Required fields are marked *. Found in the rinds of citruses, it is the second most common terpene in nature and also the third most common terpene in cannabis. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Enjoy 7 new deals - one for every day of the week, Get a 10% discount every Tuesday on online purchase, Permanent discount for military and veterans, Enjoy these select strains at a special price, Our website offers cannabis products and information and is restricted to adults aged 21 years and older, Littleton Approves Recreational Marijuana, Five More States Legalize Cannabis in November 4th Elections, Cannabis & Pregnancy. Don’t get too overzealous on that one, though; terpenes such as limonene, alpha-pinene, and isoprene can cause irritation to the upper respiratory system. Take White Fire OG as an example of what to look for: Despite limonene’s potential therapeutic benefits, little is known about how it works in the brain and body, and what doses are required to achieve these benefits. In many of the limonene … We don’t yet know. Updated 10/1/2019. suppress the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, irritation to the upper respiratory system, Combining Genetics and Cannabis Oil for Cancer |, Terpene Tuesday: Limonene Basics in Under 2 Minutes – The Mary Jane Experience. Another versio, L-limonene, is found in pinecones and is generally used as a solvent in industrial cleaning applications. As a naturally acidic and aromatic compound, the limonene terpene serves nicely as a cleaning solvent, and it’s even used in industrial degreasers. But like limonene’s benefits in breast cancer, high doses are likely needed beyond what may be present in cannabis alone. By better understanding limonene’s targets in the brain and body, scientists may help direct users towards strains or products where limonene’s therapeutic benefits are optimized by a particular cannabinoid and terpene profile. We do not share your location with anyone. It remains unclear how limonene achieves its therapeutic effects. D-Limonene. Other applications include the clinical use of Limonene to dissolve cholesterol-rich gallstones as well as to relieve heartburn and gastroesophageal refluxes. Sorry, Leafly isn't available in your location yet. An inside look into the popular terpene limonene, including its medical benefits, effects and the strains … Limonene plays a major role in creating the scent of maples, pines, cedars, juniper, rosemary, and more. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. and Privacy Policy. More recent studies have also found that it may also induce regression in (human) mammary carcinomas. Terpenes are believed to exhibit medicinal properties independent of the cannabinoids. We won’t go so far as to say that CBD and THC are unfairly credited for the work done by the limonene terpene and its accomplices, but it’s important that consumers understand the entourage effect. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Our team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all corners of the market, from growing and retail, to science and medicine, to data and technology. In simpler terms, stress affects our nervous systems in ways that create harmful effects for the body, and limonene counteracts this effect by somehow intervening at the level of the central nervous system. By Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man | November 12, 2020. We don’t yet know. When seeking strains high in limonene, you’ll need to find lab-tested products to know that the strain you’re buying is in fact limonene-packed. In the case of the limonene terpene and several others, these aromatic compounds can promote healing effects both on their own and in their native environments (i.e., the cannabis plant). Check the terpene profile online or ask your budtender. Take White Fire OG as an example of what to look for: Despite limonene’s potential therapeutic benefits, little is known about how it works in the brain and body, and what doses are required to achieve these benefits. Israel to Legalize Marijuana in 9 Months... Israel to Legalize Marijuana in 9 Months, Justice Minister Says. The anti-inflammatory effects of this organic compound are well documented, especially in its ability to help curb colitis— a phenomenon that seems to occur due to its ability to suppress the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. By accessing this site, you accept Can you do it? Research has indicated this terpene may be specifically helpful for: Since the citrusy terpene has been shown to accumulate in fatty tissue, it makes sense that it has been useful for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and other tumors found in fatty regions. It also can have sedating and gastroprotective effects. Most of us are already accustomed to naturally occurring limonene, however, and for cannabis users who want to increase their intake, it’s simply a matter of finding the right strain. Limonene-rich fruits such as Yuzu have long been used as traditional medicines in Japan for their anti-inflammatory effects, particularly with respect to the treatment of bronchial asthma. Relaxing indicas high in limonene counteract the potential for lower moods from increased sedative terpenes such as myrcene. In many of the limonene studies to date, high doses were used—much higher than amounts found in cannabis. Do not rely on the name if you are picking a Limonelle rich strain. Your email address will not be published. We consider it imperative for the cannabis industry and Leafly to invest in restorative justice. Inhalation of limonene vapor increases serotonin and dopamine levels in key regions of the brain that are associated with anxiety, depression, and OCD. We won’t share this without your permission. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It is used in food, beverages, perfumes, soaps, cleaners, and can even strip paint. Enter your location to see results closest to you. Updated 10/1/2019. It is also one of the three primary terpenes found in cannabis flowers (along with Pinene and Myrcene) and is the second most commonly occurring terpene in nature. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We continue our terpene series with the humulene terpene. In two prostate cancer cell lines, limonene administration resulted in higher ROS generation, depletion of GSH, accompanied by increased caspase. Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. A panel of UK researchers representing Cancer Research Campaign Laboratories in London describe in this study how d-limonene showed “chemotherapeutic efficacy in spontaneous and carcinogen-induced animal tumor models with remarkably little toxicity.”. The aromatherapeutic effects noted above also help describe what this terpene brings to the cannabis experience. Darn! Cannabis plants contain an estimated 200 terpenes, depending on the strain and other factors. Limonene Terpene Effects. Some strains exhibit higher levels of limonene than others, but these levels can vary widely across harvests depending on genetics, growing techniques, and curing processes. Medical cannabis can be used by humans and animals alike. Despite limonene’s potential therapeutic benefits, little is known about how it works in the brain and body, and what doses are required to achieve these benefits. We consider it imperative for the cannabis industry and Leafly to invest in restorative justice. Janelle is a writer, artist and Cannabidiol (CBD) expert. Cannabis enthusiasts are always expanding their horizons, learning more and more about this amazing plant. By accessing this site, you accept Additional reports have revealed benefits of limonene in laboratory models of lung cancer and brain cancer by causing tumor cell death.

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