Episode 23: Lara Hogan on the Secret to Being a Successful Manager Read a transcript. Maybe something you launched a year ago, now they’re saying it’s not allowed. I would love to bring features like that back because I would love for Tumblr to be a better part of the open web. If you pay enough attention, you can see the future. Typically that’s done via the WordPress plugin system (there are multiple plugin options for Stripe). So perhaps the advertising thing doesn’t work out, and it’s all more subscription-based. Personally, I like the Gutenberg editor, as it makes content creation a more modular experience — which is almost a necessity in the modern web. Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg joins The Vergecast to talk about the future of Tumblr, his plans for the site, and why the porn ban will stay in place ... LinkedIn… I would say, for all of those things, expect things to be kind of the same until we do the close. Through all that, the site’s fierce community hung on: it’s still Taylor Swift’s go-to social media platform, and fandoms of all kinds have homes there. Listen to Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg episodes free, on demand. Then there was a diligence process to try to find out as much information as you can about the business. Nevertheless, his ground breaking work on WordPress and self-taught digital expertise is certainly to be admired and respected. Their top priority was not trying to maximize the purchase price. HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Named a Finalist for 2020 CRN Tech Innovator Award, Managing Lambdas Across Regions and Accounts, Migrating your version control to Git? Matt shares that they’ve cultivated a culture at Automattic that’s open and honest, where everyone communicates freely. It’s going to be a few months of integration and the migrating data and servers and everything like that. $1.1 billion. It has something that’s just a bit different. They’ve found success implementing an open vacation policy (taking as much time off as employees want or need). Think about their data: are they investing their data into a place where it can come back out? After rendering into HTML, the pages then get distributed to content delivery networks (CDNs) — like the one Netlify provides. They have some extremely experienced corporate development and lawyers and everything. From here on in, most of us were in uncharted territory: level 3, defined as “becoming remote-first, or distributed”, is what we are starting to see at technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter or Square, among many others: “don’t worry, we will continue to work remotely until further notice, or if you prefer, you can even continue to work remotely when all this is over, and come to the office only if you consider it necessary”. It’s freemium: use it for free, and then you can buy plans anywhere from $40 to $450 per year to get added functionality. Episode 16: Glitch CEO Anil Dash on Strengthening Values in a Distributed Startup Read a transcript. We also chat about the importance of virtual social gatherings and the importance of continuing human-to-human connection. It was a difficult process. A people-centered culture, with all that that entails. In most cases, in fact, organizations had discouraged anybody who suggested working from home. Is that what you’re aiming for? This emergency situation has not allowed for overly sophisticated decision-making. Indeed, one of the advantages of JAMstack is that developers can more easily integrate APIs and serverless functions into their site. So one, we have WordPress.com upgrades you can buy and get additional customizability. A new podcast, 15 years in the making. It makes it significantly less than what you would expect for the amount of traffic and audience. But I do think that the advertising they did do is significantly lower than what you would expect. The rebuild process he’s referring to is the generation of static HTML pages, which in the JAMstack model is typically done by a “static site generator” — popular examples of this type of product include Gatsby, Jekyll, Next.js and Hugo. Recently, I started embracing a concept Matt calls “Away From Keyboard”, shortened to “AFK”. I think there is an opportunity there. To Mullenweg’s point, it is debatable whether most websites or blogs need to have their entire sites pre-rendered and delivered across a CDN every time a new page is published. Just have a web version.” But apps really are it, and I believe Tumblr is one of the top 30 or 40 apps in the social networking category. Teaching Innovation at IE … We’re a subscription and upgrades company. Don’t dismiss what’s happening in Silicon Valley. Listen to Ophir Gottlieb, on how to think about the future & investing. “You can patch together a dozen services, each with its own account and billing, for hundreds of dollars a month, to get a similar result you’d have for a few dollars a month using WordPress on shared hosting,” he said. A recent Netlify blog post showed how you can “sell products on Jamstack sites using Stripe Checkout to process payments and Netlify Functions to securely create Checkout sessions.”. I’ve seen some solid recaps of my conversation with Sam from Steve Glaveski and Steve Jurvetson, but here’s my gist of how distributed companies evolve: A highly influential book for me in designing Automattic was Daniel Pink’s Drive, where he eloquently introduces the three things that really matter in motivating people: mastery, purpose, and autonomy. It’s weird whether it’s fandom or it’s just weirdness in general. We’ll really start to look at our systems. As I mentioned to Sam on the podcast, “any company that can enable their people to be fully effective in a distributed fashion, can and should do it far beyond after this current crisis has passed.” It’s a moral imperative. Purpose is the desire to do something that has meaning, that’s bigger than yourself. There was microblogging, photo blogging, audio blogging, which is podcasting. The speed benefits for end users are hard to argue against, plus I’m intrigued by the opportunities for developers. If you think 2016 was the peak of the closed social networks and proprietary software, we are seeing incredible growth of open source, of distributed systems, whether that’s in information, whether that’s in blogging, with money, with crypto, and everything related to that. I think that we’ve always had some different models. Your blog is an incredibly helpful resource too! “The usability and functionality is actually lower. For a good summary of Dan Pink, check out this animation. An aggrieved ex-Gatsby contractor, Nat Alison, claimed in a long Twitter thread that Gatsby had “molasses-slow builds.”, Being new to Gatsby, I spent the first few weeks getting acquainted with the platform. So there’s just so much to unlock there. I’m actually curious. So that’s the deal. These teams have a lot of overlap, and I’m looking forward to them working together. Let me talk about what we do for that on WordPress.com. Both. Stay safe. These are very, very difficult problems. Many of us didn’t have a dedicated workspace at home, and given that we thought the situation was temporary, probably haven’t done much to adapt wherever we’re working from or buy new equipment. More.... From writer to a professional poker player. Yeah. Now imagine an environment where you can choose and control every one of those to your liking — maybe it’s a room in your house, a converted garage, a shared studio, or really anything, the important thing is you’re able to shape the environment fit your personal preferences, not the lowest common denominator of everyone an employer has decided to squish together for 8 hours a day. Episode 13: Attorney Lydia X. Some of the agreements that came over were like whoa! Many people soon found themselves sucked into a succession of videoconferences aimed at recreating the type of contact that happens in an office, until they were burned out. Visit Styra and Open Policy Agent at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2020! He is best known for being the co-founder of WordPress, the most popular open-source blogging platform on the web responsible for creating nearly 30% of all Internet websites. While I think Matt Mullenweg raises two valid points of criticism about JAMstack — slow build times and a “fragile” chain of services — it should be noted that WordPress also has its critics in 2020. I’m really glad that this is how it ended up. Not only can we can save on the time spent getting to and from work, we can also organize our workplace at home, helped by our employers, and we can afford to be much more creative. Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, thinks the currently trendy JAMstack approach to website management — which decouples the frontend from the backend, and doesn’t require web servers — is a backward step for the web. WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg Is Not a Fan of JAMstack. When companies make their main focus on “appearing” to work, rather than the work itself, it encourages the opposite. Tumblr is an Automattic property now? But it’s still lamented that it’s gone; it was the application that brought together an entire ecosystem of blogs. It’s a week’s worth of Starbucks or something. Matt usually travels extensively for work — he logged over 500,000 miles in the air last year — but he confessed that he is enjoying his extended time at home and it might bring about a lasting change in his behavior. To go right at Facebook and Twitter with Tumblr? I had some contacts at Verizon that I pinged separately. Distributed Work's Five Levels of Autonomy. If anyone had nervousness now, I would just say look at Automattic’s 14-year history or WordPress’ 16-year history. And I was a little relieved as a competitor because Tumblr was so cool, and at the time, Yahoo was not cool. I guess we’re still a corporate parent, but we’re a very friendly one, and we’re all about blogging, innovation, publishing communities. So even though we could have some code sharing across apps. We don’t sell or share your email. They’ve really cracked a lot of the social side of it. So it’s always been a very creative team, and I really am looking forward to seeing that just unleashed. When you talk about the adult content on Tumblr and the changes that they made, it’s really like four or five issues mixed in there. Brown on Making Work More Accessible Read a transcript. Even rebuilding sites in JAMstack harkens back to the Movable Type days, where the bigger your site gets the slower it is to rebuild or update templates.”.

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