Total area of Manipur is 22,327 km² including 22,147.50 km² rural area and 179.50 km² urban area. WANGKHEI THAMBALKHONG, P.O./P.S. Road, BRANCH & CORRESPONDENCE OFFICE: Sangaiprou Mamang, Opposite ISKCON TEMPLE, Airport Ro, Mutum Phibou, P.O. GHARI MAKHA LEIKAI, P.O. Manipur, , P.O. In protest, a Meitei mob stormed the Manipur Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in Imphal. Box -258, Imphal - 795001, Singjamei Makha Sougrakpam Leikai Imphal PO - Singjamei Pin code - 795008, Kwakeithel Nganapi Thong Mapal Imphal, Manipur. OF DISCTRICT COUNCIL CONSTITUENCIES (DCC). B-184, Zone-III, National Games Village , P.O.Lamphel-795004, NAMLALONG WARD NO II TAMENGLONG DISTRICT HQ MANIPUR 795141, Hill-tribes Mission Aid of India, Rengkai Road, Churachandpur – 795128, Manipur, India, KAKCHING TUREL WANGMA PART I, P.O. P.O. & P.S. Thangmeiband Khoyathong Polem Leikai, PO Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur, PIN 795001, NACHOU AWANG MAYAI LEIKAI PO AND PS BISHNUPUR, SINGJUBUNG MAMANG LEIKAI, NAGAMAPAL URIPOK, Ningthoukhong Bazar Manipur India , PO - Bishnupur, Pin no-795126, Keishamthong kabui khul, Imphal West District,Manipur 795001, Phungreitang West, Ukhrul., Ukhrul District Headquarter-795142, Manipur, India, District: Ukhrul, Police Station: Ukhrul, State: Manipur, Pin: 795142, MASJIT ROAD PAONA BAZAR IMPHAL PO IMPHAL IMPHAL WEST DISTRICT MANIPUR 795001, ASCENSION EDUCATIONAL TRUST, KHANGSHIM VILLAGE, P.O KACHING, PIN- 795103, Thongju Nameirakpam Leikai PO Singjamei PS Singjamei Imphal East District Manipur 795008, Chingmeirong West, P.O- Imphal, Imphal-795001, Ashufiimei Development Society, Chowainu village, P O Mao gate, , Senapati District, Manipur - 795150, Tangrei, Somdal, PO Somdal, Ukhrul District, Manipur, PIN 795144, SAHEI-ZAMSUAN ROAD CROSSING, NEW LAMKA, DIST. - Irilbung, Yaiskul Moirangkhom Sougaijam Leikai, PO Imphal, Imphal West District, PIN 795001, Yaiskul Yumnam Leikai, Imphal West, Manipur. Sagolband Thangjam Leikai, P.O./P.S. Kakching, Thoubal District, Manipur, Pin - 795103, Thoubal Khunou P.O Thoubal, Manipur795138, Khurai Lamlong Bazar, P.O. KWAKEITHEL SOIBAM LEIKAI, P.O. Moirang, Bishnupur District, Manipur, PIN 795133, KAKCHING TUREL WANGMA MANDOP, P.O. Porompat, Imphal East, Manipur- 795001, B.VENGNOM VILLAGE, CHURACHANDPUR, MANIPUR-795128, YUMNAM HUIDROM THONGKHONG LAXMI BAZAR PO WANGOI 795009, SHANTIPUR LUWANG KHUNOU , IMPHAL WEST DISTRICT,MANIPUR, Rural Development Association, Senapati District H/Q. SEGA ROAD TAKHELLAMBAM LEIKAI, P.O./P.S. Singjamei, Imphal West District, Manipur, Pin - 795008, LUWANGSANGBAM MAKHA LEIKAI IMPHAL EAST DISTRICT MANIPUR 795002, Phunreitang,Ukhrul district-795142, Manipur,India, Poumai Colony, Chingmeirong, P.O. - POROMPAT, IMPHAL EAST DISTRICT, MANIPUR - 795005. - IMPHAL, P.S. Mantripukhri, Imphal East, Manipur, Pin - 795002, Kongpal Naoroibam Leikai Porompat D.C. Road, Imphal East District, Manipur- 795005, Kongpal Naoroibam Leikai Porompat D.C. Road, Imphal East District, Manipur - 795005, Organisation for Social Upliftment and Awareness, Chingnang Leikai New Checkon, Imphal East District, Manipur - 795001, Keibung Maibam Leikai, PO Singjamei-795008, Liasison office Ramgailong (Laimanai) Langol Lamphel, Imphal - 795004, Kwakeithel Mayaikoibi Ningthoujam Leikai, PO Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur, Kwakeithel Mayaikoibi Ningthoujam Leikai, PO Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur, PIN 795001, Opposite Likla Thangjam Agro-Industries, Chingmeirong East, Imphal, Tangkhul Avenue, P.O. 795138. Wangjing, Thoubal District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795138, Thangmeiband Hijam Leikai, PO Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur, PIN 795001. - Tulihal - 795140. 4 P.O. & P.S. Kakching, Thoubal District, Manipur - 795103, Sinjamei Wangma Kshetri Leikai, Imphal, Pin-795001, Manipur, Phurailatpam Gukulananda Sharma, Brahmapur, Palace Road,Imphal East - 795001, Manipuri Jagoi Marup, Rupmahal Theatre Complex, B.T. 2, Sekmaijin Khunou Litan Makhong PO Mayang Imphal, Thoubal District, Manipur, PIN 795132, Karam Awang Leikai, P.O Lilong, Imphal West District, Manipur, PIN 795138, Top Awang Leikai Imphal East, Manipur-795005, REGD OFFICE: 2nd Floor, Bir Tikendrajit Market Place, B.T. 6, Chandel District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795131, Tampi Village, P.O. P.S. Kakching, Pin - 795103, Thoubal District, Manipur. Pin-795007. Manipur, Heirok - 795148, New Salem Village Tml. Heingangkhong Makha Leikai, Imphal East, Manipur, P.O.Pangei-795114, Kangchup Mayai Leikai, P.O. Kakching, Manipur, PIN- 795103. Porompat, Imphal East District - 795005 (Manipur), Thambalkhong Sarangthem Leikai Imphal East Manipur 795001 PO Imphal PS Poromapt, Lilong Haoreibi Mayai Leikai PO Lilong 795130 Thoubal District Manipur. Tamei, Tamenglong District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795125. Pangei, Sadar Hills, Senapati District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795114, Bongbalkholen Village,P.O.Yairipok, Sadar Hills East, Senapati District, Manipur. Kakching - 795103, Thoubal District, Manipur, Nagamapal Soram Leirak Imphal Manipur 795004, KAKCHING BAZAR, AZAD TALKIES ROAD, P.O. Scenic and serene, the lakes in Manipur certainly increase the charm of the state with their existence. CHERAPUR MATHAK LEIKAI SANGAIYUMPHAM, B.P.O.- SANGAIYUMPHAM, P.O./P.S. KHURAI AWANG KONGPAL SOROKHAIBAM LEIKAI, P.O. Imphal PIN - 795001, KHURAI AHONGEI, IMPHAL EAST, MANIPUR PIN 795001, LAMSANG BAZAR, URIPOK KANGCHUP ROAD, IMPHAL WEST, 795146, Porompat Near T.V. Nambol Makha Leikai, P.O. KAKCHING, KEIRAK KHONGANG LEIKAI, BPO KEIRAK, PO & PS KAKCHING, THOUBAL DIST. Thoubal, Thoubal District, Pin Code - 795138, wangbal, , thoubal district , Manipur State, Pin 795138, Rural Education & Economic Development Society (REEDS), H. Kotlenphai Village, P.O Pallel, THE SECRETARY, RURAL ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, RED CROSS ROAD, PIN CODE - 795128, Tamenglong District, P.O. - CHANDEL, CHANDEL DISTRICT, MANIPUR, Warock Meitei Langol Leirembi Leikai, PO Lamphel, Imphal West District, Manipur, PIN 795004, Singjamei, Chingamakha Ningthoujam Leikai, Chanam Pukhri Mapal, Imphal-795008, Pisgah, DHQ-Tuibuong, Churachnadpur District, Manipur-795128, Bamon Kampu, Irilbung, PO Singjamei PS Irilbung Imphal East District Manipur 795008, Thanagong Village,Khoupum Valley Manipur, PO- Nungba Pin no - 795141, Sagolband Bijoygovinda Akham Leikai, P.O. Wangoi, P/s Wangoi, Pin : 795009, Manipur, Takyel Khongbal Khumanthem Leikai, Imphal West, Manipur-795001. Yairipok, Thoubal District, Manipur, Pin - 795149, Thoubal Achouba, Awang Leikai, P.O. Kangpokpi, Senapati District, Manipur- 795129, Iroisembam, P.O. 795113, MANIPUR, Bamon Kampu Awang Leikai, Imphal East-795008, Manipur. Wangjing, B.P.O. Imphal - 795001, Imphal East District, Manipur, Khabam Lamkhai, P.O. Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur, , Pin Code - 795001, Khabam Lamkhai, P.O. Irilbung, P.O. 795001, Manipur, NAGAMAPAL RIMS ROAD IMPHAL WEST MANIPUR 795001, Sega Road Takhellambam Leikai, PO Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur, PIN 795001, Keishamthong Longjam Leirak, P.O. - IMPHAL, P.S. Manipur 795001, FUTURE FOUNDATION GROUP, YUMNAM LEIKAI,IMPHAL WEST , MANIPUR,795001, WANGOI THOUNAOJAM LEIKAI IMPHAL WEST DISTRICT MANIPUR PO & PS WANGOI 795009, Rengpang Village, P.O. Pin Code - 795009. Singjamei, Imphal West District. Manipur, Phuoisan Veng, D. Phailien, Churachandpur, P.O. Pallel, Chandel District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795135, Lamding Mamang Leikai, P.O. Moirang Khunou, Khongnang Makhong Leikai., P.O./P.S. Pin Code - 795001. PENACHING CHANDEL DISTRICT MANIPUR 795135, THE POEPLE WELFARE ASSOCIATION AND YOIREN LOISHANG, Khwai Nagamapal Singhjubung Leirak, , P.O. Singjamei -795008. Wangjing, Thoubal District- Manipur, Nagamapal Kangjabi Machin, Imphal West Deistrict, Manipur-795004, Ningomba Makha Leikai, P.O. Imphal, Imphal East District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795001, Naharup Makhapat, P.O. Most of these river-courses are structurally controlled and are parallel to sub-parallel with one another, generally flowing in the direction of NNE-SSW. Get information on best time to visit Manipur along with a comprehensible travel guide to varied destinations in the state that are worth visiting. P.S. 795001, Registered Office : Mayang Imphal, Working Office : Yumnam Huidrom, Imphal West, P.O. Bishnupur B.P.O. PHOIJING AWANG LEIKAI, P.O./P.S. Choose a cause that is close to your heart and join hands with millions of donors like you who aim to make this world a better place. 795134. Lapham Khunou Near Don Bosco, Imphal East, P.O. Chakpikarong, Chandel District, Manipur, Pin Code - 795102, BOSCO MANGAAL, C/O DON BOSCO CHINGMEIRONG, P.B.9, IMPHAL- 795001, Pureiromba Market, Konung Mamang, Imphal- 795001, Rose Villa, Opposite Community Hall, PO Saikul Hill Town, Sadar Hills, Senapati District, Manipur, PIN 795118, Lamlongei, Kangchup Road, PO/PS: Lamsang-795146, Imphal West. Keirenphabi, P.O. Imphal - 795001, Keishampat Junction, P.O. Waikhong, Thoubal District, Manipur, THE YAIPHABI HANDLOOM WEAVERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD., , Near, Progressive English School, Lamding, P.O. Ngakrabam Leirak Yumnam Leikai, Imphal West, Manipur, P.O. GODOWN, MANIPUR. Wangjing, Thoubal District, Manipur.795148, QTR No. Imphal, Imphal East District, Manipur, Pin - 795001, Md Fajur Rahman, Mayang Imphal Bengul Maning Leikai, Imphal West II, P.O.Mayang Imphal, District Imphal West II, State Manipur, Pin 795132, Top Awang Leikai, Tinseed Road, B.P.O. 975113, Ngaikhong Khullen, PO Bishnupur, Bishnupur District, Manipur, PIN 795126, The Cornerstone, 102 LAES, Tangrei, (Near Phungyo Baptish Church) Ukhrul, Manipur - 795142, The Cosmopolitan Dramatic Union, Kongba Bazar, Laikhuram Leirak, PIN-795008, SEKMAIJIN NEAR HAMILTON BRIDGE, KHARUNGPAT BARRADGE ROAD, P.O. Khurai Sajor Leikai, P.O. M.I. Langjing, P.S. The Ikop Pat in Khangabok is a freshwater lake fed by Arong River that has a saucer-shaped basin with a gentle slope and a much-silted bottom.

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