but all of the other packaging is in English. Please try again later. The Mentos Lemon Squash really made no sense to me at all. They’ve been spending more on their gum line than the mints and chews, so we rarely get to see the new flavors, even as limited editions here. The center is also sweet, but without the tart bite and a little note of pine and peach that mango can sometimes have. One of my favorite global candies are Mentos because they reflect local flavors so well. We do not have any recommendations at this time, FSSAI Importer Licence no: 21518084000403, Healthy & Delicious Products from Across the World. I ordered a package of Mentos Tropical Rainbow from Japan (through Napa Japan, my new alternative to Of course when ordering candy to be shipped from another country, it’s good to order a lot. Mentos Pure Fresh Pure Breath With Green Tea Berry Lime Mint RM 3.97. Several times a week I browse eBay’s candy sellers’ section to see what sort of new products are out there. POSTED BY Cybele AT 11:29 am     Mentos Orange starts with a floral orange blossom flavor, and maybe even a hint of bergamot. Excite your mouth and awaken your senses with Mentos Gum. This little plastic jar of Mentos Mix Grape was given to me by Santos of Scent of Green Bananas. The lemony center is subtle and lightly zesty without adding too much sour. I don’t know why they don’t sell the individually wrapped version here in the United States.

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