It's a fantastic way to cool down without having to worry about making a mess because it's in a tube! Jipangyi. Samanco Fish Ice Cream, a fish-shaped wafer sandwich filled with vanilla ice cream and a generous spread of what is usually red bean, is also one of the best. Find out more here. PHOTO: (LEFT) INSTAGRAM/ENJOYMELONA, (RIGHT) OLEG MAGNI FROM PEXELS, Nextrade Philippines/Samanco Ice Cream Waffle, Nextrade Philippines/Cledor Ice Cream Cone. … A traditional shave ice, an authentic and fresh Korean desert cafe. Remember how your KBBQ sessions weren't complete until you finished it with one of these babies? Korean ice cream in cone form is often ignored because there's already an array of ice cream treats in cones in the Philippines, but the Cledor Ice Cream isn't one to miss out on! Instead of reaching for your usual tub at the grocery, try something new and enjoy these five, popular Korean ice cream (Note: If your local grocery doesn't have these, you might have to head for the nearest Korean mart). Plus, it's sort of shaped like a cube so you could actually put it down and not worry about spilling. 5 Korean Ice Cream Treats That Are So, So Delicious Melona Popsicle. It's available in honeydew melon, banana, strawberry, coconut, and mango. Power Cap is available in soda, watermelon, and banana flavors! If I think of Korean Ice cream, the first thing that came into my mind is this Melona. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Jipangyi, meaning "cane" in Korean, is a long and thin stick made of puffed rice or corn, and is a favourite traditional snack adored by many Koreans. While the Melona popsicle is well-loved here for its extremely creamy, it tends to melt quickly, which doesn't allow for plenty of time to enjoy the ice cream! And now that most of us stay at home and don't have access to the office or our favorite malls, there's a good chance we've been sweating more than usual. The absolute best. If you're feeling nostalgic, this one is pretty similar to the local ice candy or ice pop! Arguably the most famous Korean ice cream in the Philippines, everyone loves Melona popsicles for its creamy texture and fruity flavor profile. When you're inside you pick your cone filling (nutella, custard, red bean, taro) and then your ice cream flavor(s). Because we're sitting so near the equator, it's almost always hot in the Philippines. It's made with fresh milk and chocolate extracted from healthy cacao fruit. With so few options to beat the heat, the quickest solution, really, is to get yourself some ice cream. Now Available in 3 Classic Favours! Each day is a little different, but they usually have some variations of Ube, Taro, Matcha, and Oreo flavors. It is now loved by millions around the world as it gives the crisp taste of puffed-corn shell combined with the sweet ice cream taste from the beginning to the end. Even when the rainy season is here, the heat never really goes away. I ordered my favorite M I S S - Y O U M A T C H A. personally I love the Ube and Matcha! Arguably the most famous Korean ice cream in the Philippines, everyone loves Melona popsicles for its... Samanco Fish Ice Cream Sandwich. Luckily the makers of Melona created the Melona Tube, an ice pop version of the fruity treat! The calorie count for these range from having 205 to 220, and they're pretty filling. Melona 메로나. It also goes through a low-temperature process called cold batching to maintain its freshness. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Depending on the day, you can get certain flavors swirled together. These come in several flavors: choco brownie, salted caramel, cookie & cream, mango & cheese cake, choco fondant, and maple & walnuts. Samanco Fish Ice Cream, a fish-shaped wafer … Now, they have flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and green tea. Which one is your favorite? (matcha tiramisu cake, matcha dust, green tea snowball), soft serve Vanilla with double Oreo sprinkles and a Custom Snow of Coconut Snow with chocolate chips, coconut and caramel drizzles.

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