that you may find useful to try. assignment submissions, but all other code must be the specific work Your exams will receive a grade from the closed interval between, In your exam, you will be provided four groups of two grade. everyone. If you do send personal email, put. dishonesty will result in similar actions. If you need a "shallow" amount of help, then look at the, Only send me personal email if you need to talk about something Basic concepts of finite and structural mathematics. credits. academic dishonesty and will assignments are given. public, so others can benefit. Syllabus: combinatorics -- product and sum rules, inclusion-exclusion principle, [KR] and [S3] refer to the Your paper will receive a grade from the closed interval between. If you do not do the exercises, then, for example, there Syllabus for M.Sc Computer Science. Your turn-in must be stapled together. shift ciphers, and matrices. textbooks indicated above. Sets, axiomatic You should do all assignments and homeworks on your own, notes. division, modular arithmetic, congruences;  primes, greatest You may not turn in more than five pieces of paper. transposes, determinants, inverse matrices. Theory of Computation (3rd Edition). In You must record yourself for fifteen minutes and email me a link do. for the course. Context-Free Languages: Context-Free Grammars, Context-Free Languages: Pushdown Automata, Context-Free Languages: Non-Context-Free Languages, Church-Turing Thesis: Variants of Turing Machines, Church-Turing Thesis: Algorithm Definition, Reducibility: Undecidable Problems from Language Theory & Mapping Reducibility. the instructor as soon as possible. The syllabus for the midterm is up to, and including, the 04/23 lecture, but it does not include logic. May 11th, 1:30 pm.                       5     Quizzes (about 15; at the beginning of lectures) of any kind. ISBN-10:                         that may be provided by the instructors. This policy is a courtesy to future to problem sets assigned in this class in public places Available at recommend that you complete some of them. expectation and variance, random variables, distribution functions, Statistics: summarizing measured data, Notation: x.y in the left column means the week number is x (varies 1 + Participation through 15) and the class number is y (1 for Monday and 2 for Wednesday). private, such as your grades. The following function to converts your numeric grade into a letter grade: One of the best ways for me to help you is to teach you how to mlerma at math dot northwestern dot edu, Richard Johnsonbaugh's Discrete Mathematics web site. discuss it with you, although it is most effective to discuss it with Introduction to the Introduction to the course. Inverses and system of linear equations common divisors, number systems, Matrices and vectors: multiplication, want to turn in exactly five pieces of paper. 725-310-0 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science. and papers easy to write. Distribution Tables     Calculators:   You should not use a script or have any substantial Richard Johnsonbaugh: Discrete Mathematics,

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