broken The Lee-Enfield Rifle; Basic Information and Identification; Basic Enfield Identification and the Facts about Serial Numbers Enfields at a Glance.

A really good bit of info on these interesting tools.   Grenades &  Recommended

websites              & Enfield Articles Technical articles and monographs by various Enfield Research Associates. 40: 11453: By Shamu October 07 2020 at 7:29am: Enfield action strength By Long branch, November 21 2019 at 6:05am. Markings – manufacturers, government, unit, armorers, misc, marks on Lee Enfield oilers, plus rifles/bayonets/oilers for sale.

Angel’s Lost and Found; ……. Enfield rifles, carbines, pistols, machine guns & edged weapons are our domain. For sale & Wanted:

Live... Surplus Rifle; ….. Wikipedia – Lee Enfield;…… Wikipedia’s entry on Lee Enfields.  Publications Hayes Handgun Omnibus in full colour Archives © 2020 APEX Gun Parts.; For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. USA. Annuals US, Civilian Marksmanship Program;……. ... 2007-2020

…… This is the head page connecting to, ‘Serials for no4 Lee Enfields’, ‘Enfield No1MkV survivors’, and, ‘Enfield No1 MkV1 survivors’. Ian

How the experts tuned Lee Enfields; 215 pages/365 images. Enfield Discussion Forums Updated Discussion groups, bulletin boards, forums, and mailing lists dealing with Lee-Enfield rifles. UK, National Rifle Association; …… The NRA’s main website.   All Rights Reserved. Enfield-Stuff;  …….

var sc_security="0d3fd5f8"; Gateway to the world wide Enfield community since 2011.   M.B.E.

Shop for Lee-Enfield … Historic Arms Resource Centre; ……. To accommodate the cavalry on horseback, a much more compact carbine version was produced.

Unique and excellent match up service for rifles missing parts, and parts astray from their rifles. Interesting info on looking after C&R rifles, including wood restoration. Skennerton...

  Small Arms Identification Series as British Slings Overview Page;  …….. Markings on leather and webbing slings. Here is a simple shadow board depicting the 4 most common Enfields.

DVD/CD sets, taking firearms study Enfield .22’s, and small bore info .UK, ‘The Lee Enfield Rifle Association‘; …… Links directory  and more. WordPress counter widget by PulseMaps.

Header Image: 1907 Lee Enfield No1 – H barrel, AGP ‘Plus 5’ sight, wrist and fore arm checkering. Woman Snider, Martini, Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfield, SMLE, No.4 & No.5 Rifles are the main topic of this Australian author and historical arms specialist who started publishing in 1975.

Home of the well known author of ‘The Lee-Enfield’, and many others books. Ian D. Skennerton.

‘The Milsurp Knowledge Library’  ……. var sc_invisible=0; Website updated 28th June 2019 EFD has become highly regarded within the Enfield community.

Excellent information on early Lee Enfields and peep sights, PH, AGP, BSA, etc. Collector back issues Increasingly detailed site. pm.async=true; S.A. ammunition

Markings on Lee Enfield rifles and equipment, 1: Social media, forums and groups, Survivor Polls. .303 Bandolier, for Ammunition on Stripper Clips, Khaki Canvas, *Very Good*, 4 Inch Smoke Grenade Discharger Barrel, British *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plate, SM346, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .167", SM176, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .2135", SM411, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .214", SM404, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .216", SM406, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .253", SM179, .303 Vickers, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .301", SM134, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .307", SM135, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .309", SM348, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .310", SM137, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Plug, .663", SM395, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Ring, SM401, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Slip, .1", SM387, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge Slip, SM386, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge, Dummy Bolt Head, SM338, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge, Position of Adapter, .303 Vickers, *Good*, British Armorer's Gauge, SM117, Straight Edge, *Good*, British Armorer's Headspace Gauge, .303 British, MINIMUM, 1.63 mm (0.064 in.

US, Government Disposal Auctions; …… Name says it all, where to go to bid on government surplus, including military. 3105 North Stone AvenueColorado Springs, CO 80907. Enfield rifles & carbines are Skennerton specialties. I also see several other markings such as No1 MkIII and FR ‘42. revolvers STAR 9mm Sub machine gun EU20/UK Spec. Markings & Events: links here. ‘Parker Hale Service Rifle Target Sights‘; ……. board UK.

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