Before using our website, please read our Privacy Policy. Higher plants can have two lateral meristems, the vascular cambium and and cork cambium. Retrieved June 10, 2017, from “Lateral Meristem.”, Editors. What is apical dominance? Lateral Meristems – The lateral meristems are present on the lateral side of the stem and root of a plant. Thus, it is responsible for the secondary growth of plant, i.e. Also known as an intercalary meristem, the basal meristem is found between mature, differentiated tissues. The outermost layer is the cork or phellem (bark) which is made of dead, air-filled cork cells. Any information here should not be considered absolutely correct, complete, and up-to-date. If the terminal bud is in close proximity to the axillary bud, the axillary buds will remain dormant. What kind of tissue is not found in the apical meristem? A. Retrieved June 10, 2017, from, Intercalary meristem. Lateral meristem is an example of a secondary meristem. Retrieved from (2018, September 17). 1. They can develop to become one of three primary meristems: the protoderm, ground meristem, or procambium. This lesson looks at population attributes, regulation, and growth. Illusions are the perceptions and sensory data obtained from situations in which human error prevents us from seeing the.. Photosynthesis is the process that plants undertake to create organic materials from carbon dioxide and water, with the .. In Wikipedia. The vascular cambium has its own set of hormones that control growth, regulation, and maintenance activities in the tissue. A. Axillary Meristem B. Plants use lateral meristem tissue to grow in diameter as part of secondary growth. Lateral root meristems account for the lateral growth of roots from the main root, into vastly branched root systems. In plants, the meristem is the area of tissue from which new growths are formed. In woody plants, it forms a continuous ring of new wood around the stem. A. Protoderm B. The cork cambium, which gives rise to the periderm, is an example of a lateral meristem. The beginning growth of the leaf at the node results in a bump, or an axillary bud, at the node. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Biology Online, its staff, or its partners. Retrieved from (2017, June 13). They give rise to permanent plant tissues such as vascular tissues, epidermis, phellem, ground tissues, etc. Meristem. The phelloderm is the innermost layer made of living parenchymal cells. (n.d.). These meristems help in increasing the thickness of the plants. Editors. The root meristem produces cells in a bilateral direction, meaning that it yields two types of tissues at the same time. Lateral root growth help to increase the plant’s efficiency in water and nutrient absorption, nutrient storage, and stability for aerial growth. Retrieved from The shoot of a plant also includes its leaves, which grow from the sides of the apical meristem. Plants use lateral meristem tissue to grow in diameter as part of secondary growth. It is a part of apical meristem; It also adds to height of plants; Commonly present in monocots, grass and pines; Lateral Meristem: Position: present on lateral side of stem and root; It helps in increases the diameter or thickness of plants. This type of growth is known as primary growth. While the apical meristem is responsible for vertical growth, the lateral meristem is responsible for lateral growth, or growth in diameter. Meristem is undifferentiated plant tissue found in areas of plant growth. Also known as an intercalary meristem, the basal meristem is found between mature,... Lateral Meristem Function. When the presence of apical meristem prevents growth from the lateral meristem. Retrieved June 10, 2017, from, Meristem.

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